Athletes for Al-Anbaa, the achievement of the Atlas Lions is modern

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Mubarak Al-Khalidi – Yahya Humaidan – Hadi Al-Enezi

The Moroccan national team became the subject of the story, not at the Arab level, but at the level of the whole world, after the historic success it achieved at the World Cup, reaching the semifinals for the first time in the Arab World and African World Football, such as Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Al-Anbaa went to a number of experts and sportsmen of different specializations, to find out their opinion about the “Atlas Lions” and the great historical success they achieved, which for many represents the beginning of a new era for Arab and African football. The comments were in keeping with the general mood of joy among Arab nations watching the World Cup. The great Qatari, praising the victories achieved at the hands of the people of Morocco, and hoping that the great step achieved by the determination of the “Atlas Lions” will be a new beginning for Arab football at the continental and global level and an important shift towards wide horizons in various sports fields, especially since Qatar recorded a major breakthrough in the organization of the World Cup in its 22nd edition. , to round off the Arab sports scene in its best form and its most beautiful manifestations.

Nassar: I encourage France..and I hope Morocco wins

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National coach Walid Nassar said he was rooting for the French national team but hoped Morocco would win the semi-final and reach the final.

Nassar pointed out that the arrival of the “Atlas Lions” in the semi-finals was well-deserved, in relation to the high level they have shown since the beginning of the World Cup competition and which very strong teams have surpassed, pointing out that the professionalism of the Moroccan players in the strongest European championships at younger ages contributed to the development of their mentality and level, and now they are on par with any big European team. In Altmm, they don’t just park the defense easily.

And Nassar indicated that the Moroccan national team should take advantage of the poor state of the French defense, despite the fact that the “roosters” have two midfield lines and a fiery attack, with a top goalkeeper like Hugo Lloris, but his suffering is clear in the back line, because of which the team receives goals.

Nassar explained that Morocco also need to guard the trio of Kylian Mbappe, Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann, with the latter considered “the key to the game” in the French team and playing big roles in creating chances for his team-mates.

H: A historic achievement that honored the Arabs and Africa

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Ali H, a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Club, said that what the Moroccan national team achieved was a great achievement for this Arab national team that paid tribute to the Arabs and the African continent. The qualifications of the Atlas Lions team proved that success did not come from a vacuum. Selection of the national coach Walid Rakraki, who excelled in reading games from the first round.

He added that the coaching staff of the Moroccan national team surpassed itself, so in every game we saw a style of play and a plan that suits the opposing team, so the defensive organization was very impressive, as well as the performance of the midfield and the attack, as well as the commitment and complete interaction between players and coaches, and we don’t forget the public support from Morocco and all the Arabs from one match to another until the success reached its peak in qualifying for the golden square next to the best international team in a historic achievement.

Rashid: “Atlas Lions” delighted us

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The striker of Al-Qadisiyah and former national team player, and coach of the youth category in Al-Sahel Club, Mohamed Rashid, expressed great sympathy for the Moroccan national team during the current World Cup in Qatar, indicating that he supports the “Atlas Lions” as if it were the Kuwaiti national team, the team the more that what he offers caused us enthusiasm after he came to that role. The semi-finals of the World Cup, which is an unprecedented achievement at the level of the Arab world, and for us it was considered a dream to qualify an Arab team for the highest levels in this major tournament.

Rached added that Morocco is characterized by the presence of a homogeneous group of players led by coach Walid Rekragui. As a coach, he was not known nor had a strong CV, but now he has become a global name and changed all concepts about an Arab coach.

And Rached added: “I see the balance of Morocco against France in the semi-final being tied realistically, not emotionally, and it is possible that the injuries that have hit the ranks of the Atlas Lions, the latest of which was defender Roman Sayess and winger Hakim Ziyech, they could be affected, with the sending off of substitute striker Walid Chedira, He is one of the players that coach Regragui relies on, it has affected the morale of the team, which we would not want at all.

