News 24 | Kayali: Horses don’t rest before running

Horses participating in the “Saudi Jumping” championship do not stop moving during their stay at the headquarters of “Saudi Arabia Jumping” in Janadriyah, either walking with their “handler” or running with their rider, and from the early hours of the morning, being in full gear, according to Jordanian rider Samir Kayali, trainer. And father of Knight Nasuh and Knight Huda.

Kayali explained that preparing a horse before participating in competitions requires daily training and no rest for more than 24 hours.

He added: “Knights want to enter their horses in local tournaments before going into tournaments to ensure a strong system, so you will find a few local tournaments that will be held before major tournaments like the current one.”

Regarding the nutritional program of the horse, especially before the races, Kayali said: “The rider and the groomer want to give the horse the permitted complementary vitamins to replace what the horse’s body has lost during training and competition, especially fluids, salt and healthy food to keep the stomach worked properly, and also for the maintenance of the digestive system.”

Kayali revealed: “Each horse has a special condition, for example when the horse’s body overheats we try to give it cold ‘forage’ to calm it down and keep it focused, and when the body cools down we give the horses hot ‘forage’ containing vitamins in their ingredients that warm or warm his body and not cause the horses to get out of control. Either make him angry or make him deviate from the norm and make him give way inside the field.”

Abu Al-Maati: The headquarters of “Saudi Arabia Jump” is a pride for the knights

The Egyptian Zarq Abu Al-Maati Muhammad, a member of the Arabian Horse Club, is considered one of the Arab symbols in the sport of show jumping, as he touched on his experience and work at the stud for more than 30 years.

Abu Al-Maati works in the Arabian Horse Club’s stable in Jordan, accompanied by the Jordanian family “Bsharat” participating in the “Saudi Arabia Jump” championship, consisting of veteran rider Hani Bisharat, his son Ibrahim and his niece Maysam, 28 years ago .

Abu Al-Maati says: “I have visited several stables and participated in tournaments in all Arab countries and international capitals. I have participated in more than 250 international tournaments, and a large number of local tournaments that I cannot count, at some times of the week, one or two tournaments.”

He added: “One of my favorite countries that I enjoy visiting and participating in is Saudi Arabia. This is not a compliment. The athletes there love this sport, especially show jumping. They motivate everyone to do their best, so all the services and needs of riders and horses are available. The organization is excellent, and the organizers are excellent.”

Regarding the tournaments held in Saudi Arabia, Abu Al-Maati said: “It has developed strongly. The fields here have become competitive with the oldest field in the world, for example the “Saudi Jumping” championship in its first edition. Bright, Thank you first of all To God, and then to the possibilities provided by the Equestrian Alliance, I expect that the second version will be stronger and better, and I wish everyone success.

He added: “The headquarters of the Saudi Arabia Jump is wonderful, the services there are excellent, the tournaments there are enjoyable, and it is a place of pride for all Arabs and lovers of equestrian sports in the world.”

Veteran of Sterma: Riyadh is beautiful and I will visit it again

British veteran Spencer Stirme, one of the world’s most famous jumping commentators, is present at the “Saudi Jumping” championship, commentating on the championship competitions for nine different channels.

Stermi is one of the retired jumpers, a participant in six Olympic tournaments and a gold medalist in one of his competitions, because due to various injuries he hung up his helmet and gave up running on the fields and turned to suspension due to his great desire to be present at the forums of this sport.

The British veteran said: “I have been commentating the sport for over 30 years. I enjoy commentating all types of equestrian sports such as racing, show jumping, endurance, dressage and more. I have also been involved in commentating a number of events at the Summer and Winter Olympics as well as various motoring sports.” I like speed and fair competition.

Stermi revealed that this is his first visit to Saudi Arabia, specifically the capital Riyadh, and said: “A caring and hospitable country, everyone is pleased with my presence and everyone smiles when they see me. Most of those I met invited me to their homes and enjoyed wonderful popular dishes.”

