The Suez Canal is preparing to build a fishing fleet that will work in the lakes

The Suez Canal Authority, in coordination with the Institute of Marine Sciences, is studying the needs of fishermen working in Egypt’s lakes in terms of fishing boats to be built in the implementation of the tasks of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the authorities to build an advanced fishing boat fleet compatible with the development that is currently taking place in the lakes, in order to develop the fish wealth.

Counselor Nabil Zaidan, Director of the Companies Department at the Suez Canal Authority, confirmed to Al-Mal that the committee formed by Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Authority, will soon complete the preparation of the specifications and the actual needs of fishermen working in Egypt’s natural lakes, and the ability and the size of the boats, with the determination of costs according to For the sterility of the water after the development process currently underway in a number of lakes.

He said that the Ministry of Social Solidarity supervises the project of fishing boats and that the determination of the necessary number is awaited in preparation for its distribution to the companies of the Directorate for implementation, as 34 fishing boats were built in the first phase. project.

Regarding the corporate development plan, Zaidan emphasized that he plans to expand during the next phase in partnership with the private sector and reduce the bleeding losses of some companies that have started to fail since this year, such as Suez Arsenal Company, whose losses last year amounted to 113 million. this year they were reduced by 34 million or 30 percent, and the profit is planned to be achieved by activating the partnership with the private sector.

The company did maintenance work on the floating and dry dock, which took away part of its profit this year.

He added that the Canal Ports company had developed and modernized 3 dredges and put them back into operation after they stopped working, and “Krokodil” produced a spare part in England for one of its units, which was stopped due to the need for this part.

Zaidan pointed out that the involvement of companies related to the Suez Canal Authority is not limited to external contracts. On the contrary, we contacted the El Sewedy company in order to sign a cooperation protocol with the aim of using the Management company in the implementation of projects that it implements in 52 countries in areas that require maritime expertise, with the aim of achieving integration and is in the process of signing the protocol approx.

He added: We are currently discussing ways of working with Dubai Ports World, having arranged a visit to them to check the capabilities of companies associated with the Suez Canal Authority, and aspects of working together are being discussed with the technical side of the group which will soon come into effect.

On social welfare funds for company workers, Zaidan said that Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, the head of the administration, has agreed to review the amounts that a retired worker receives from the housing fund for company workers. , pointing out that an actuarial expert was also contacted in order to increase the worker’s housing allowance.

And he continued: We have launched a plan to install temporary contracts in government companies, after some of them have been completed, and the rest of the employees are being placed in all branches. external entities.

As for the companies’ position on mechanization and digital transformation, he said that we have already started digital transformation with the companies Rabat and Suez Shipyard, and the committee is currently implementing a project to make transactions between companies and the government electronic, without paperwork.

The issue of 4 buildings owned by a company in the Ard El-Golf area of ​​Port Said has been resolved, due to a dispute with the neighborhood, and the governor of Port Said, Major General Adel Al-Ghadban, has been contacted to resolve the issue.

Židan pointed out that the January revolution had a negative impact on the business volume of the company until 2014 as a result of an increase in the fixed burdens of the company, such as salaries and appointments, which was one of the revolutionary demands, and a sudden drop in the size of projects and creating losses, but with the recovery of the Egyptian economy, subsidiaries began to make profits, such as Al-Rabat and Al-Tamsa ports, while the losses of other companies decreased.

He pointed out that the volume of business achieved by the branches increased in 2014 to around 811 million pounds, and in the last fiscal year 2021 to 6.6 billion pounds.

Companies are currently studying ways to implement the recommendations of the climate conference that was recently held in Sharm El-Sheikh to reduce harmful emissions, using production methods, switching to the use of gas as an alternative fuel, and preparing environmentally friendly projects.

Regarding the Al-Temsah company that provides navigation agency services for tourist yachts, Zaidan said that the company has a license to carry out navigation agency work for marine units of less than 10,000 tons and marine development.

The list of companies associated with the body includes: “The Canal for Marine Constructions”, “The Canal for Ropes”, “The Canal for Rabat” and “Anwar Al Ships”, in addition to “Port Said Engineering Works”, “Suez Marine Arsenal”, and “Channel for ports and large projects” and “Krokodil brodogradnja”.

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