The technical committees for the collective games held their annual conferences and presented their plan for the next year in Latakia

Unit 10-12-2022
Under (the slogan of sports is an act and an achievement to keep the nation’s flag high), the sub-technical committees of the collective games recently held their annual conferences and presented their annual reports based on the comprehensive vision of the founding leader Hafez Al-Assad in the process of building a human being as a starting point and purposes of life and following the values, ideals and behavior of President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad Committees continue to build to reach an advanced sport that represents champions and achieves achievements in Arab, international and global sports stations, through our sports staff spread throughout the country, taking upon themselves to get the best teams and all the games after building those teams intellectually, physically and technically and in a healthy building capable of competing and achieving excellence and success wherever the Arab and international solution and providing financial and moral support.
A year ago and a year ago, and our sport continues in its plan and realizes the calendar of matches to the greatest extent within the framework of the available opportunities and the support provided by the General Sports Federation for all matches, including team matches which are the mainstay of Syrian sports, especially football, the first public and popular game, and here we will talk about this game in Latakia and what is implemented:
The Technical Committee conducted all the competitions planned by the Football Association, starting with the Premier League and ending with the activities of the Local Technical Committee.
She also held training courses (c – D) + B, in addition to holding the twenty-second Fidelity and Loyalty Course in cooperation with the Executive Committee and the Tishreen Club, which was won by the Jableh Club. The technical committee also discussed proposals and recommendations, including the establishment of training courses for the year 2022-2023. for the Asian (A – b) level in Lattakia Governorate and the establishment of round trip age group tournaments. She also submitted a proposal to build a fence at the stadium with artificial grass no. 2 in Al-Assad Sports City, and submitted a request for financial support of the technical committee, maintenance of the stadium with artificial grass, revision of the system to establish a youth league in the form of a full league, controlling the protection of contracts for prominent players and supporting the governor’s teams.

* Basketball

Clubs Hateen, Tishreen and Al-Tadamon participated in all activities of the Football Association and implemented the calendar of the governorship plan for all categories. The results of the governorship were as follows:
The women’s first division league represented the governorate, the women of Tishreen Club, and won fourth place and placed in the vanilla four, while the Tishreen women made it to the semi-finals of the Republic Cup, and in the women’s second division league, representatives of the governorate (Hateen and Al-Tadamon).
Hittin’s men have been promoted to the first division after leading the second division.
In the youth league, Hittin Club participated in the general league and in the juniors, clubs Hittin, Tishreen, Al-Tadamon and Al-Shorta participated, and the youth of Tishreen made it to the finals of the Federation Cup. In the Supercup, Hittin’s boys took part in the Supercup for the first time.
Basketball also needs referees to manage the tournament, in addition, there are not enough dates for club training sessions in hall number 2/. It is proposed to establish a multi-purpose sports hall within the city that covers the Hattin and Tishreen Summer Stadiums within the limits and possibilities, and to allocate part of the land from the garden which is located next to the Solidarnost Sports Club in order to arrange it as a basketball court.

* Volleyball
Perhaps this sport has been forgotten due to the lack of sufficient interest and support for this sport, which left our clubs and was taken from another place in the governor’s arena, and its presence in Tishreen and Hattin clubs is a done deal.

* handball
This game is almost present in the governorate of Lattakia due to the lack of technical staff and lack of interest in this sport, and if it exists, its presence is limited to the Janata Club only because the club sponsors this game and tries to activate it after the Executive Office of the General Sports Association agreed is to establish a stadium within the club, but the stadium is still under construction until now.

* Table
The table tennis technical subcommittee held the county championship for age groups, promising men and women – juniors, young men, young men and women, young men and women, male and female. The governor’s teams participated in all national championships, male and female, and player Julie Diop she won second place at the perspective championship, third at the cubs championship and sixth at the junior tournament. Diop participated in the West Asian Championship that was held in Jordan and its results were as follows: fourth in singles under 13 years and fourth under 15 years. It is played in the clubs of Jableh, and there are more than 20 coaches distributed in the governor’s clubs who train the game, and 30 referees judge.

* badminton
Lattakia participated in the national championship under 11 and 15 years old, and our player Zainab Bodour was invited to the preparations in Damascus, as well as Mustafa Haboush, Hussam Al-Rai and Abdullah Kayali. And the establishment of group tournaments in the form of two groups: northern and southern, and the committee proposes to the Association for the game to hold central courses for the development of the game and to provide special tools and equipment due to the importance of their existence for conducting training and participating in tournaments such as nets, modern lists and badminton rackets, and from the leadership of the branch it requires bringing in a high-level coach. Of course, in cooperation with the Game Federation through the JICA agency and by providing internal camps for national team players. for age groups.

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