Nayef: We were all happy..and he deservedly qualified

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Football player of our national team and former Arab club and director of the first football team of the club Al-Nasr Talal Nayef expressed his satisfaction with the placement of the Moroccan national team in the semi-finals of the World Cup, and said: “Atlas lions” succeeded in what many teams failed to do, and in the qualification have arrived with merit and merit, after defeating the best national teams of the European continent, starting with Belgium, passing through Spain in the round of 16, finishing with Portugal in the quarter-finals, and we hope to continue with excellent results, beat France and reach the final, emphasizing that the victory of Morocco is the victory of all Arabs.

Nayef pointed out that the Moroccan national team is able to overcome the obstacle of the French national team, despite the respectable constellation of players it has in its ranks, adding that the Moroccan team also has winning cards, including Hakim Ziyech, Sofiane Amrabat, Ashraf Hakimi, Ezzedine Onahi and goalkeeper Yassin Bono, and perhaps what distinguishes him is the high spirit with which he plays in all matches, and the great harmony between his players in different positions.

Al-Sharida: Al-Rarakaki fixed what Halilhodžić ruined

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Kazma club first team player, current and former national team player, Sherida Al-Shreida, said that what the Moroccan national team achieved was “considered impossible” for their country and for all Arabs ahead of the tournament, especially in light of their difficult career at the current World Cup championship in Qatar.

Shraideh added that the “Atlas Lions” were the “dark horse” of the tournament through its impressive levels presented and overcoming the big teams in the world of football, emphasizing that the secret of the Moroccan national team is in “one team spirit” created by the local coach Walid Rekraki after concluding a contract with him. Last August, he dismissed the current coach, the Bosnian Wahid Khalilozić, with whom it seems that the players were not satisfied, while Rakraki corrected the matter within the Moroccan national team by returning the players who were told due to disagreements with Khalilozić, which was generally positive for the group.

Al-Shreida explained that the Moroccan national team has increased our ambitions and we hope to see them in the finals of the World Cup, but they face a very difficult obstacle represented by the French national team, which I expect to qualify for the finals with Argentina.

Al-Khalidi: What Fakhr Al-Arab achieved was not luck

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The director of the Salmiya club’s first football team, Badr Al-Khalidi, confirmed that Morocco’s 1:0 victory over Portugal in the quarter-finals was deserved, adding that it was no luck, because the only goal of the game came in the first half and there was enough time to the Portuguese team presents itself better. What he has, and indeed, he tried as hard as he could, and his coach Santos made all his tactical changes, he also included the star of the team, Cristiano Ronaldo, but the “lions from the Atlas” could oppose them , and even take the initiative to attack the Portuguese goal, and they missed several opportunities, and the Moroccan team could double the result and settle it with a bigger margin. goal margin.

Al-Khalidi praised the superiority of the Moroccan national team over the top European continent and said: Arab pride in football surpassed the top European continent, and the world was amazed by a modern ball that matches the best international levels, and we hope that these results will contribute to a quantum leap for Arab football in general.

Al-Mulla: The compatibility between the coach and the players is behind the success

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Sports commentator Tariq Al-Mulla expressed great happiness over the placement of the “Black Lions” national team in the semi-finals of the World Cup, and said that this version of the tournament is a version of big surprises, and we as Arabs have the right to be proud of this team, which reflected a very positive picture of Arab and African football.

He emphasized that with hard and honest work, results will be achieved, which Morocco did, who managed to compete with the world’s elite teams, and we are very happy and hope that the Moroccan will reach the finals and the tournament will continue.

Al-Mulla added: “I believe that the compatibility between the national coach and the players and the quality of the Moroccan player was the secret mixture behind this achievement. From the courage and enthusiasm of the national coach were these impressive results.

Al-Suwaidan: Morocco presented Arab football in the best way

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The director of the first football team of Sulaibikhat Club, Ahmed Al-Suwaidan, said that the Moroccan national team presented modern football, which is appreciated and respected by all the followers. matches, and in the semi-finals it was placed as the first African and Arab national team with merit and merit, and the happiest Arabs from the ocean to the gulf.

Al-Suwaidan emphasized that the distinguished levels represented by the Moroccan national team will bring a great qualitative leap in Arab football, in all its details.

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