We are publishing details about the attack on the kindergarten manager in Alexandria

A state of fury gripped social media after news and audio clips circulated of “severe beatings” and hysterical cries of children as young as three, who were attacked at a kindergarten on Sultan Hussein Street in central Alexandria, detailing torture. and violence, and heavy punishments without mercy. He was followed by the director of a kindergarten with innocent children at the age of flowers, which caused a great rage that shook the streets of Alexandria and events that the human mind cannot comprehend, and parties for the torture of young people. of the children were confirmed by the children’s parents and eyewitnesses who live in the neighboring property and described it to “Tjedan”, confirming that legal proceedings are continuing against the perpetrators.

The incident began when the parents noticed their children upon returning from kindergarten, and there were traces of scars and bruises on certain parts of their children’s bodies, and the teacher sent them an audio recording on which the sounds of children’s screams can be heard, which made them wonder what is happening with their children in the kindergarten, and they went to the police station, and 10 parents filed a statement against those responsible in the kindergarten in the statement (No. 10515) of 2022, against the headmistress of the private kindergarten, Bab Sharq Police Station, accusing her of attacked their children inside the kindergarten, and that she caused some of them previous injuries and psychological problems.

Mustafa Hisham, the guardian of one-and-a-half-year-old Saif, told Al-Webou that he was the first to report what was happening at the daycare after the daycare contacted him to reveal the beatings and torture of the children, suggesting it was a coincidence. The school has a family member who decided to publicize what is happening in the kindergarten, adding that he enrolled his son in the kindergarten last October, and he was about 8 months old, which says that the kindergarten director was dealing with us from the beginning, her style was violent and that there are rules and a system that we have to follow in terms of strict adherence to the school dress code. and appointments, despite the force majeure that can happen in every family, except that the child is denied breakfast if he comes later than 10 o’clock.

Saif’s father told “The Week” the situation in which his son was exposed last April, when the management of the kindergarten contacted him and informed him that his son had bruises on his head and face as a result of a “bump” against the wall while playing with the child. in the kindergarten, stating that he interpreted it as a children’s party, but due to the severity of the bruise, I asked for a camera, and the answer was that this place does not have a camera, and it was discovered that the director of the kindergarten was the one who did it, according to the teacher’s testimony.

And he continued that his son was showing signs of change in behavior, nervousness and anger, and hitting his face, and I did not know the explanation for these actions, and when asked about custody, the answer was a normal phase for children, pointing out that he is currently afraid during sleeping, explaining that we are not allowed to deal with my teachers. Kindergarten, or have any contact, and we are not allowed to enter the kindergarten except at a certain time, in In addition, this director managed to deceive us all that inside the kindergarten everything takes place according to obligations and the rules for the welfare of our children, stating that last Wednesday his son came back from kindergarten with another bruise on his face, and when I texted the kindergarten asking for an explanation about this, the school sent that the principal of the kindergarten was the one who attacked my son, and that the previous incident was also from the kindergarten director.

And the child’s father continued to “Al-Usba'” that he decided to take action immediately, because he returned his son from kindergarten and went to the police station to file a report immediately, stating that he contacted the school to find out the details and sent the audio here video of the child Camellia, and asked her to testify in the investigation and listed many One of the situations that happened in the kindergarten.

“Hisham” told “The Week” that after talking to the parents, it was explained what was happening with their children, including the incident of a child who was prevented from eating for a month, and he sat in the dining room with the children without eating his own food, except if The child who threw up the food, threw up again as a punishment, pointing out that more than 10 parents have official records for it, with the presence of a large number of witnesses from the teacher. , former parents, and neighbors who decided to testify about what was happening from the director to the children inside the kindergarten.

“Hisham” added to “Tjedan” that the director of the kindergarten, as soon as she found out what she had done, contacted us to assure us that all that happened were malicious rumors of the teacher, after which an agreement was reached with her. to hold a meeting with the parents to discuss the situation, and we did not inform her about the existence of a video recorded by one of the teachers, she intimidated and mistreated the children, including the child Kamalija, whose mother published the video on social networks, and the child’s father continued in her speech “for the week” that during the meeting the director of the kindergarten justified what happened, which is the child’s education, but there is no torture and intimidation inside the kindergarten. During the meeting, a video was shown condemning the director for torturing and intimidating the children and the child Kamelya, who was in pain from the torture, but when the director of the kindergarten heard the video, she denied that the sound on it was not her own, and that the sound of the beating was fake. .

“Hisham” concluded his speech for “Tjedan” by thanking all the security authorities and the state attorney’s office for quickly arresting the kindergarten director, and requested that justice be achieved for what she did to innocent children who had no power or strength. and brutally attack them, and we will not tolerate the rights of our children.

In the same context, one of the eyewitnesses who lived in the apartment opposite the kindergarten told Al-Usbu 4 years ago, and months after it opened, she could hear children’s voices rising from torture by the kindergarten manager, who used extreme violence against them , saying: “I heard the voices of children whose voice is one of Torture, my heart hurts, and I told the director that you are forbidden and that their parents are constantly preventing them from entering the kindergarten, and in the last days before the recordings appeared, children’s voices were so tortured that it was so loud that one child screamed from the intensity of the pain, which said that the kindergarten was still opening..

The State Prosecutor’s Office listened to the testimony of four parents of children in the nursery, who confirmed that the director persistently attacked their children, beat and slapped them, which caused them injuries, and that they documented the testimonies of their children about the attacks on them. and their injuries in the photos and videos they shared with each other, which were reviewed by the public prosecutor’s office.

This, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office received a statement from the Solidarity Directorate in Alexandria that the license for the kindergarten was not issued, and a report was previously filed against it in 2020 due to a similar incident. Developing the skills of children older than this age.

The State Prosecutor’s Office hired an expert from the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood to investigate the incident, who confirmed that the children were exposed to physical and psychological injuries by the head of the kindergarten, which left them with negative psychological consequences.

The director of the kindergarten rejected the accusations attributed to her during the interrogation by the state attorney’s office, and the sum of her statements showed that she did not obtain any certificates in the field of education or the development of children’s skills, and it was enough that she informed her about the training from this school via social networks. area, so the State Prosecutor’s Office ordered her to be detained, and the completion of the investigation is underway.

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