“Golden license” is the most prominent request of Matrouh investors

A number of investors and heads of the boards of directors of some companies who participated in the conference “Introduction of Investment Opportunities in Matrouh Province”, which was organized a few days ago by the Committee for the Promotion of Investment Projects in Matrouh Province, called for the determination of a specific time period for the approval of the project so as not to would damage the investor’s capital.

Investors pointed out the need to think about issuing a “golden license” for projects in the province, which includes building permits and starts running from the day the project is submitted, in order to encourage investors interested in the opportunities offered.

At the beginning, Dr. Thabet Antar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Family International Group, demanded that a certain deadline be set for the approval of projects so as not to impair the investors’ capital.

He added that just as the county requires the investors to produce the necessary papers and financial solvency, which is their right, they must also determine their attitude towards the old projects that some have submitted to them and what their attitude towards them is.

Counselor Muhammad Bakr Sabah, legal advisor to the Matrouh Governorate and head of the Committee for the Promotion of Investment Projects in the Governorate, confirmed that every request previously submitted by investors, which was not presented at the conference, is valid and will be shown on the investment map. in the Main Administration for Investments or the request was sent to the General Administration for decision.

He added that the governor’s vision is the establishment of free zones and investment zones, noting that there are many areas in several places where stability began with the establishment of free zones in the province.

He pointed out that through the process of establishing a free or investment zone, the governance will be transferred to the international level, and the activity will not be limited only to the summer, but will continue throughout the year.

Some of the investors who participated in the conference also asked questions about the land plots proposed by the governorate, and whether the projects that will be built on them will be licensed according to the new construction conditions or will be treated as national projects.

On the other hand, engineer Amal Arafa, director of the Urban Planning Department at Marsa Matrouh, said that the projects will be established in accordance with the new building requirements, and therefore any residential use will apply to them.

She added that the investment projects to which the partnership system with the Matrouh Governorate is applied will be outside the new construction requirements.

She explained that among the offered projects for industrial activity is the land in front of the Libyan market, which is not suitable to be an industrial area, but a residential area, pointing out that the governor’s new strategic plan is underway. is being prepared.

A few days ago, Matrouh Governorate organized a conference to present its investment opportunities, during which a video was shown about the governor’s actions, his various opportunities and resources, and efforts to list all available investment opportunities through the Committee for the Promotion of Investment Projects in the Governorate headed by by adviser Muhammad Bakr Sabah, legal and investment adviser in the governorate, and with the participation of all interested bodies and authorities.

During the conference, Mohamed Anwar, Director General of Tourism in Matrouh Governorate reviewed the investment opportunities, which amounted to 25 different investment opportunities.

Mohamed Al-Bustani, vice-president of the Real Estate Investment Department of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and president of the New Cairo and Administrative Capital Developers Association, demanded that a proposal be made for investors at this conference organized by the province, so that each site is granted a license .

He proposed the possibility of offering a golden license for projects from the day the project is handed over to encourage investors.

He pointed out that the association was founded in New Cairo, pointing out that they came to this conference to lend a hand with the aim of establishing large investments for the people of Matrouh.

Heliwa: Activating the partnership system requires determining the price of the land in order to establish the ratios between the two parties

Sherif Heliwa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Marseilia Group of Companies, said that the offer of investment opportunities includes all residential or tourism activities, noting that Governor Matrouh offered some projects in the usufruct system and others in the participation system.

He added that in order to activate the participation system, it is necessary to determine the participation rates, which requires first determining the price of the building and the price of the land in order to arrive at the ratio of the two parties.

He asked if Matrouh hired appraisers to estimate the price of the land or if he is the one who determines the price for each investment opportunity. Individual investors also asked on the basis of which price a feasibility study is made for each project, as required by law. regency.

Councilor Mohamed Bakr Sabah, legal adviser and head of the Committee for the Promotion of Investment Projects in Matrouh province, confirmed that there is a leading price set for property residents in the province, which aims to speed up procedures.

He added that this indicative price was prepared in order to determine the investment costs for each project.

Notes: The necessary feasibility studies must be made by a specialized office

Muhammad Hawash, a member of the General Authority for Investments, said that if any of the investors apply for any of the opportunities presented with the other model for any project that contradicts the plan announced during the conference, the governor will reject it. even if it would generate more income because it wants specific projects in these areas.

He added that the minimum number of documents required for investors who want any investment opportunity has been specified, there will be a request from the company or the investor, pointing out that in case a new company is founded for the project, it is natural. for the representative of the founder to be present for the company during its establishment.

He explained that the necessary feasibility studies must be prepared by a specialized office, not the investor himself, emphasizing that there is a deadline of more than a month for submitting these requests.

Details of free zones and proposed investment zones proposed for private sector investment were announced during the conference.

Mohamed Anwar, the general director of tourism in the Matrouh governorate, explained that the first free zone in the village of “Aghourami” in Siwa has an area of ​​105 hectares, which indicates that this land is the jurisdiction of the Matrouh governorate, stressing that it is outside the scope of urban planning and the proposed establishment project public free zones.

He added that the location of the land in the city of Siwa, which is characterized by numerous natural resources, in addition to its location as a free zone, will stand out due to its proximity to the Jaghbub road, in order to take advantage of the directions of the Egyptian state towards the reconstruction of Libya.

He pointed out that the second free zone in the area of ​​Halazin in Marsa Matrouh has an area of ​​100 hectares, and the proposed project is the establishment of a public free zone, emphasizing that the zone is not annexed, and the project site is outside the area of ​​urban planning.

He explained that the third free zone in the city of Al-Nujaila covers an area of ​​188 hectares, emphasizing that it is not annexed and that the proposed project is to establish a public free zone.

He emphasized that the land is located on the international coastal road and stands out for its proximity to the port of Jarjoub in El-Nagila, pointing out that three investment areas have been proposed in the cities of Siwa, El Alamein and Marsa Matrouh. .

He pointed out that the first investment zone is located in the village of Agurmi in the city of Siwa, where the land area is 100 hectares.

He explained that the second investment zone is located in the Al-Nasr settlement in Marsa Matrouh, and the land area is 220 hectares. The proposed project is the establishment of an investment zone, which is outside the urban area and is not connected.

He pointed out that the third investment zone is located in the center and the city of El Alamein, and the land area is 115 hectares.

He pointed out that the proposed project for the establishment of a craft area is located in Marsa Matrouh, where the land area is 105 hectares.


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