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Beirut- Women joined the labor market and became competitive with men in several fields, and they achieved far away from home and kitchen work, and they no longer had time to master the skills and art of cooking, and they depended a lot on ready-made products. fast food or husband’s participation in cooking in order to make some dishes in a simple and quick way. Satisfy both parties without arguing.

But does an Eastern man still look for a woman who has learned the art of cooking since childhood? Will a conscious woman who cares about the health of her family consider mastering cooking for the safety of her children and the happiness of her husband’s heart? Many questions that Al-Jazeera Net asked a large number of husbands and wives, and an expert in family psychology, so what did they say?

Children need to be fed in a healthy way and it is nice that they participate in food preparation (Getty Images)

My wife doesn’t want to learn to cook

Young Saeed Muhammad (pseudonym) talks to Al-Jazeera Net about his suffering with his young wife, and says: “I have been married for 3 years to a good and beautiful woman, but I suffer with her in the cooking problem, since she does not care at all about cooking and she doesn’t want to learn it either from my mother or from her mother, even though she is a housewife and not an employee, i.e. she has time to learn the basics of cooking, and the fridge contains everything from chicken, meat, seafood and vegetables, but she doesn’t want to dedicate herself to the kitchen.

Muhammad added: “All she cares about is taking care of her elegance and beauty and tidying up the house. I don’t know how to solve this problem. I am very tired of ready meals and going to my mother’s house to eat. We are married and it can’t go on like this. I’m very hesitant about starting a family, because the children have to be fed.” In a healthy way, and this issue is serious and needs to be radically resolved, otherwise the final decision will be painful for both parties, unfortunately.

When a woman is not interested in cooking and does not want to learn it, this can be the cause of marital discord (Pixels).

A good bite

As for husband Sami Al-Khazen, he loves a good bite from his wife Salwa’s hand. She is skilled in the art of cooking, although she is a busy woman, but she likes to spend time in the kitchen of her own free will to enjoy delicious food, and of course he does not put pressure on her, but participates in the household chores with her. For him, it is over , and the relationship between them is based on respect and understanding. Together they search for psychological stability, security and comfort and always manage to solve things, he says.

Sami ends his speech by saying that he also likes to enter the kitchen, because he feels pleasure while preparing food, and considers that doing this work is a matter of “happiness, not duty”.

Larissa Maasrani - beloved husband of Sami Al-Khazen, because he loves a good bite from the hands of his wife and his dear Salwa, because she is skilled in the art of cooking - (Pixels) - expressive image
Some couples find cooking and cooking a pleasure, not a duty (Pixels)

positive energy

Dany Abi Rashid himself believes that he has made remarkable progress with his wife Mira after much suffering and patience, so he decided to lift her spirits and give her positive energy to encourage her, and she just had to persevere even if she failed and try again and again, and strictly follow the instructions so that her cooking would succeed, and she would progress once more. Indeed, after several attempts, Mira managed to learn the art of cooking, after which she tasted unprecedentedly delicious food, so she began to invent new dishes and invite his friends and family to taste what she made with her own hands.

Danny points out that there should be no disagreements over these household matters, especially if there is love and a strong bond between the spouses, and that they must understand, participate, cooperate and not feel pressured and obligated.

5 Danny Abi Rashid says his wife has become creative and invents new dishes and invites her friends and family to taste what her hands have made - (Jazeera Net)_
Danny Abi Rashid says his wife has created a new food and is inviting friends and family to try it (Al-Jazeera)

My mom cooks

But what about the constant opposition and resentment of what the wife is trying to do, trying to please her husband? Frustrated wife Mona (pseudonym) says the result is unfortunately negative, with screaming and sometimes insulting and painful words.

This is how Mona tells how her husband was never satisfied with her food and never thanked her for preparing him delicious and different dishes, because he always insists that his mother’s food is the best and unparalleled, even though she was gaining experience and learning the art of cooking for him, but all attempts failed and he did not change and remained the same, he pressed him, so she decided to give up and not try again, she said.

innovative solutions

Amy Saad, a young working wife, is happy and satisfied with her personal life and is reconciled with herself and her husband when it comes to cooking. In everyday life, she depends on ready meals or gets food from her mother-mother-in-law, or her husband prepares a certain dish himself because he is familiar with the art of cooking. .Cooking is not limited to that, the girl even teaches him, and he also has no problem with cooking with her.

1 Family psychologist Nadine Ghaleb believes that it is best to arrange a time and find an opportunity to cook delicious, fast and healthy food that will be served to children instead of fast food and
Nadine Ghaleb advises organizing time to find opportunities to cook delicious, fast and healthy food (Al Jazeera)

Not to exaggerate the cooking problem

Specialist in family psychology, Nadine Ghaleb, says that there are women who believe that they bring joy and happiness to their husbands and children through the kitchen and mastering the principles of cooking. with life is essential.

The specialist advises not to exaggerate the problem of cooking between spouses, because every problem has a solution and nothing is impossible or difficult, because it is easy to learn and master the principles of cooking, and it is desirable to organize time to find opportunities to cook delicious, quick and healthy food that will to use for children instead of fast food, and at the same time it will make the husband’s heart happy.

9 There are women who believe that by using the kitchen and mastering the principles of cooking, they bring joy and happiness to their husbands and children - (pixels - expressive image)_
There are women who believe that cooking brings joy and happiness to their husbands and children (Pixels)

Mother’s cooking and wife’s cooking

And there are husbands who prefer their mother’s food even if their wives are skilled in cooking, and this can harm the wife’s psyche, so the husband must consider his wife’s feelings and not underestimate her, because this will create negative feelings between the two parties . In short, a husband should avoid comparing his mother’s cooking with his wife’s, as it worsens the relationship, says Nadine.

The family expert confirms that it is nice for the husband to help the wife with household duties and doing some work, the most important of which is the cooking process, just like any family member.

Participation also increases the atmosphere of intimacy between the spouses and gives the woman more happiness, and in this there is no shame at all as it can be rumored, and there is no degradation in the matter of masculinity or the status of a man, on the contrary, the marital relationship will be calmer and full of love and respect and based on understanding, believes Nadine Ghaleb.

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