The text of President Sisi’s speech during his participation in the Arab-Chinese summit

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi affirmed that Arab-Chinese cooperation is based on cooperation and exchange of common interests, facing challenges and maintaining the international system, saying: “We presented the concept of the nation state in all its elements and adhered to civilized progress, then we in modern history, they fought several battles for liberation, political independence, development and building the economy.” “.

The text of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s speech has arrived

Dear Audience Allow me, at the beginning of my speech, to express my gratitude and appreciation to my brother, His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for his generous hospitality and warm welcome, and to congratulate our brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hosting the first summit between Arab countries and China.

brothers and sisters,

We all know the ties that unite our countries and peoples that stretch throughout history. Our gathered countries established the modern human civilization we live in today, when the Pharaonic civilizations, the civilization of Mesopotamia and other civilizations of our Arab region followed the ancient Chinese civilization that will represent the rising sun to guide humanity in its infancy. And she helped him take his first steps. The partnership between our peoples and our countries was strengthened by the rise of Arab and Islamic civilizations, and they met the ancient Chinese civilization on a solid and well-established basis of human, cultural and trade communication, which ensured the exchange of ideas and the convergence of cultures. Towards civilized progress with balance between the material and spiritual aspects of human existence, then together in modern history we fought several battles for liberation and political independence, and for the development and construction of the economy, and we are still working to establish a fairer world order based on human values ​​and the rules of international law, which leads to cooperation. A fruitful Arab-Chinese forum through the “Arab-Chinese Forum” and its various mechanisms, which brings us together today.

Arab-Chinese cooperation was based on maximizing benefits and common interests, facing development challenges, strengthening “South/South” cooperation, presenting priorities for preserving international peace and security, maintaining international order based on the Charter of the United Nations and international law, finding peaceful political solutions for international and regional crises, and respect for people’s privacy and their right to choose without tutelage or external interference, rejection of the politicization of human rights issues, promotion of dialogue between civilizations and rapprochement of cultures, cooperation in facing the challenges of climate change and the spread of epidemics, the spread of weapons of mass destruction destruction and suppression of the threat of terrorism and extremist ideas whenever and wherever they exist. On these foundations, our meeting today acquires special symbolism and importance, especially in this delicate time that is witnessing international changes and successive global crises that pose extremely serious challenges. In the face of difficult challenges, the importance of attracting all the latent capacities of cooperation between friends and brothers is growing, especially if they are based on solid foundations of understanding and coordination, such as exist between the Arab world and China.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

Perhaps one of the most dangerous things facing the world today – especially developing countries – is the food crisis and its consequences. This forces us to strengthen the Arab/Chinese partnership in facing this challenge, by strengthening multilateral cooperation frameworks for the development of a rapid and effective international response to the needs of developing countries, and cooperation within the framework of South-South cooperation for the development of agriculture and the food industry, transfer and localization technologies, capacity building, infrastructure improvement in rural areas, transfer of agricultural technology and modern sustainable irrigation systems. These crises have also strained our countries and their government budgets, requiring the international community to shift the debt burden to countries suffering from high food and energy import bills, while simultaneously working to strengthen the rules-based multilateral trading system and reformulate governance frameworks international economy and financial institutions. To be fairer and more transparent, inclusive for all, not excluding developing countries, and to be more sensitive to the challenges that these countries face, and to redirect its tasks to achieve the goals of sustainable development, at the center of which is the eradication of poverty. Despite the global challenges, some of which I have mentioned, and the sharp international polarization, Egypt’s presidency of the World Climate Summit COP27 managed to convince the international community to reach a consensus on a number of vital issues, at the top of which is the establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund and the agreement on serious steps to activate and implement international pledges for financing. In addition to adaptation and mitigation measures, in a balanced way. I am convinced that our cooperation during the Egyptian presidency – either bilaterally or through the “Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum” – will ensure the implementation of international climate commitments, especially those related to financing by developed countries.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

Our desire to strengthen joint institutional cooperation was embodied in the inauguration of the “China-Arab Cooperation Forum” in 2004, and today it will culminate in the first Arab-China summit meeting. There is no doubt that all of us will make every effort to strengthen and support the existing partnerships between us, the first of which is the partnership under the “Belt and Road” and “international development” initiatives, and the opportunities they bring to deepen Arab-Chinese cooperation and increase investment opportunities in various areas. Today, I invite everyone to understand the convening of this summit as a new starting point for economic cooperation between the Arab world and China, since China, although it is already the main trading partner for a large number of our Arab countries, in addition to the significant investment cooperation that connects us, the perspective of cooperation between our countries are still vast, and we can achieve more and more in several economic, development and technological fields. The perspectives of Arab-Chinese cooperation, and the opportunities for its development, are not limited only to the economic and development aspects, but extend to the political and cultural horizons. A Palestinian state on the lines of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as the capital, is highly valued and respected in the Arab world. The Arab countries have exchanged these balanced and supportive views of China with those that support China and understand its issues and concerns. This convergence of visions and starting points encourages us to greater coordination around various international and regional issues of priority for each of us, and based on the rules of respect for the sovereignty of states and non-interference in internal affairs, we can cooperate to discuss ways to resolve the crisis in Syria , Libya, Yemen and other files, and for dealing with terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, ending the suffering of the people, establishing security and peace and prioritizing development over conflicts and conflicts.

brothers and sisters

Let me re-emphasize, once again, an issue that I’m sure is of concern to all of us, because of the limitations it poses to development and the risks it poses to lead to existential threats, namely the issue of “security of the Arabian waters”. Therefore, I call for putting this issue at the top of the priorities. Our future cooperation within the framework of the “Arab-Chinese Cooperation” forum and discussion on how to cooperate in facing this challenge, with the help of various technological, economic and political tools. I would also like to renew the call to the brothers in Ethiopia to engage in good faith with Egypt and Sudan to reach a legally binding agreement, which secures to current and future generations their right to development and spares them from what threatens their stability, security and safety.

And finally

I say that with this unique history that has characterized the ongoing human and civilized Arab-Chinese communication, and the multitude of common denominators in visions and concepts, and with the mechanisms, programs and proposals included in the “Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum”, I am convinced that the convening of our current summit to give a tangible boost to Arab cooperation, to China in all its forms, and that when we meet again in the near future, we will achieve a lot and take additional steps on the path of cooperation between us. From here – and as a confirmation of Egypt’s pride and full support for the Arab-Chinese cooperation mechanisms, it is my pleasure to invite Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses to accept the progress of Egypt to be the next Arab country to host the summit when the date of its holding is determined, God willing. grace and blessings.

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