Journalists for Al-Sharq: Media Center. Integrated services that made the work of journalists easier

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Journalists for Al-Sharq: Media Center. Integrated services that made the work of journalists easier

December 8, 2022 at 7:00 a.m

Media center

My mind has grown up

The host country’s media center, located in the city of Msheireb, the heart of Doha, witnesses the influx of a large number of Arab and foreign media professionals who want to be present every day, especially since the center is integrated and equipped with the best tools and technologies and everything that media professionals need to carrying out their tasks during the Qatar World Cup 2022 period. It also includes many facilities, including a press conference room, studios and desks, as well as technical support and services to meet the needs of photographers, editors and broadcasters.

Media workers can watch live broadcasts of the World Cup matches via huge screens in the media center, and it also gives media workers the opportunity to interview the spokespersons of the Supreme Committee, i.e. representatives of the competent state bodies in the country, especially since the center works 24 hours a day during the World Cup. Numerous Arab and foreign media workers praised the excellent services and facilities that the State of Qatar provides and provides to all media workers, which make it easy and simple for them to follow all the news and events of the World Cup, emphasizing that these services and facilities contributed to the media presence from of all countries be large and dense.

Services at the highest level

At the beginning, Ahmed Al-Kaabi, an announcer on the Oman Sports Channel, said that the services provided in the media center are at the highest level, and from the first day, in addition to the television and radio studios, large displays were provided so that media workers could follow the matches. in addition, the center works 24 hours a day, which indicates that everything needed by media workers is provided, which made it easier for them to perform their duties in Qatar. He continued, saying: The events surrounding the FIFA World Cup caught my attention, which touched all segments of society, especially since these are family-friendly activities and events, and require the best days during their stay in Qatar, especially since all means of entertainment are available. He expressed his satisfaction with the victory of the Moroccan team, noting his great confidence in the team after the difficult games they played, whether against Belgium or Spain, with a great game, and the attitude of all the Arab fans behind them to encourage and support it.

Make the work of journalists easier

Cook, a journalist from China, explained that before he came to Doha, he had a feeling of anxiety, especially since it is a new country and the Arab culture is very different from his own, but when he arrived in the country of Doha, he found that the people here are citizens and volunteers who help, everyone is welcome, and in addition they facilitate everything related to work. He commented: “I think everything is excellent. The transport, especially the metro in Doha, is good. It makes it easier for us to go to the stadiums and easier to get back to the media center, and we don’t waste time.” He pointed out that all permits and approvals were easily obtained and approved in a short period of time, which he considers an element of attraction and motivation for many journalists and media workers to come to Qatar to follow the World Cup activities, praising the impressive stadiums that he enjoyed a lot while he was inside. noting that he was afraid of the temperature of the weather, as he believed that the weather was hot, but he found that all the places and playgrounds were also air-conditioned.

I have positive thoughts about Qatar

Kumar, who works as a correspondent for a news channel in Bangladesh, feels that all the services provided at the media center are excellent, indicating that after coming to Qatar, his thinking has completely changed and he has not seen any of the negative things mentioned. in many foreign media on the ground, on the contrary, everything is positive here. He explained that the most important feature of the media center is the proximity of the metro station, which contributes to the easier return and return of media workers to and from the stadium, noting that he plans to visit some places in Doha, especially since he discovered that the people here are receptive to each other and that are welcome to all. He emphasized that this is the fourth World Cup tournament that he follows, noting that the city of Msheireb and some places in Doha resemble Europe in the Middle East.

An integrated center equipped with all technologies

Sameh Abdel Razek, a cameraman at Sharjah TV in the United Arab Emirates, pointed out that this is his first visit to the State of Qatar, and he assessed that it is a wonderful country in terms of services and organization, in addition to the ease of movement, whether by metro or buses, noting that a media center is considered an integrated center equipped with all the techniques and tools needed by a journalist, with the provision of internet throughout the day, which would help facilitate and perform media work, whether for an editor, photographer or publisher. He assessed that Qatar’s success in organizing the World Cup is the success of every Arab country. He continued, saying: The organization is wonderful, and everyone here welcomes visitors and fans. We felt love and cohesion with the Arab fans present here, which made all the visitors have a wonderful time, in addition, the people of Qatar welcome everyone and make us feel warm hospitality and good reception. He expressed his satisfaction with the victory of the Moroccan national team over the Spanish national team, saying that it made all fans from all Arab countries happier.

• Best security aspect

Zakaria Moustawi, presenter at Sharjah Sports Channel, believes that the Qatar World Cup 2022 is generally a successful tournament, and this is due to the state’s interest in the technical and media aspects, as well as providing transportation to and from the stadium, as well as the security aspect, which indicates that in Qatar you can leave things anywhere. The venue as a result of the great security factors provided by the tournament. He said that all technological services and studios, whether radio or television, are provided in the media center, and the center is equipped with computers that facilitate and speed up the work of journalists in preparing content, with great cooperation with the Media Committee of the Delivery and Legacy Committee. He continued, saying: All these factors contributed to a large and dense media presence, even from countries that were not so lucky, and it is also remarkable that the female element is present and strong during this tournament, as we saw a large number of media women of all nationalities, and this is primarily due to the provided contents. And due to security factors.

He attributed the victory of the Moroccan national team to the coach’s outstanding move, and his youthful mentality also played a big role, expressing his satisfaction with the victory of the Moroccan national team and placing in the eighth group, wishing them good luck in the next matches.

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