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Of course you love your daughter, but the teenage years you’re going through won’t be easy, so here’s how you can deal with her during this difficult time.

1 – You have a tough journey ahead of you

In an article published by the American magazine “Reader’s Digest”, writer Jennifer Levine said that her 15-year-old teenage daughter’s character reminds her of cats who are sometimes friendly and sometimes fierce, noting that her favorite line these days is “Mom, now I live in the middle of a crisis.” “.

She admits that the first few times she heard the word “crisis” she was terrified, but when she came to her senses, she realized that the word “crisis” for any teenager is synonymous only with a simple life.

Helping your teenage daughter manage her life is one way to raise an emotionally intelligent child (Getty Images)

2- You should take care of your health

Our kids are watching our every move, so instead of glorifying healthy eating and sleeping habits, make sure you stay healthy and comfortable for them.

According to licensed clinical social worker for adolescents and young adults, Elizabeth George, “Self-care also means following your interests and taking some time for yourself.”

And he adds, “By doing this, you’re modeling healthy habits for your daughter, and you’re also making sure you have the energy to help her when she needs you. Helping your teenage daughter manage her flood of emotions is one way to raise an emotionally intelligent child.”

Here are 9 ways to deal with moody teenagers without losing your temper
A timely hug between mother and daughter eases what can be difficult from her point of view (Getty Images)

3- Hugs are not just for teddy bears

Adolescence lives in constant pressure, between internal hormonal changes and external pressures, and is often charged with a huge amount of emotions.

Accordingly, a well-timed hug not only provides a small bond between mother and daughter, but can also reduce cortisol levels, easing what can be difficult from her point of view.

4- Don’t get emotional quickly

In the writer’s experience, it is tempting to interact with the comments of our teenage children, explaining that when her daughter has a hard time accepting her rejection of a certain issue and tries to change her attitude to the positive side, as a mother, she feels that she is seething and tense inside.

As a result, she began to realize that she needed to take some time to think things through, by taking quick walks around the building or staying in another room to collect her thoughts, and at other times she would continue a dialogue with her daughter, but instead of interacting, she would tell her answered without any particular attitude about her speech.

5- Text messages instead of direct conversation

The author stated that when her daughter faced a problem and wanted her support, she sometimes sent messages from the next room. In fact, messages are teenagers’ mother tongue because they allow them to express more of their weaknesses.

According to social worker Elizabeth George, “Text messages offer a different kind of communication that parents didn’t have before.”

She adds, “Your daughter may feel embarrassed to answer your phone call in front of her friends, but she can easily answer a text message, which helps you stay in touch.” Sometimes text messages are more convenient than phone calls.

Here are 9 ways to deal with moody teenagers without losing your temper
Texting eases the reassurance process and gives your daughter a chance to share her life with you (Getty Images)

6- A good mood is a golden opportunity

The author says that she usually wakes up early in the morning and prepares a wonderful morning breakfast, and enjoys the morning conversation she has with her daughter, because it is the period in which her daughter directly and openly presents her topics and appreciates this precious moment of communication and pays attention to everything which speaks to her with a listening ear.

This is also confirmed by specialist Elizabeth, which is that “adolescents will not look for care and stability, but they really need it”.

7- Make friends with mothers

A friend of the author once told her that the best thing she could do when her daughter graduated from high school was to meet her friends’ mothers. Friendship and communication with your sons’ mothers and daughters’ best friends makes it easier for mothers to take good care of their sons and daughters.

8- Enjoy your role as a mother to your daughter’s friends

The author points out that girls know how to enjoy the guidance of adult women in their lives, and being a surrogate mother to a child of another mother is not only considered a wonderful service for that child, but also strengthens the bond of communication with the daughter.

According to expert Elizabeth, “caring about your daughter’s friends shows her that you’re interested in her life.”

Here are 9 ways to deal with moody teenagers without losing your temper
If your daughter runs into a problem, always let her know you’re available for help and support (Getty Images)

9- Be available to support your daughter

Let your daughter know that if she needs you, she will find you there to support her. Teenagers have to face new situations and deal with peer pressure. Help and support,” says expert Elizabeth.

Source : Australian Press + American press

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