The art of charming dialogue with your husband

The wonderful art of dialogue with a spouse has many factors and elements, so due to the passage of time and the length of marriage, spouses are deprived of topics that can be discussed together, due to the end of topics that can be discussed. discussed together. can be discussed. Roughly, but there are some methods we have come up with to open a dialogue with your husband and talk to him, and in good things the dialogue between you will be extended and create some kind of understanding and consensus in the conversation, and we learn all this through the Egypt Brief website.

The wonderful art of dialogue with your husband

  • Due to the difficult circumstances in which we live due to the worries and burdens of life, dialogue and dialogue between spouses has become a topic that no longer exists.
  • This eventually leads to disagreements and lack of a point of understanding between them.
  • It also contributes to the distraction of the relationship and the distance between them without longing for the other party.
  • Women often suffer from this because they spend most of their time in housework, i.e. as husband’s mothers, so they often return from work exhausted and need rest and calm, and prefer not to talk to anyone.
  • Therefore, she tries in every possible way to open the door to dialogue with him, but this is one of the worrying things and can lead to conflict.
  • It is better for you to learn the art of dialogue and etiquette with your husband so that you can get his satisfaction and that there is a language for dialogue between them so that both of them can express what is in him or what he needs. else.

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What are the most important elements of the art of a wonderful dialogue with your husband?

There are some elements of the art of dialogue with your husband:

Good listening

  • Good dialogue and understanding between spouses depends on the wife’s ability to listen well to her husband, listen to her speech and respect her.
  • This prompts the husband to talk to her and explain what happened during the day.
  • Whenever he is interested in his words and good listening, he has a friend who tells him all his secrets and daily events.

Respect the etiquette of dialogue

  • The wife should wait for the husband to finish speaking and then give her opinion.
  • Because besides criticizing her husband, there are many women who often interrupt her while she is speaking.
  • It is one of the most annoying things for him and can make him avoid talking to him completely and keep the topics short.

Choose the right time

  • In order to be able to talk with your spouse, you need to find an appropriate time for the dialogue.
  • The reason for this is trying to open a conversation at a time when the husband is angry or busy with something and does not have enough time for it.
  • This will quickly end the dialogue or the husband will become intolerant and turn the matter into an argument between you.

Ability to dialogue

  • Before engaging in dialogue, the topic to be discussed must be determined.
  • And when a quarrel begins between spouses, it is necessary to focus on this issue, because delving into several topics causes distraction in the dialogue, which requires boredom and indifference of the conversation.
  • This could end the quarrel between the spouses.

Constructive dialogue

  • Women should be ready to add positive notes to the conversation while being upbeat and avoiding negativity.
  • There is no objection to praising the husband and supporting him in many things.
  • This is because pessimism and constant criticizing in dialogue leads to reluctance to end the conversation.
  • In addition to being afraid of situations and seeing things in a negative way.
  • This is completely contrary to the art of dialogue with the husband, which leads to a lack of spoken language between them.

Speak flexibly and calmly

  • Calm and intelligent conversation without resorting to excessive tension, negative clues and hints during the dialogue will be the main reason for the continuation of the dialogue between the spouses.
  • Therefore, the wife must tolerate and discuss with her husband without pressure and excitement, so that he does not hesitate to talk to her.
  • You should feel safe with him and always support him and stand by him.
  • It does not represent an obstacle that prevents him from achieving his goals and life plans.

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Beware of disturbing others

  • A woman must control herself and her company, not associate with anyone and not consult with her in conversations between her and her husband.
  • This is because he is always trying to prove the validity of his statements and the interference of others in his opinion, and this can put the husband in an uncomfortable situation.
  • This makes you avoid talking to him and miss the dialogue between them.

Be patient and open minded

  • During the dialogue, there is a possibility that one of them becomes intolerant and rigid, especially when something disturbing happens to him.
  • It is necessary to endure and be patient with this tension and not to resort to abandoning the dialogue, because this is not a solution, but a reason for the exacerbation of the problem.
  • It is necessary to be patient, overcome situations and not try to close the dialogue.

A culture of apology and tolerance

  • When planning a dialogue with your wife, a little understanding and harmony.
  • He should avoid things that bother him and avoid dialogue.
  • And create a way to exchange ideas and try not to distract from the conversation in a negative way, pandering to each other and belittling the other’s feelings.
  • We must know how to forgive if the other side admits guilt.
  • And that we can apologize for our bad actions.

How to start a dialogue with your husband

After a few years of marriage and a long time together, it becomes difficult to find a topic to talk about, but there are several ways to start a conversation:

Write to women about the problems that worry them:

  • And then you identify the main issues they care about and would like to talk about.
  • However, it is better that these issues concern both parties and that they want to talk about it together.
  • Then write these ideas down on a piece of paper and put the appropriate solutions so that the dialogue is positive and there is understanding between them and both get what they want.

asking questions:

  • The style of the question may please some and anger others.
  • You can test your husband with simple questions, for example, how is your day? What makes you happy? And other questions appropriate to his condition.
  • And if you get acceptance from him, you can continue with him, so the dialogue between you will expand and you will be able to talk about several topics together.

Focus on body language:

  • You can start or delay a conversation by paying attention to your partner’s body language.
  • This is done by looking into his or her eyes, the way he or she sits, and other physical movements that indicate whether he or she is receptive to the dialogue.

Change your daily routine:

  • A slight change can be made in the events of the day, especially when the husband returns from work.
  • A happy gift or surprise can be prepared for him and it can be a good opportunity to start a conversation.

Expressing good or bad things:

  • This is done by first saying whether the normality of the day is good or bad.
  • Therefore, it will be interesting for him to know the events of the day.

Advice when there is dialogue between spouses

  • Whether they are watching TV or talking on the phone, they should listen to each other and let go of any distractions.
  • Being aware of facial expressions is also an important language, so that everyone understands what the other is thinking.
  • Paying attention not only to specific issues, but also to general social issues, so that they can exchange opinions and understand each other more clearly.
  • Do not resort to gossip and focus on important positive topics in the conversation.
  • Indirect questions can be asked in the sense that their answers are not limited to yes and no, but the answer is open to extend the dialogue between them.
  • Avoid constantly criticizing and advising your husband, because these things can bother him over time.

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In this way, we have provided you with the wonderful art of dialogue with your wife, and you leave a comment below the post to learn more, and we will respond immediately.

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