We gained important knowledge about a stable family

At the behest of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the presidential initiative “Decent Life” launched, in coordination with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, a national project to preserve the entity of the Egyptian family “Mawada”, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund.

The initiative aims to educate those who will get married and provide them with experiences and knowledge that will enable them to build and maintain a stable family unit. The sessions also deal with some of the skills that must be available for a successful marriage and raising a conscious and righteous generation.

Iman Ahmed: I dispelled my fears about the responsibilities of marriage

Iman Ahmed, one of the users of “Mawad”, said that she is preparing for the stage of marriage and that she is afraid of the responsibility and the consequent difficulties she may suffer.

She added: “I happened to see a friend of mine post on social media, focusing on the idea of ​​a course (though) for brides and grooms getting married, so I was excited to take the plunge and register for it.”

She expressed her enthusiasm for the simplified style, the information contained in the course and the interesting method of the lecturer, which encouraged her to complete all the lectures and receive a certificate of completion of the course. And she continued: «The topics included in the course are very important, and among these topics is the clarification of the responsibility that lies on spouses and the importance of a partnership that helps them both carry it and execute it in the best possible way. time”.

And she added: “This is preceded by how to choose a partner of the right age and the availability of certain specifications for a person to be responsible, mature and able to manage household chores, to be mentally healthy and to have a connection with God and to be of good character, as well as ways of managing the house economically and to know many important guidelines in a marriage relationship.” .

She pointed out that the lectures include the idea of ​​presenting marital mistakes that the spouses previously committed that led to separation and how to avoid these things.

Eman concluded with a message of thanks to the organizers of the project, evaluating it as useful and important for all those who will get married, and that the course contributed to reducing her fear of the marriage step and broadened her perception of it.

Manar Yasser: We need to extend the class time to increase interest

Manar Yasser considers the “Mawaddah” course to be one of the best and most credible courses she has attended, especially since it was sponsored by the state. Manar added: “Increasing the time will allow more topics to be discussed in depth, thus achieving greater benefit for those who intend to get married, and will contribute to solidifying the concepts and reaching an agreement between the spouses that will be the regulation for organizing their marriage.” lives and home.” And she continued: “The course is important and must be developed and increase the time of lectures and the introduction of examples and models from practical and public life for the sake of clarification, without focusing only on artists and famous people, due to the different nature of the dispute. and problems between spouses of different social classes».

The National Project for the Preservation of the Egyptian Family Entity “Mawada” was able to provide direct training to approximately 375,000 young men and women across the country, with its digital platform reaching 4.5 million Egyptian citizens.

Noor Mohamed: Raising children teaches us well

Nour Muhammad revealed that her curiosity prompted her to attend the “Mawaddah” course and she did not regret it as she gained many experiences in important topics.

Nour explained, “The course deals with marriage in a scientific way and provides important and reliable information to all those who are planning to get married so that they can live a happy life.”

And she continued: “The course discusses in detail all stages of marriage and childbirth, the proper way to raise children, and the questions that spouses must answer before they decide to have children.”

She added: “The course taught us how to present a strong generation to society, a self-aware generation that respects customs and traditions and is open to different cultures,” hoping that such courses, from which young people benefit, will be repeated.

Amira Muhammad: Provides important expertise to correct misconceptions

Amira Muhammad confirmed that the “Mawaddah” course is beneficial for everyone, whether they are married or single, because it clarifies many issues, such as solving family problems, rights and duties, and corrects concepts.

Amira advised all young men and women to attend the course: “It won’t take much time, and it will bring you great benefits and important experiences.”

She added: “Unfortunately, many husbands and wives currently do not know their roles in married life, so problems occur, are repeated and complicated due to failure of one of the parties to fulfill their duties or ignorance of their rights.”

And she continued: “The lectures also did not neglect the medical examination before marriage, dealt with the issue of birth control and the provision of health and family guidance.”

She indicated that the course is available “online” so that more young men and women can benefit from it, without having to go to the center to attend lectures, and this helps people easily choose a suitable time to attend the course and get the certificate.

Asmaa al-Najjar: Necessary to avoid escalating family disputes

Asmaa Al-Najjar, from Sharkia governorate, said that she was interested in how to manage social relationships, whether it was marriage, friendship or any kind of attachment, and as soon as she learned about the course related to marital relationships and the rehabilitation of soon-to-be to get married, she did not hesitate to attend, describing “Mawad” as one of the best courses she has benefited from. . She added that the “Mawaddah” exercises are among the most important projects implemented by the state, represented by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the presidential initiative “Decent Life”, due to their important role in avoiding the escalation of family problems and disputes, especially among newly married couples. And she continued: “Tuning is important in light of what we are witnessing during the current period of numerous problems between spouses and the failure of marital relations within a few months of marriage, and sometimes even a few days, in addition to the fact that the course is free and with an accredited certificate.”

She added: “Educations include everything related to the relationship between spouses, preserving the family, in order to reduce the divorce rate because this is very important, and I advise those who are planning to get married to take advantage of trainings and events.” “

She pointed out that the aim of the course is to raise awareness of the conditions that must be met in order to begin the first steps of married life and to educate young people for getting married, by presenting successful models in practical and family life. She explained that the training includes psychological, social and legal rehabilitation and building a partner relationship based on love, respect and responsibility. On the course, she also learned about social aspects that must be taken into account for building a successful marriage and family relationship, starting with choosing a life partner. , the foundations of communication and understanding between spouses, as well as the emotional needs of spouses and correcting some of them Concepts and social ideas related to marriage and childbearing.

She added that the goal of the course was to introduce and raise awareness about the importance of medical examinations that must be performed before marriage, and the most important health solutions for family planning.

From her I also learned the pillars, conditions, mutual rights and duties between spouses, and these are things that both parties should know before getting married, it would help them to understand many things and ensure the stability of the family and the proper upbringing of children in the future.

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