“Charlie’s Game” scares the Egyptians.. Children conjure up jinn with a pencil

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country – Children and adolescents tend to enter into experiments and bets that are often uncalculated with risks, and this really happened these days and is happening in Egypt, where social networks were buzzing about a new social disaster that threatens the lives of students, it is a “game of necromancy” which caused a wide controversy among parents and pioneers of communication sites.

What is the “Charlie” necromancy game?

Recently, a dangerous game has spread in Egypt, which those who play it call “the game of summoning spirits” and in other sayings “the game of summoning jinn.” In both cases, a sane person realizes that the name is too big for a minor or teenager to understand.

The last of these games was the death game or “Charlie”, a game based on a series of challenges, according to what activists said on social media in an attempt to clarify this game.

“Charlie” relies on spirit communication, and one of the conditions is that the practitioners of this challenge must be children or adolescents, in order to summon the spirit of a child named Charlie.

The rules of this game are simple, in which two pencils are placed on top of each other as an “X”, on a sheet of paper on which the words “Yes” and “No” are written, surrounded by a square divided into four parts and on each part written the word ” Yes and no”.

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The two words are evenly distributed, and the players (provided they are children or adolescents) begin to invoke Charlie’s spirit with phrases such as “Charlie can we play”, “Charlie are you here”.

Then the second phase of the game begins, during which these children wait for the pencils to start moving.

Then the player asks questions, and “Charlie” (who has essentially signed his ghost to the law of the game) moves the pencil to one of the “yes” or “no” answers.

What is the attitude of the authorities in Egypt about the game Charlie?

This dangerous game has caused anxiety and panic among parents in many Egyptian provinces.

Because in recent months there has been a lot of news about accidents, mostly caused by some children who entered these games, which sometimes leads to the death of one of them, and in the best cases to serious injuries.

In an official statement from a few days ago, according to what was received through communication sites, the Ministry of Education called on parents to monitor their children’s activities on smartphones in light of the proliferation of electronic applications and games that can pose an immediate threat to their mental and physical health, after the spread the “Charlie Challenge” game or pen game, which depends on the summoning of jinn and demons.

She added: “There is a need to have family supervision as it is an urgent need and a top priority in light of some students engaging in dangerous activities through smartphone apps, which affects their mental and physical health and in turn affects their academic performance.”

The horror of the Egyptians from the necromancy game “Charlie”

In a similar context, one of the activists on Facebook, “Mohamed Mhanni,” recounts, in a post on his account, one of the painful experiences lived by the girls’ school in the city of “Imbaba” (Giza Governorate), when some girls came out of the school toilet – and while they were in a “state of nervous excitement”.

Muhammed says, “A state of terror gripped the girls’ school when two girls came out of the bathroom in a state of nervous agitation, while the female workers screamed!”

And he continued, explaining: “The teachers, when they saw their appearance, and the girls were terrified. And that created a state of panic among teachers and students! The police and emergency services came to the school after a cry for help!

And a tweeter via Twitter under the name “Mohamed Zayed” said: “All this is because of a game… Watch your children… They are curious and learn things they don’t know the outcome of!.. Charlie’s game, his story started to spread videos just in 2015, and his idea is to bring paper and pencils to a safe and inviting dead legendary character named “Charlie”

It is interesting that “Charlie’s Game” is not the first of its kind to scare parents and families in Egypt, fearing for their children.

But it is one of a long list of harmful trends, apps and games that have become like poison eating away at the young and the young in Egypt, amid a complete absence of social control by the state.

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