Stages of love for a man in psychology.. The most difficult stages of love

What is it Stages of love when a man in psychology? Is there a real duration of that love? What are the most important signs that appear on a man if he loves very sincerely? Love is defined as one of the most sincere feelings that an individual goes through in life, and it can be encountered once in a lifetime and never happen again. If you are interested in the stages of love in a man, follow us on our topic.

Stages of love when a man in psychology

Stages of love when a man in psychology

Psychologists always talk about the stages of love in a man and say that he goes through many things to be convinced of his love, and these stages are summarized in:

  • At first, a man admires the girl in front of him and feels attracted to her, especially from the physical side, and from there he becomes interested in her and wants to get closer to her and get to know her.
  • In the second stage, the man tries to approach the girl as a friend to get to know her condition and news, talk to her and discuss about her, and maybe he can finish after that stage and win her heart.
  • In the third phase, there is a confirmation of love, and the man discovers that he is close to that girl and can openly tell someone around him how much he loves her and how much he thinks about her.
  • In the end, a man tends to confess and talk to a girl he likes, and if he is shy, he may take time to express his feelings.
  • After that, the person gets attached to the girl he wants, and can take some official steps to befriend her, to become stable and happy with her.

What are the stages of love in psychology?

The stages of love in psychology are multiple, so it is not possible to confirm that there is only one feeling related to love, and we can show them in the following points:

A feeling of admiration

Some special things happen at that stage when you see another person and become a fan of them and there may be a good development in that regard or the love ends at the same time.


It is interesting for psychologists to explain that this phase is one of the beautiful and happy things in the beginning, when a person finds himself in a situation where he advocates a lot for the other side and tries to get closer to him and always open a conversation with him.


This stage is considered one of the stages in which a person is sure that he loves the other party, because he has completely entered his heart and always thinks about him.


At that stage, many beautiful things happen to a person, because he becomes full of love and preoccupied with the other party, and sometimes becomes annoyed if he feels distant from him.

Strong love

At this stage, a person is convinced that he cannot live without a partner, and we believe that a person often expresses his love through body language.


This is the penultimate stage where a person falls deeply in love and can be very sad if they notice any change in their partner.


In psychology, this phase is classified as the last of the seven phases of love, and it is characterized by distinct maturity, because there is a clear expression of both parties, in addition to achieving clear love and happiness in love.

Duration of love for a man

Some expect that love for men has a certain time, and researchers say that it can last for about a year and a half, and after that they bond with their partner for affection and friendship between them, and from there they believe that most women want to change their shape and appearance and they take care of themselves a lot until they restore their condition, and the man has to worry so much in order to inform him about the restoration of that love, but also that he should at the same time get space for freedom.

The most difficult phase of love for a man

There are several stages of love for a man, and psychologists show that the central stage is when a person thinks a lot and tries to determine what he specifically wants, so does he end the relationship or stop in the middle? Where he feels intense love, but at the same time tries to convince himself of the sincerity of his feelings, that is, this middle stage makes him confused until he reaches the next stage and becomes fully accepting of the idea of ​​love and sure of his feelings.

Signs of true love in men in psychology

When a man is in love, we find many signs that appear on him, and a girl who loves him can follow them to make sure of the sincerity of his feelings, the most important of which are:


Attention comes on top of things that seem like a declaration of love to a man, so we see that he is very preoccupied with his beloved and tries to get close to her and ask about her every moment.


When a man loves, he becomes very jealous and wants his partner to always be close to him and not to talk about her to anyone, and his jealousy can reach her family and friends.

Attention to appearance

A man likes to be very self-interested and always tries to renew his outward appearance in order to attract the attention of the girl he wants.

body language

Body language is one of the most important things that appear to a man when he declares his love, since there is a clear visual or physical contact between him and the girl he wants.

The stages of true love in psychology

Psychologists divide true love into three phases, and highlight them in the following points:

phase of recognition and attraction

At that stage, a person begins to get to know another person and observes him only from the outside, that is, he does not know his features or temperament, and he can become interested in him through smell or only through appearance.

The phase of true and strong love

This phase comes to herald an intense emotional attachment, and the person begins to think a lot about his partner and hopes that she will also be interested in him, and the person becomes very attached to the other party during this phase.

phase of true love

Love in this phase turns into true love, i.e. the person becomes close and interested, there is coexistence between the two parties, and marriage is perhaps the most appropriate in this case.

The concept of love in psychology

Many have talked about love and explained various things about it, and psychology considers the concept of love as an expression of inner feelings that suddenly overwhelm a person and make them happy and interested at the same time, and it can do some things that it is not. to do in the past to attract the attention of a girl who is close to her, and Love in psychology differs between love for a partner or love for family and children, but at the same time love remains one and permeates a person’s life and feelings.

Duration of admiration for a man

A man’s admiration lasts for several months, then he decides to express his feelings, and some say that it can last about four months, after which the person tries to achieve what he wants, and if the admiration continues for that period, it is clear that there is a great love that that person a person carries in his heart.

Signs of the end of love when a man in psychology

When a man’s love stops, some indicators and signs appear that can be very clear, and above all:

Loss of interest and passion

A girl or woman thinks that her partner has become uninterested in her and he can look for other things to do and think about, like work or some other things.


It can become difficult, especially when a woman feels that her partner is ignoring her, that is, when he starts to move away completely and can clearly think about separation.

Not minding your own business

When a man leaves his emotional relationship, he becomes far from seeking and convincing, and he is not even a close person that his partner met, so she thinks that he has turned into another cruel person and does not express love or admiration for her. her at all, and he could work on ignoring her and not responding to her messages.

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