The rate of marital problems increases because of the World Cup

Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at Ras Al Khaimah University, Consultant Psychiatrist at RAK Hospital, Dr. Talaat Matar, revealed a phenomenon that occurs after the end of the World Cup, which is an increase in the rate of marital problems, especially among newly married couples, explaining that this is due to the lack of interest of the husband in his wife. , and does not perform his other household roles, provides for the needs and devotes all his time only to watching matches, which sometimes comes down to watching all championship matches, and he indicated that some wives do not appreciate their husband’s passion for football, nor do they share that feeling with him , which is the beginning of the spark of difference.

dr. Talaat Matar advised during his speech to “Emirates Today” the importance of balancing and a moderation approach, as a solution to avoid problems due to the World Cup, indicating that he noticed an increase in the number of consultations to solve family problems after the end of each World Cup, and said and that after the 2018 World Cup, which was held in Russia, he received a large number of consultations, in which the basis of the dispute was the husband leaving his wife to watch the World Cup matches.

A consultant psychiatrist at RAK Hospital said: “Most of the consultations that come to us after the World Cup are about marital problems. in disagreements.

Talaat Matar indicated that there are those who stare in front of the screens during the World Cup and follow everything big and small for the whole month, and the matter can last both before and after the event begins, while neglecting the woman and not respecting her requests, which causes differences, and is said: “Some women feel jealous of football, unless she is also a football fan, which is rare for Eastern women.

An opportunity to connect feelings

A professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Ras Al Khaimah University believed that the World Cup could be a good opportunity to unite feelings between couples, in case both parties love football, and explained: «Football can increase the depth of the relationship between spouses if they support the same team, because football is also one of the arts that has a great phenomenon on the human psyche, just like watching a movie of a couple, because it can unite their feelings with the film’s fluctuations between moments of joy and sadness.

dr. Talaat Matar indicated that there are negative health effects that can occur in a person, as some of them can come from encouragement with excessive enthusiasm or from the pressure of disappointing results, to a heart attack, despite knowing that what they are watching is just a game, and that he should not overburden himself. He said: “In a medical study done on people while they were watching television, they noticed that the area responsible for feelings within the brain works with its energy and communicates with the scenes that are happening.”

And he continued: «For example, when you watch a movie, you are sure that what you see is a representation, but despite this, and in some scenes, you can burst out laughing, or go into a fit of crying, and you communicate more when you see the injustice that happens to the hero during the dramatic entanglement, and you may be willing to intervene to remove that injustice, or you may scream in the face of the oppressor, but at this point the frontal lobe of the brain intervenes, to prevent you from doing so, because it tells you that what you are looking at is only a representation.

Moderation in viewing

dr. Talaat Matar believed that being completely immersed in watching every small and big event that takes place at the World Cup consumes a lot of human energy and leads to psychological burnout. One match, and only knowing the outcome of others ».

A professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ras Al Khaimah, who likes to watch matches, emphasized the importance of avoiding prolonged sitting and the necessity of movement in order to avoid side effects in the body, as he pointed out that there is damage to the eye, in the event that a person watches on the screen of his phone, and concluded: “Watching on TV. Easier than the phone, and in both cases a balance needs to be made between watching and other roles of the person. , in order to avoid any psychological and physical side effects.

Talaat Matar:

“Some women are jealous of football, unless she is also a football fan, which is rare for Eastern women.”

“Totally engrossed in watching every little thing that happens in the World Cup consumes a lot of human energy.”

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