Oman Club defeats Nizwa and takes the lead. Muscat defeats Al-Bashir in the handball league

A Muscat player gets up and shoots the ball into Al-Bashaer’s goal… Photo: Hussein Al-Muqbali


Oman Club continued to play alone in the lead, this time with Nizwa, the bottom of the league table, which became 22 points in its pocket, while Nizwa remained in the orphan position, while Muscat, second in the general standings, succeeded in overcoming Al-Bashir in a fierce match between the two teams, to gain possession of Muscat 15 points, while Al-Bashaer’s balance was frozen to 11 points, and in the second match Al-Ahly Sidab came out of their match as the winner. against Al-Seeb raised the balance to 14 points, in contrast, Al-Seeb remained on 8 points, in the first round of first-class handball competitions.

Muscat deserves good news

In the first match between Muscat and Al-Bashir at the main hall of the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher, the first half started quickly with an early goal for Muscat, but Al-Bashir quickly hit back to level the scores. , only for Muscat to go ahead again after that, and then the excitement returned after Al-Bashir scored the equalizer through Mahmoud Juma, then Muscat advanced through Muhammad Al-Hasani, to add the fourth goal to Al-Azhar Ibrahim in Muscat, and the two teams exchanged attacks with the brilliance of Al-Azhar Ibrahim, Muhammad Al-Hassani and Saeed Hamad from Muscat’s side, and Khaled Al-Jabri and Mahmoud Juma’a from Al-Bashaer’s side, so that Muscat passed to Al-Bashaer ( 8/5 ), and after the first quarter of an hour of the first half of the match. Al-Bashaer continued his relentless efforts to reduce the score, and succeeded in doing so through Mahmoud Juma, but Muscat pulled away as a result and increased the yield through Muhammad Al-Hasani and his followers, and the match flared up after Al-Bashaer managed to take advantage of mistakes players of Muscat and overcome the difference, but Muscat continued on thanks to the good play of their players, specifically Muhammad Al-Hasani, so that the first half ended with a win for Muscat over Al-Bashaer (9/9/14).

At the beginning of the second half, Muscat managed to run away, but Al-Bashaer through Al-Walid Al-Hasani, Asaad Al-Hasani and Mahmoud Jumaa made the difference, after which Muscat scored two more goals through Mahdi Salem. and Saeed Issa, then with a goal through Muhammad Al-Hasani, which increased the difference to five goals, and then Ashraf Khamis with a goal from After a quarter of an hour had passed from the second half (20/15), Adnan Abdullah, a player of Al-Bashair, scored a goal and another to reduce the gap to three goals, after which Saeed Issa scored another goal for Muscat, then seconds later Qais Al-Hassani scored for Al-Bashaer and the tries continued between the two teams with the relative advantage of Muscat, and its goalkeeper Bashar Yaqoub shone by blocking many dangerous shots on his own goal, so the match ended with the victory of Muscat over Al-Bashaer (21/24). The meeting was moderated by Ayad Al-Ma’ashani and Walid Al-Sanani, as referees, assisted by table judges, Muhammad Al-Hinai as scorer, Adnan Al-Salti as timekeeper and Rashid Al-Shamkhi as match observer.

Ahly Sidab shines and beats Al-Seeb

While in the second match which brought together the people of Sidab and his counterpart Al-Seeb, which was held at the main hall of the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher, the first half of the match started with the Sidab family progressing with four unanswered goals, thanks to their players Sultan Al-Yaqoubi , Ahmed Al-Hinai and Hani Al-Dughaishi, and Al-Seeb managed to reduce Qusai Al-Battashi, but Hani Al-Daghishi came back and increased the difference again, after which Al-Seeb scored the second goal, then Al-Ahly Sidab introduced control over the course of the match after he managed to escape as a result through the brilliance of the player Badr Al-Harthy, then Al-Seeb came back and scored two goals through Khaled Al-Siyabi and Abdulaziz Al-Siyabi to succeed. Al-Ahly Sidab scored another goal through their player Badr Al-Harthy and the two teams continued to try with the advantage of possession and accuracy. passes in favor of Al-Ahly Sidab, who managed to finish the first half in their favor (13/6).

In the second half, Al-Ahly Sadab continues to play strongly with another goal through Hani Al-Dagheishi, but Al-Seeb reduces the difference through Ayman Al-Yaqoubi, and Hani Al-Dagheishi, the player of Al-Ahly Sadab, returns. shined again with a beautiful goal from a shot that came from the left side of the Al-Seeb goalkeeper, after which the match became a controversy, which he succeeded in. The players of Al-Ahly Sidaba, specifically Sultan Al-Yaqoubi, Hassan Al-Jabri and Hani Al-Daghishi , they outplayed the Al-Seeb players and turned all the opportunities that came their way into goals. And Al-Seeb managed to reduce the difference through Saeed Al-Siyabi, but Al-Ahly Sadab continued the attack and the advantage in the match through their player Ahmed Al – Hinaia, who moved the result in favor of Al-Sidab, for Al-Sidab’s team to keep the lead until the last whistle of the game, for the match to end Al-Sidab’s victory over their rival Al-Seeb (21/25). The match was moderated by Omar Al-Shehhi and Khamis Al-Wahibi as square judges, with the assistance of table judges, Muhammad Al-Hinai as scorer, Adnan Al-Salti as timekeeper and Zuhair Samha as match observer.

In the third match, the leading Oman Club managed to defeat the rival Nizwa (40/25) in a match that was held at the Nizwa Sports Complex. On the other hand, Khasab defeated Al-Suwaiq (29/19) at the Khasab Club Stadium in the second division competition, while Ibri was considered the winner over Al-Musanna (10/0), after the latter withdrew from the match. .

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