Bousha and Al-Awamla join Jubeiha.. American Spearman joins Al-Riyadi.. 6 referees are candidates for the “international badge”.

Khaled Tayseer Al-Amiri

Amman– “Al-Ghad” looks at its readers, through the “Fast Break” corner, to provide them with a varied and abundant meal of news about Jordanian basketball, as well as behind the scenes of the stars.
Tomorrow the press conference of the Basketball Association
The Interim Commission of the Basketball Federation will hold a press conference tomorrow at 12 noon at the Movenpick Hotel – CFI tent (near the Al-Waha Roundabout) to announce the CFI sponsorship contract for national teams and the Premier League. .
The athlete includes the American javelin thrower
Sports team Aramex has completed the signing of American professional Brandon Spearman to strengthen its ranks in preparation for the new season.
The American player, who occupies the wing center and is 192 cm tall, was expected to arrive yesterday to join the sports training conducted by coach Faisal Al-Nsour and his assistant Nayef Asfour.
The American player has had many professional experiences in the French and Egyptian leagues, in addition to representing the Qatari team Al-Wakra last season, noting that his last professional experience was with the Syrian team Al-Ahly Aleppo in the Arab Championship that ended recently in Kuwait.
During his national team for the Qatari team Al-Wakra last season, the player played 19 games and averaged 38.3 minutes, scored 22.2 points per game, tracking rate of 7.4 successful tracking, 3.7 assists and 1.2 successful steals per game 58.5% inside the arc, 46.0% outside the arc and 71.6% from the free throw line.
Spearman played 4 games with Al-Ahly in the Arab Championship, averaging 37.5 playing minutes, his scoring rate of 23.8 per game, his tracking rate of 4.5, his passing rate of 2.5 assists and steal rate 0.8, and the success of his shots from inside the arc was 47.4%, from outside 34.2%, and from the free throw line 71.4%.
Spearman joins Al-Riyadi’s roster which includes Youssef Abu Waznah, Ahmed Obaid, Malik Kanaan, Musa Mutlaq, Adham Dajani, Ishaq Maraqa, Talal Bitmouni, Yazan Al-Taweel, Munir Idais and Nabil Katkhuda.
Al-Jubaiha includes 5 new players
Team Jubaih has officially signed players Mitri Bousha, Issa Al-Bawab, Yazid Hegazy, Ahmed Qaramsa and Youssef Al-Awamla to join the team’s contract list, which includes players Muhammad Al-Shamali and Muhammad Al-Abdallat.
And according to the president of Al-Jubaiha club, M. Mustafa Al-Lawzi, in response to Al-Ghad’s inquiries, the decision to sign these seven names comes with the recommendation of the team’s technical director, Youssef Abu Bakr, provided that within the next two days they sign are even stronger contracts.
Abu Hawass under the Al-Ahly microscope
Al-Ghad has learned from reliable sources that the Al-Ahly club continues serious negotiations with the player of the first national basketball team, Amin Abu Hawassa, in the hope of including him in their ranks to represent him in the new season.
Al-Ahly faces fierce competition with the Jubai team to acquire the services of Abu Hawass, knowing that the “White Laith” includes players on its roster: American professional Gerard Tarin, Zain Najdawi, Sami Bazi, Mahmoud Darwish, Mahmoud Al-Hazaim, Fadi Qarmish, Omar Abu Shrikh, Muhammad Ghoneim, Omar Nashawati, Muhammad Al-Buhairi and Ali Kanaan, led by technical director Samer Nin and his new assistant Naim Abu Sa.

6 judges nominated for “international sign”
Six referees out of 12 participants passed the physical and written fitness tests recently passed by the Basketball Association, in order to nominate them for the “international badge”.
And the rulers succeeded; Khaldoun Al-Desit, Ahmed Malkawi, Muhammad Al-Tarawneh, Muhammad Fawzi, Ilham Khazna and Asal Barakat in the exam to obtain the international badge, provided they pass retests with the International Federation next January, before being awarded official international accreditation for a period of two years.
Jordan has 4 places for men and 2 places for women in the nomination tests to obtain the international mark, and these places are occupied only by those who pass the final exams.

Freddy in the player of the year selection
The “Playmaker” of the first national basketball team, Freddy Ibrahim, was present at the referendum for the best Asian player of the year, which was announced by the official website of the International Basketball Association “FIBA”, which is based on fans. nominations.
The first round of nominations includes both players; Freddy Ibrahim, Saudi Musab Qadi, Lebanese Wael Araji, Australian Thon Maker, naturalized American Jordan Clarkson, Filipino male and female players; China’s Wang Si-yu, South Korea’s Kang Lee Seol and Indonesia’s Vanessa Sergars, with the top four placed in the semi-finals from the voting list, go through the final stage, the results of which will be announced during this month.
28 teams participate in the University League
The college basketball league for male and female students starts tomorrow for the new 2022 season in cooperation with the Jordanian University Sports Association.
11 universities are participating in the championship for female students, and 17 universities for male students, and the championship will be concluded at the end of May next year.
Tarawneh and Fawzi participate in the Super League
Jordanian referees Muhammad Al-Tarawneh and Muhammad Fawzi will take part in refereeing the matches of the first edition of the “Wasl” Super League for West Asian Basketball Clubs, which starts on December 19. This step comes as a result of the successful officiating of the matches by the Jordanian referee, which reflects the international confidence in the ability and competence of the Jordanian refereeing.
A promising conflict between the English and the Orthodox
Prince Hamzah Hall in Al-Hussein Youth City today at 17:00 is witnessing the expected clash between the Orthodox and English teams as part of the U-16 junior league competition.

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