New attacks by terrorist militias on widows and divorced women in Sana’a

The Houthi terrorist militia, supported by Iran, has not left Sana’a, which is under its control, except by permission. Even the divorced and widows had the opportunity to be abused, extorted and lost their rights under the name of (secret marriage). Fearful that his wife will learn of the news of his marriage to another, the husband, who is often a senior Houthi leader or supervisor known for his weight among terrorist militias, hastens to divorce the new wife so that the first wife is not a sure thing, and without any of sharia rights for another woman who finds herself on the street, to return defeated to her family… Her wing is broken. This phenomenon has become present in every home where there is a divorced woman or a widow who is at the mercy of the militia. After a few months, he divorced for the second time, but this time arbitrarily and without rights. Stolen rights MA tells her story to Al-Monasat, saying: “When I divorced my first husband, I got my Sharia rights, and after I finished the months of waiting, I returned to my job to start my life anew.” And he continues: “My manager, a senior supervisor and Houthi leader, hesitated repeatedly in my office, until the day came when he confessed his desire to marry me, but in secret and for a certain period of time, after which he would announce our marriage.” In a tone filled with sadness, he says: “After we secretly got married and lived in a luxury apartment on the outskirts of the city in Sana without the knowledge of any of his family and mine, the situation lasted for three months, and after that I conceived a child, so I told him, and he was silent and didn’t answer at that moment. My stomach got bigger and everyone started to notice. I told him again. And he continued to be silent! And only days passed until I heard a knock at the door. I went to open it and his wife came in and asked him to divorce immediately. He divorced me without hesitation and took me out of the apartment in pajamas without any right to remember.” He adds. : “Now I am in my father’s house, carrying a child whose fate is unknown and I cannot complain about him to anyone. Everyone is telling me that I will lose. Even the law is governed by terrorist militias, so how can you complain about the injustice of the oppressors?” Her friend, Zainabiyah, a widow cut from a tree (TM), 33, is a worker and has one child. Her friend, Zainabiyah, told her that she wants to marry her married brother, but in secret. So the girl agreed and got married. After a year of secret marriage, she gave birth to a baby girl, and she was very happy. But her joy was not complete, she says. She heard her husband say to her sister that he divorced her because his first wife, Huti, knew about it, so she came out to confront them, and she collapsed from crying and shock at the same time, and threatened to appeal to the court. The husband laughed. , took the gun and left. And all she had to do was turn to his sister, who married him, to settle the matter, and she smiled saying: “No one hit you on the hand to accept the marriage.” The widow says: “When I went to court myself, the judge knew my husband, the leader, and they had a strong relationship. They both belong to the same terrorist group, so he didn’t do me justice. Not only that, but he threatened me that if I opened my mouth with one word, I and my child would not live long.” She returned home quietly. Instead of raising the child, she became responsible for two children. After a while I heard that on married the second, third and fourth in the same way, until the widows became an easy game in the hands of militias whose only concern is to satisfy their sexual desires. Injustice and crime In the same context, a social researcher from the University of Sana’a, on condition of anonymity, explains that these forbidden and shameful behaviors and exploitation carried out by the Houthi terrorist militia are rejected by Yemeni customs and society. He adds: “This marriage from the social aspect has no problem, but with these militias who twist and turn everything to their advantage, they have made it from the social aspect different situation. In the past and before 2011, women were sacred beings and had rights that they take according to fair and just Yemeni law. As for today, Secret Marriage has turned into a gateway to temporary pleasure permeated with injustice and the loss of the rights of women and children.” They should be killed Yemeni youth have a different opinion. Al-Mustansat met one of them, and he said: “I will execute every one of the terrorist militias that pushed us into the abyss, if one of them comes near my divorced sister.” Another young man said, “I’ll blow them up and kill myself with them if they do something like this to my widowed cousin.” Another young man says: “We are tribes in Yemen and we respect women. That’s how we were brought up and we will not accept that women are humiliated in front of our eyes, whoever they are, and before 2011 they had the status that the law and the constitution gave them.” While religious teachers explain the legitimacy of the so-called secret marriage as “legal marriage, especially since the married woman is divorced or widowed, she has control over her affairs and there is no problem with that.” her marriage. She has the rights and duties of a wife in terms of dowry, conditions, maintenance and delay in dowry, and the one who does not give the woman her right after divorce is guilty.” Obfuscation of the law In order to understand the legal point of view on secret marriage, one of the lawyers told us that “in some cases the husband does not recognize the marital status, and we as lawyers prove the marital status, either in the presence of witnesses to the marriage, or with the approval of the spouses, since that the husband is referred according to the Law on Personal Status and the marriage is proved in court.” She explained: “In the event that the husband refuses to give her her right as a legal wife, the law imposes clear penalties. on him, including imprisonment. However, in light of the control of the northern regions by the terrorist Houthi militia supported by Iran, it is considered law and state, ignoring all legal procedures written in favor of Yemeni women.

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