Thoughts on the novel “Blago Qarun” by Fawzi Saleh

Abbas’ victory
The novel “Blago Qarun” published by Al-Risala Foundation – Beirut, writer and novelist Fawzi Saleh, relies on religious heritage and Qur’anic narration, to frame the so-called Islamic literature to present events and personalities that have passed through history, and to show the human soul in all its states, which resemble the sea in tides and ebbs, rise and fall, areas of weakness and strength, as the novel shows life’s harbingers of frustration, crimes against individuals, in addition to exposing personalities and their negative and destructive role in society. Blessing turned into a curse, because God struck Qarun with his money, because of his arrogance and denial of the truth, as well as Pharaoh, who was arrogant against the truth, and he was one of the Pharaohs of denial and denial, and the claim that he is God and that He is the one who gives life and death, so both of them followed the same path of infidelity, disobedience and arrogance, and that their end was Punishment, and the narrator resorted to intertextuality and, projecting reality onto this event. The Exploration and Excavation Mission began the search for the Qarun treasure sunk in Lake Qarun. Lake Qarun is located in the city of Fayoum in Upper Egypt, as well as the palace of Qarun. The lake is considered one of the largest healing lakes. Aya in Egypt, and the reason for naming Lake Baqarun is said to be the story of Qarun mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and perhaps the real reason for its naming is that the lake was full of bays and bulges, and the region is said to contain a great archaeological treasure that has not yet been discovered.
In his secret, attractive and entertaining style, the writer managed to examine the taboo, looking at different aspects of the Arab reality in a period in which injustice prevailed, in the absence of democracy and freedom of self-expression. And digging through it to connect the present to the past, based on the Qur’anic text, so it was a story about the pharaoh and the treasure of Karun, and the novel begins with an accurate and beautiful description of the room of the main central character in the novel, who lists all the details in her own language of the life and movement of the people, and it was an eloquent display of the grandeur of extravagance and beauty which characterized the room. This description formed an esoteric dimension that looks back on two times and two places, the past time of the Qarun Palace and the present of the luxurious glass room equipped with the latest technology. Then, the skill of the writer and his ability to elaborate the narrative is manifested through a strong and condensed language, capable of reaching to the reader with ingenuity and a tight plot, as if showing sketches for a film “which begins with a flash back « It ends with the moment of the end of research, excavation and failure, where events slide from the past time to the present time, two completely different worlds, far from each other, and the camera turns showing the process of search and excavation, people’s reactions, their movements and actions, and decisions read by parliamentary sessions, and statements, and what newspapers publish about news and events, so the scenes are alive that gathered wonder and surprise, and what happens every day since the event, and the transmission of newspaper news and between the past that represented Qarun coming out before d people and brags about himself and his money and he wore a crown like a king, and around him was his entourage who carried the keys of the treasure, which were made of pure gold, and it took a group of people to carry it, and a large amount of money that turned from a blessing to a curse is what corrupted Qarun, because he was not corrupted to that extent. And the group began to remind him that the world is transitory, and he must remember God and praise Him for His blessings, so his response was denial, as he said, “It was given to me based on my knowledge, and as a result of his intransigence and arrogance, God’s answer came to him. , with a penalty? And there is the climax of the event, and the earth has swallowed Karun and his house.
And he became weak and deprived of everything, and Qarun was the richest man that history knows, and with this monodramatic escalation of events was the meeting of wealth and immorality, and the ruin of the treasures of Qarun and his palace, and the speech of all those who wanted to be changed in his place, and thus the downfall of the tyrant pharaoh that God drowned him, then the event returns descending from the climax to the beginning, where the glass room is extremely extravagant and beautiful in another time, where other stories multiply and the searches and excavations for treasure of Qarun, and the narrator shows the situation in all its circumstances, and the political, social and economic events that accompanied that era. And their dreams, and their poverty through indicative signs and symbols that led to the depiction of the reality of the state of the Arab street, and corrupt regimes, and the event escalated to reach the climax, the failure of the search and excavation operations, and the location of the treasure was not fully determined, and those treasures may have been erased and turned into stones, and Musa called Pharaoh “Our Lord, you have come to Pharaoh and his people with ornaments and wealth in life in this world, our Lord, to lead them away from your path, our Lord, destroy their wealth.” Research attempts fail, and this is where the writer’s ingenuity comes to the fore and his ability to show these time paradoxes and connect two completely different times, times of the past. These events followed them, and the present time looking into the past and excavating it to find out its lost treasures, questioning the condition of man with his honest, loving and patriotic affiliation, and hypocritically loyal to the corrupt. regime, hypocrites and social hypocrisy, and the writer Fawzi managed to conjure vivid scenes with a beautiful dramatic template in which the events unfold in a logical and convincing manner, I introduced the reader to the historical and religious worlds, opened his eyes to his lived reality and events, which is gave the scene fertility and liveliness and made it a realistic sensory scene, with transparency and credibility, and honesty in conveying and portraying events and treating them with honesty and clarity.Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

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