Minister of Immigration: Completion of procedures for the establishment of an investment company for Egyptians abroad in 2023

Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Affairs of Egyptians Abroad, received Ambassador Amin Hassan, the new Consul General of Egypt in Frankfurt, to discuss ways of joint cooperation in the service of the Egyptian community in Germany.

Ambassador Suha Gendi started the meeting by welcoming Ambassador Amin Hassan, noting that she is interested in constant communication with all Egyptian embassies and consulates abroad, in order to provide all services and aspects of care for the Egyptian communities, appreciating this effort, cooperation and constant coordination, pointing out that she wanted to start her official meetings with a meeting with Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, because there is full cooperation and coordination between the two ministries to achieve the interest of Egyptians abroad.

The minister pointed out that Egyptians abroad are the soft power of the Egyptian state and its first line of defense, and that they are an important element in the development process that takes place on Egyptian soil, pointing out that she worked from the first day after assuming responsibility to find new mechanisms and for that the “Hour with the Minister” initiative was launched. To listen to the proposals of Egyptians abroad, discuss their queries and respond to them, via “video conference”, in cooperation with the competent authorities, in addition to the programs of the second, third, fourth and fifth generation of Egyptian children abroad to organize visits to them in Egypt in order to increase their connection with the homeland.

The Minister of Immigration, at the head of an official delegation of ministries and state institutions, referred to the results of the first foreign visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which includes about 2.9 million Egyptians there, stressing that we will strive to complete these visits in order to directly communicate with our children and review what the Egyptian state offers in various fields, as well as investment opportunities and met the demands of Egyptians abroad and their proposals.

The minister referred to the existing cooperation with Germany regarding the Egyptian-German Center for Employment, Immigration and Reintegration, where cooperation was established with the German side – represented by the German Agency for International Cooperation «GIZ» – with the aim of starting this center, in order to training linked to the labor market and the employment and employment of Egyptians in the occupations needed by Germany, since the center is the first of its kind in Egypt that was established in the framework of achieving sustainable development and Egypt’s Vision 2030. raise awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration, in light of the presidential initiative “Survival boats”, pointing out that work is underway to expand it to similar programs with a number of other countries receiving labor.

During the meeting, Ambassador Soha Gendy referred to the ministry’s efforts in the current period to provide a series of incentives and privileges especially for Egyptians abroad in cooperation with the competent authorities, since this period witnessed intensive meetings with a number of ministries, were in terms of housing, aviation, investment, finance or business sector Public education, education or higher education and other benefits offered to Egyptians abroad.

During her speech, the Minister referred to the meeting she held with the Minister of Housing, and one of the most important results of that meeting was an agreement on the promotion of projects of the Ministry of Housing during her foreign tours, and a complementary phase was proposed for the eighth phase of the “Homeland House” project. and the allocation of special plots and units for Egyptians abroad, noting that the Allotment is a discount rate of about 25% for payment in dollars, for immediate payment.

The Minister added that she met with Hassan Abdullah, Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, and Mohamed El-Etreby, President of Banque Misr and President of the Federation of Egyptian Banks, to discuss strengthening cooperation in providing benefits to Egyptians abroad through various savings vessels, as it was offered high return investment dollar certificate.

The minister referred to the bilateral meetings with the ministers of finance, trade and industry, as part of the government’s desire to motivate Egyptians working abroad to invest in Egypt and convey their demands, with the adoption of a draft law to exempt the cars of Egyptians abroad from fees and taxes for each An Egyptian abroad aged 15 years and above, in exchange for Linking a foreign currency deposit for a period of 5 years which will be returned in Egyptian currency according to the exchange rate at that time.

Ambassador Suha Gendi confirmed the readiness of the Ministry to implement the recommendations of the third edition of the Conference of Entities for the Communities of Egyptians Abroad, including the launch of an investment company for Egyptians abroad, confirming the welcome of the Prime Minister and assigning His Excellency coordination with various parties, so that meetings of the Ministers of Finance, Trade , industry and the business sector and agriculture, as well as meetings with the head of the General Authority for Investments, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Egyptian Stock Exchange, in order to coordinate efforts, in accordance with the laws that regulate it, noting that work is being done to complete the establishment of the company during the next in 2023.

Ambassador Soha Gendi explained that the Ministry of Immigration is working to establish a database of Egyptian experts and scientists abroad in order to reach out to its citizens in different places and specializations, in order to integrate them into the development process, stressing that the community of Egyptians in Germany is one of the most respected a community that has many prominent experts and scientists in the world. .

For his part, Consul General Amin Hassan praised this effort and the benefits that have been provided in this period, noting that the file for the renewal and issuance of national identity cards and birth certificates is one of the most necessary requests of the Egyptian community, and in this regard, the minister has confirmed the agreement with the Minister of Interior and Foreign Affairs, but in the event that 500 or more names of those who want to issue or renew ID cards are recorded, a mission will be sent for them to renew and issue this card, and an employment mission will also be sent to make it easier for our citizens.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to maintain constant communication in order to meet all the needs of the Egyptian community in Germany and overcome all the obstacles they face in getting any services.

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