The “16 days” campaign and violence against women

The activities of the 16-day campaign to combat violence against women launched by the United Nations, which aims to raise awareness and create supportive public opinion against all forms of violence against women, and to seek radical solutions to it, are coming to an end..

Also, on the occasion of the unprecedented interest of our Eastern societies, and especially Egypt, for the International Day against Violence against Women, I pause with you, my dears, to take a look at the picture..

Do we really need an international day that reminds us of the need to pay attention every day to the fight against this deadly social scourge that is spreading and reaching its peak of cruelty in our Eastern Arab societies, especially the Islamic ones?

We are rightly faced with an intrusive disaster, with which strange ideas came to us, then deepened and took root to become, over the years, the legitimate right of any man against any woman, in all forms and under any name of domination and control that has no foundation and does not exist in any law, religion or humanity.!

If we go back in time to our origin and our deep roots since the time of the ancient Egyptians, open the books of our very long history and look for the importance of women, their appreciation and their role in society, and the veneration of husband and son for them, we will find that we have indeed fallen from the height of sophistication, civilization and humanity to the bottom of courage, delay, lack of grace and ignoring the teachings of religions.!

The evidence left by the ancient Egyptians fully confirms the human respect and social status that women enjoyed in ancient Egypt, and the success they achieved in various fields of life, until they became queens who ruled the country..

And rightfully so, she reached a position that women did not reach in any other location on the planet, so she was the most famous of the female deities, like the goddess (Isis), the goddess of motherhood in ancient Egypt, who was one of the most important deities of the pharaohs, and raised to her has several temples, the most famous of which is her temple on the island of Philae in Aswan.

As well as the Temple (Nefertari), known as the Little Temple of Abu Simbel, which was built by King Ramses II in honor of his wife, Queen Nefertari, and the Temple of the Queen (Hatshepsut) in Luxor, and the Temple of Dendera, which was dedicated to the worship of the goddess (Hathor). , the goddess of love, beauty and music in ancient Egypt..

As for the most influential woman in ancient Egypt, it was the queen (Nefertiti), who had a great personality and a unique philosophy that made her the most influential woman, perhaps in all of history..

Thus the veneration of women has already reached the point of sanctification.


Despite the unprecedented support for women by the political leadership in recent years and the advancement of their status and empowerment, as never before in centuries, we can describe this as the golden age of women in Egypt..

Besides that:

Still in many segments of society, in the depths and souls, there is that sterile view and deep-rooted desire, whose adherents show what is not hidden regarding the status of women and how to treat them in a way pleasing to God. ..

* So it has to:

Establishing strict laws and laws for heavy penalties for the perpetrators of electronic harassment of women and girls, which has become a disaster that has claimed the lives of many young girls.

For example, the case of suicide of an Eastern girl.

Developing new laws and legislation to protect women from manipulating husbands with God’s law regarding battering, second marriage and the duties and rights of women.

Establishing clear deterrent penalties for harassing and inciting some media workers and vice versa, who incite women against men, and consequently inciting rebellion and breaking up Egyptian families.

Determine penalties for verbal and moral harassment of girls with disabilities, divorced women and elderly women.

A woman is half of society. If she is financially and morally sound, freed from her shackles, and given the treatment appropriate to her as God has commanded, society will be reconciled and right, and the balance between the two halves will be balanced..

In the same way, a woman is a mother and a wife who is considered the pillar of the family and the pillar of balance in it, and she is the one who rightly advocates for the preservation and survival of that family and does everything she can outside of it. her energy to reunite him even if the husband is indifferent.!

Because the crisis that threatens the entire society is touching, materially and morally, these gentle beings in inhumane ways, starting with verbal and physical abuse, all the way to beatings, torture, and sometimes mutilation.!

The culprit here is not a specific person, such as a husband, father, brother, son, abuser or rapist, but the fault of the whole society, which is affected by ignorance and religious, cultural and educational decay in an unprecedented way, embrace the ideas of ignorance and go back hundreds of years.!

So, do we have an awakening by which we can wake up from our carelessness and return with it to our natural position in which we should be, so that we can save half of society and its pomegranate from being lost in the lack of a pit, returning to the teachings of our faith, which is higher of the value and generosity of women, and mandates charity towards them and the preservation of their rights and dignity, and before that of our heritage and history. A great man who manifested himself in all his epochs, an Egyptian woman in her best form.

And the crisis continues, hoping for a breakthrough soon that will change our conditions to what makes us happy and satisfied.

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