The invalidity of Sherina Abdel-Wahhab and Hussam Habib’s marriage rocks social media.. and Al-Azhar intervenes with a surprising fatwa!!

In recent days, there has been a big controversy about the invalidity of the marriage of the Egyptian artist Sherina Abdel Wahhab and the Egyptian artist Hossam Habib II., due to the lack of witnesses on the video and pictures that have been spread, because they are considered one. pillars of the validity of the marriage contract.

After this controversy, Sheikh Ibrahim Montaser, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund for Married Persons and Notaries, commented on this, saying: The issue of non-appearance of witnesses has caused controversy, especially since the presence of witnesses is one of the problems. pillars of the marriage contract, and must be present.

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He added, in an interview with Cairo 24, that in the event of an irrevocable divorce, for the marriage to be valid, a new contract and dowry must be concluded, as well as her consent, as well as the witnesses, explaining: It is possible that the witnesses are not seen on the video, but they are mostly present, and the authorized person certainly does not enter into a contract without their presence.

He continued: I was not surprised by Sherina’s return to Hossam Habib, despite everything that happened and what happened between them during the last period, explaining: Many cases like these happened and the two sides came back again.

The news of the return of the artist, Sherine Abdel Wahab, to the artist, Hossam Habib, has raised a legal question for some, which is when a man returns his ex-wife without a new contract and dowry?

In its answer to the question: “How does a woman react after the end of the waiting period?” said that after the end of the waiting period, the woman’s irrevocable dowry becomes smaller, and therefore the woman must agree to a new contract and dowry, not as some mistakenly think that he does not contract. The man again owes her the mevla who gives her dowry. new contract and dowry.

Decision on the stay of a divorced woman in the matrimonial home during the waiting period

dr. Shawky Allam, Grand Mufti of the Republic, stated that a woman who is revocably divorced – the first and second divorce – must respect the waiting period in her husband’s house, because the marriage bond still exists.

And “Allam” quoted the words of God Almighty in a fatwa for him: “And their spouses have more rights to bring them back in it if they want reconciliation,” explaining: As if the Holy Qur’an represents a waiting period, maybe God will happen after that something that will bring them back together, so the lawyers advised the woman and the man to reassess their position during the waiting period, and if they find a way to get back together, court until they give up.

He stated that the waiting period for a divorced woman is three months for an old woman who has stopped menstruating, or three months for a young woman, and if she is pregnant, the waiting period expires when she gives birth.

He pointed out that if a man does not examine a woman while waiting, he has another chance to examine her with a new contract and dowry, because it is a new stage in which the woman has become a stranger to him, but the door is still open for two, especially in the case the presence of children.

The mufti recommended the husband not to follow the shooting with another cadre during the grace period, because the grace period is considered probationary work, and the husband should open the door for them to return, maybe the days will bring them closer.

And the Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab recently announced her return to her ex-husband Hossam Habib after divorcing him, apologizing to him after the words she addressed to him.

Sherine explained, during a telephone conversation with Egyptian journalist Amr Adib, that the news about her return to “Habib” after being released from the hospital after the recent crisis is true, saying: “I wrote my book about Hossam Habib, we wrote it in the presence of the people closest to me , and I apologize to him for the words that came from me.” .

She pointed out that her husband was and remains “the love of her life”, pointing out that it was he who proposed marriage to her again, and she agreed.

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