This is what Al-Bashir dreamed of: a sports medicine hospital

When Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib traveled to France for treatment, we asked him to establish a hospital for the treatment of sports injuries, especially since the Al-Ahly club has all the possibilities for this job. Graduated doctors, thank God that the state responded and established the first hospital for the treatment of sports injuries

dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister and his entourage, inspected the project to establish a sports medicine hospital in the Suez district, and Madbouly listened to an explanation by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, about the integrated medical facility, which aims to provide sports medicine services to different targets groups in the field of sports.

Mohamed Saad, director general of the Suez Youth and Sports Authority, said the project involves the construction of a hospital with two ground floors and an upper first floor, with a total area of ​​about 2,500 square meters, with the project including a large garden, parking lots and areas that allow entry ambulances for rapid admission of cases.

Saad added that the Suez Sports Medicine Hospital will include a physiotherapy department, which includes a room for cryotherapy, another for heating therapy, a third for magnetic therapy, a fourth for electrotherapy, then a jacuzzi room for hydrotherapy, as well as a special entrance for people with special needs.

He pointed out that the hospital will include a laboratory, surgeries for orthopaedics, surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, internal medicine, heart, nose, ear and throat, and an orthopedic room, as well as rooms for all types of CT, sonar, and rooms for intensive care care equipped with 9 beds and 3 rooms for patients with a capacity of 9 beds. Also rooms for doctors and nurses.

Al-Bashayer has issued more than one call for the need to establish a hospital specializing in injuries at the stadium instead of sending players abroad for treatment and bearing the costs in hard currencies. Ahmed Hegazy, Majmoud Al-Khatib, Moamen Zakaria, Mahmoud Hamdi Al- Today they are joined by Wensh and Ayman Ashraf.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, said Ayman Ashraf, the first team defender, will go to Germany and from there to Austria to undergo some necessary medical examinations.

Abdel Hafeez indicated that Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the team doctor, will accompany Ayman Ashraf on his trip. This is to check the player’s health

Abdel Hafeez clarified that the player and the team doctor will travel to Germany tomorrow, in order for the player to undergo the necessary medical examinations, including Austria, in order to complete the examinations and check the condition of Ayman Ashraf.

It is reported that when Hosni Mubarak traveled to Germany to undergo a complex operation of two operations, the director of a German hospital asked: Who is this man who occupied the hospital with his guards, secretaries and ministers? They answered that he had been the president of the republic for 30 years. The hospital director commented, “This is the worst official I have ever treated in my career so far.” He has spent 30 years in power and he does not rate the hospital as efficient as our hospital. He is responsible for setting the record for failure.. He could build the hospital piece by piece and piece by piece. During 30 years, he gathered the greatest medical experience, which is reflected in what we do now.

The same comment can be applied to Sheikh Al-Azhar, who spent 15 years in charge of Al-Azhar’s treasuries and what you know about Al-Azhar’s treasuries. He also has the Al-Hussein Hospital, which has not been built. I pray for him, may God guide him to the right path to serve his country and his religion instead of being a burden to them. The most dangerous thing about the greatest imam is stubbornness, or as Hosni Mubarak once said: “I am doing a doctorate in stubbornness.” Imam’s stubbornness left thousands of questions unsolved.
O Mevlana, return to your country. And choose a hospital for treatment, even of the most serious diseases. Don’t be a bad advertisement for treatment and medicine in Egypt. The other side of the propaganda against the success of the sector does not reflect the treatment in Egypt.

Treatment of Ahmed Hegazy abroad:
Some reports have revealed that the Football Association has paid the final installment of the medical expenses of Ahmed Hegazy, a player of the Saudi Jeddah Federation and Egypt’s first team, bound for Germany due to an injury he sustained while playing for the Pharaohs. in the recent Africa Cup of Nations, which was valued at $10,000, after paying The last two installments are worth $15,000.

But why didn’t we use that money, which is estimated at 600,000 Egyptian pounds, through travel and accommodation expenses, equipping hospitals in Egypt and treating the players here instead of traveling abroad? This matter brings us to the story of the late President Hosni Mubarak.

Al-Khatib travels to Germany for treatment:

Two stories are valid for measuring the case of Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the Al-Ahly club: The most expensive club in Egypt and the most popular throughout history, and the richest in visible and invisible resources… This club has not taken over his affairs in any historical period Who understands or responds to the social responsibility of sports clubs… Some clubs revive cities. Watch Liverpool with Liverpool FC. It is important that the Al-Ahly club could build a private hospital, primarily for public service. It was possible to start building the hospital with donations from members, and with the slogan “Donate even ten pounds”.

The club could have a hospital where Mahmoud Al-Khatib and non-Mahmoud Al-Khatib were treated. He could have used part of the allocation of the Football Association to establish a special department for player injuries for the treatment of Moamen Zakaria and others like him who draw state funds from hard currency. By the way, is there treatment for Moamen Zakaria in Egypt? Why not get treatment in Egypt. We have three large military hospitals, which cover the most difficult specialties, for the treatment of victims of war operations. Why wasn’t this player attached to one of these hospitals? Stop being vain, Egyptians, with foreign exchange.

In response to Al-Bashayer’s article: Health condition of Sheikh Al-Azhar (Impressed)

The health condition of His Eminence, Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayyib, Sheikh Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, has captured the interest of his admirers in the Islamic world after he announced that he had gone to Germany for treatment. Al-Bashir commented on the story of his trip with the story of Hosni Mubarak when he traveled to Germany for surgery. German comments focused on the presence of the 30-year-old ruler, who had not built a hospital similar to the German hospital where he sought refuge.
This is the case of Sheikh Al-Azhar, who has been in charge of Al-Azhar for 15 years, and nothing has developed from Al-Hussein Hospital, which is under his authority.
The son of the imam’s elder brother, Ahmed Muhammad al-Tayyib, revealed in exclusive statements the state of health of his uncle, stressing that he has periodic visits for treatment and that his state of health is stable and that he does not have any health problems.
He said the grand imam had been in contact with a German doctor living in Cairo regarding his treatment of the vertebrae.
He pointed out that the great sheikh of Al-Azhar has external engagements in the coming period in France, so he decided to visit Germany only to encourage himself, and not because of illness or any ailment.
And the son of the Imam’s eldest brother, via “Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya”, assured the fans of Sheikh Al-Azhar in all countries of the world about the health of his Imam, pointing out that he met him a few days before he traveled abroad to his hometown in the province of Luxor in Upper Egypt, and he was well and will soon appear on the screens during an external conference to convince the masses of himself during the Conference of Religions and the World Teachers’ Day, which will be held in France.

Second statement in response to Al-Bashir from Al-Tayeb’s brother: My brother traveled to change the freshness
Sheikh Muhammed Al-Tayyib, the elder brother of Sheikh Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyib, revealed the Imam’s health condition.

The Imam’s brother denied all rumors about Sheikh Al-Azhar’s health problems, stressing that he will only change his personal glasses, which is normal for his age, saying: My brother, Sheikh Al-Azhar, communicates with me personally. from abroad every day and is in very good condition.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Tayyib said in his statements to Cairo 24: His Eminence, the Imam is in good health and is not injured, and all that happened was that he traveled to attend three conferences in several different countries, and through them he was will do some examinations on the spine.

And Sheikh Al-Azhar’s brother continued: When the Imam travels to every international conference, some media outlets go public, confirming that he was on a medical trip, which is completely false, and he did not perform any surgery at all, adding that he has heart patients who spread false news.

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