He added: “Riyadh is a beautiful city, and I was lucky to be there during this beautiful climate. To be honest, Riyadh is a very beautiful country, and I will visit it again.”

And about the “Saudi Jumping” championship, Stermi said: “The headquarters here is very nice. It honestly deserves to host the biggest tournaments. The organization is also excellent. The hospitality here is very nice.”

He added, “I am very happy to be able to comment on a tournament like the Saudi Arabia Jump. The riders here are very happy with my presence and I am happy that they know me well. Some of the riders have told me that his clip from the race will remain and I comment on it and I’m proud of it.”

Al Hadi: My goal is to represent my country in major tournaments

The young rider Hassan Al Hadi (15 years old) expressed his great happiness that he is participating in the “Saudi Jumping” championship for the second year in a row, which is one of the most important championships in show jumping, as it has a wide international participation. in the presence of elite classifiers in the world.

Al Hadi said: “Thanks to the Saudi Equestrian Federation for hosting such tournaments and giving Saudi riders, especially juniors, the opportunity to participate and come into contact with senior riders who offer high technical levels, as this helps us to close the gap in the future. “

He added: “Certainly, my main goal is to develop my level and reach a big device that allows me to participate in the biggest tournaments. My thoughts are also focused on representing the Saudi national team at the biggest international forums and being present, willing, in the show jumping competitions at the Asian games in Riyadh in 2034.”

Al-Hadi revealed that he comes from a family that loves this equestrian sport, specifically show jumping.

Khreishi: We became the center of attention of the whole world

Mr. Rayan Khreishi, CEO of the Equestrian Sports Events Company, emphasized that the great support of the wise leadership of the sports sector has contributed to facilitate the Kingdom’s success in hosting any major international sporting event, and said: “The Kingdom has become the center of attention for all and the first capital of sports in the region, thanks to the unlimited support of the leadership, attention and diligent monitoring of His Highness the Minister of Sports, the President of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee and His Highness the President of the Saudi Equestrian Federation.

Khuraishi expressed great satisfaction with what the “Saudi Jumping” Championship has achieved in its second edition, with the response of riders to participate and the amount of media coverage, especially the internationally ranked knights who will be competing in show jumping events after the success of the first edition last year, and he said: “What distinguishes the Saudi Jumping Championship is its great international classification.” The International Equestrian Federation FEI, through which all riders are waiting for this exciting tournament, through which the qualifications for the World Cup in show jumping pass, will take place.”

He added, “The beauty of the tournament is also enhanced by the high levels of riders for the two star categories, in which male and female riders participate at the peak of their lives, giving them space to raise their levels, as this version witnesses the participation of 139 male and female riders from 22 countries and 198 horses.”

Regarding the event equestrian sports company, Mr. Rayan Khuraishi said: “The company will organize and host the biggest equestrian sports events, which enhances the Kingdom’s leadership position in this authentic sport and thereby reflects the unlimited support of the wise leadership, which has become tangible the reality we live in today.”

16 channels and more than 100 media professionals in “Saudi Jump”

The competitions of the “Saudi Jumping” championships are broadcast live on 16 television channels, and digitally between local, Arabic, international, and also digitally, as the competitions held at the headquarters of “Saudi Jumping” in Janadriyah receive extensive media coverage.

Saudi sports channels and SSC-KSA Sport, the carrier channels, add channels: Kuwait Satellite, Abu Dhabi Sports, Jordan Sports, Egyptian On time Sports, Emirati Dubai racing.

It is also broadcast by Clip my Horse in the UK, Horse & Country in the UK, GCTV in the Netherlands, Channel 7 in Australia, Spring Media in Sweden, W Sport Channel in Belgium and L’Équipe in France.

More than 100 male and female media professionals representing numerous visual, radio and print media from Saudi Arabia and beyond will also be present at the tournament.

The tournament organizing committee has equipped a full-service media center that includes a press conference room, internet, with volunteers delivering news and images to all local, Arab and international media.

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