This child became a young artist and beauty icon. She married a famous artist and what she revealed about his suffering and pain during their honeymoon shocked the audience!! who are you?!

Young actress born in the Egyptian capital Cairo in 1994. She started her artistic work in 2014 with a role in the movie Jimmy’s Plan, and then she was selected in the Timing Differences series by Tamer Hosni. She has continued her artistic work until now.

She is an ascetic artist here, and here she talked about her love story with artist Ahmed Fahmy, which began when they met at a party, and Fahmy appeared with sunglasses at a night party, which made us curious about what this person does , and through their colleagues from the artistic community they arranged another meeting and became friends until they signed Zaljuben, Fahmy proposed to her and asked for marriage.

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The wedding took place in a different way, it captured the attention of the audience with the beauty of the place, photography and decoration, in addition to the appearance in three different dresses. The wedding pictures were published on social networks, so the audience showered them with congratulations and wished them luck. They also talked about beauty Hana and her status as a queen. Numerous artistic stars such as Ahmed Ezzo, Omar Youssef, his wife Kinda Alloush, Muhammad Hindi and other artists were present.

Ahmed’s love for Hana appeared in many situations, starting with a fierce response to fans who showered him with comments insulting him and his wife. Some think that here is better than becoming Ahmed’s wife, while others see that here she is the voice and it’s not nice so Ahmed responds by insulting everyone. Whoever spoke badly about him and his wife but what angered the audience were the inappropriate words that Ahmed spoke and that he was wrong when he decided to antagonize his audience, and criticism or he has to accept the answer without offense because he is a famous artist and the cameras are pointed at everything he does.

Hana al-Zahid talked about how she did not wait for a good day after the wedding, after the consummation of the marriage, the couple decided to travel to the Maldives to spend their honeymoon, but on the plane she felt a strong pain in her back and could not bear the pain as it passed time on the plane, and Ahmed tries to find out the cause of her illness and the flight attendant. They immediately looked for a doctor on the plane, and unfortunately for her, she couldn’t find a doctor, and they thought it was poisoning, especially since the pains spread to the whole body.

The flight attendants gave her some painkillers until she was relatively well. Here she talked about how she had never felt these symptoms before. After the couple got off the plane, Ahmed offered to go to the hospital to check her out, but she told him that she is in good condition despite the fact that her face has turned color. Red and her temperature is high and she is still in pain, but she doesn’t want to spoil his honeymoon.

After some time, they filmed a new case to share their happiness with the audience, but here she couldn’t stand it and fell to the ground from the intensity of the pain. The hotel staff provided her with a wheelchair, and Ahmed took her to the hospital. He suffered a lot because he didn’t know where is the nearby hospital, and he forgot to prove his identity because of fear for her. The streets of the city until he found a taxi that helped him get to the hospital and save his wife. After their arrival, the doctor talked to Ahmed about the condition that got her here due to gallstones, and must have them removed and undergo the necessary surgery, but in her country she has a stomach infection, so he kept her in the hospital for five days without food or drink until the application was completed.

Here, she talked about the growth of her love for Ahmed after this situation, which made it clear to her that he is a man who can take responsibility, and from his fear for her, she discovered that he loves her more than she expected. she was happy and celebrated her marriage for a few days, they prayed for her speedy recovery.

After learning about the news here, she blamed Ahmed for this photo and asked him to delete it, and he deleted the photo, but it was too late, because this photo was circulated among the pioneers of social media, and the news of her illness spread. to the media, indicates that she is in good condition and thanks everyone who prayed for her recovery.

Here she shares happy moments from her life with her fans through the pictures and cases she publishes on her personal page on Instagram, here she publishes a picture of her and her husband Ahmed eating their meal in a sushi restaurant, and Ahmed appeared with her in a T-shirt medical mask ​​due to the conditions the country is going through during the current Corona virus epidemic.

Many believe that the relationship between Hana and the late artist Talaat Zakaria is only related to acting and the artistic community, and there is a kinship between Hana and Talaat because Hana’s mother is Sherine Al-Manzlawi, Talaat’s second wife, and their marriage lasted only thirteen years. and the divorce took place quietly. Here I was very sad about Talaat’s death. Although he is not her father, but he treated her as his daughter, she also talked about her memories with him and him crying with happiness when she graduated, and published her last picture with him in her books and expressed her sadness that she will not see him again.

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