2034 “Faislawia” elects a new club management today

Bilal Ghalayini

The 2,034 people who make up the Assembly of the Al-Faisaly club will vote to elect a new administrative body that will lead the club for the next three years.

Al-Faisaly elections await quorum

The Ministry of Youth has completed all preparations for the success of the election process, after taking a number of measures to ensure the implementation of the election, which is considered the strongest in the history of elections for sports clubs in Jordan.

And the Minister of Youth, Muhammad Salama Al-Nabulsi, decided to form a committee to supervise the electoral process, headed by the Assistant Secretary General, Dr. Majid Asila, while the Supreme Electoral Commission is divided into 10 commissions entrusted with tasks and instructions, and the number of employees they include 100 employees from the Ministry of Youth.

According to the program of the election procedure, registration for the attendance of the General Assembly starts at nine in the morning and lasts until 12 in the afternoon. From 2034 people, the election General Assembly begins according to the agenda, with the reading of financial and administrative reports, and the appointment of an auditor with whom the General Assembly will agree.

After that, the temporary management board, which currently leads the club headed by Jihad Qutaishat, submits an official resignation, and then the Supervisory Board conducts an election process, where 3 members of the General Authority will be elected to join the Supervisory Board.

After that, the election process begins in which all members of the General Assembly present at the session participate, at the time when the Ministry of Youth decided to use secret ink to ensure the success of voting and non-repetition, with the adoption of documents (personal identity, passport or driver’s license) proving the identity of the voter, under provided that all these documents are valid.

The temporary governing body of the Al-Faisaly club, headed by Jihad Qutaishat, announced earlier that the deadline for submitting candidacy applications for the president and members of the club’s board of directors had expired, as the door to nominations had been closed by a representative of the Ministry. youth, and the number of candidates reached 22 members.

Nidal Al-Hadid and Suleiman Al-Assaf were nominated to run for the presidency, both of whom never officially headed the Al-Faisaly club, but Al-Hadid had previously taken over as chairman of the interim board.

The bloc “Sons of the Leader” headed by Al-Assaf is going to the elections, and its members are: Ahmed Qutaishat, Lana Al-Jaghbir, Firas Wreikat, Issam Al-Rawabdeh, Dr.

As for the block “Al-Faisaly Watan”, headed by Al-Hadid, its members include: Ahmed Wreikat, Firas Hayasat, Ahmed Awwad, Issa Al-Da’jah, Dr. Ziyad Al-Hajjaj, MP Dr. Nimr Al-Suleihat, Sami Farraj, MP Dr. Nassar Al-Haisah and Eng. Oroub Al-Abadi.

Marwan Ghannam, Hatem Al-Awamla and Talal Mansour were independent members.

a lofty march

And they have successively presided over Al-Faisaly club since its foundation until today, many people from the homeland, who served the club through long decades that made Al-Faisaly a great and lofty sports edifice, during which the club could fly to the sky. of Jordanian, Arab and Asian sports, and the honorary plaque was worn by the leaders of the club, Fawaz Al-Sharif, who was the head of the club’s management from 1932-1935, then Qassem Malhas from 1935-1953, then Suleiman Al-Nabulsi from 1953-1956, then Nasser bin Jamil from 1956-1970, then Sultan Al-Adwan from 1970-1978, then Mustafa Al-Adwan from 1978-1992. Then Sultan Al-Adwan from 1992-2008, then Bakr Al-Adwan from 2008-2011, then Sultan Al-Adwan from 2011-2018, then Bakr Al-Adwan from 2018 to 2021, then Salem Abu Qaoud as chairman of the interim government, then Nidal Al-Hadid, then Jihad Qutaishat..

Qutaishat: We want a real wedding

The head of the interim administrative body of the Al-Faisaly club, Jihad Qutaishat, said: “We want it to be a real election wedding. The gathering of candidates, whether for the position of president or member, among the jealous sons of the club, and it is a matter of pride and honor that the date of the election meeting general assembly matches the joy of Al-Faisaly fans who crowned that league title for the first time.” 35.

Qutaishat pointed out: “Al-Faisaly is on the verge of entering a new historic stage that will add to the previous stages of achievement. Holding the election of this large number of participants among the members of the General Assembly confirms the love for this club among its many fans from all over the country, and I am completely convinced of the success of the optional wedding because everyone has the same goal, which is to love Al-Faisaly.

Statement of the temporary authority

And the temporary governing body of the Al-Faisaly club, headed by Jihad Qutaishat, issued an official statement on the occasion of the end of the mandate of managing the club, which stated: “The temporary governing body confirms its great pride and pride in honoring the national responsibility in managing and managing the affairs of the club Al-Faisaly, of the Al-Watan club, for about seven months, mixed with the greatest effort, dedication, giving and what is commensurate with the value and status of the Al-Faisaly club and the love and adoration of its loyal fans throughout the dear homeland.

The press release added: “Although we, the president and members of the governing body, have committed ourselves, and from the first moment we have been honored with this state task, to make every effort and work within transparent and institutional controls, we have made it our top priority to provide all the conditions for success for the team marching to his usual place on the dais, and maintaining his duties.” Monthly appointments on their fixed dates, fulfilling the recommendations and recommendations of the technical and administrative staff, and strengthening the ranks of the team with the additions it needs that contribute to the achievement of the desired goal, and thanks to God and his success, this was achieved because the team won the title for the 35th time champion of the professional league.

And he continued: “As the Interim Governing Body appreciates the efforts of the technical and administrative staff and the donation of the heroic players, it proudly appreciates the gathering of the crowd around the club, its boundless support and motivation for the team, and its initiatives towards the club and its support in scenes that will remain engraved on the pages of fame and achievement, and the temporary governing body confirms that it also worked.” In order to meet all the requirements of the age groups and take care of their preparations, based on their importance in providing the first team with elements capable of forming the necessary reinforcement that is appropriate to the ambitions and big goals of the club, and the files of many complaints from coaches, players and various institutions were closed, which contributed to the reduction of the debt value.

And the Provisional Committee continued in its statement: “And how the Provisional Administrative Committee completed the process of transforming the members of the General Assembly from fans to workers, in accordance with the instructions and regulations and with the highest level of transparency, while preparing the final list of those who can run for office and be elected , she stood at the same distance from all the candidates and managed to distance herself. The team spoke about the atmosphere of the election, which contributed to the creation of an ideal atmosphere that led to a well-deserved coronation. professional league title.

The statement concluded: “The Interim Administrative Body expresses its gratitude and respect to the members of the General Assembly and all loyal fans, supporters and lovers and invites the Faisalawi family to celebrate the unprecedented democratic wedding that will be held today to elect a new administrative body that will take over the task during the next three years, and let’s all paint a perfect picture.” And great for Al-Watan club through a beautiful and exemplary election scene, in the interest of Al-Faisaly club, and God is the reconciler.

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