Which of your six wives regretted marrying them? Hussein Fahmy responds without hesitation and exposes this artist!!

Hussein Fahmy revealed, during a previous television interview, his real name, Muhammad Hussein, refusing to reveal his actual age.

He explained that he enrolled at the Faculty of Law at the beginning of his life, in fulfillment of his family’s wish to become a judge like the rest of the family, and he continued that for two years, but he could not like it, so he left it and joined the Film Institute to start his artistic life.

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The Prince of Egyptian Cinema or Dingwan, are the titles given to him by the fans of the artist Hussein Fahmy, because of his roles that he presented in the films as the knight of girls’ dreams, and in fact Hussein Fahmy was really the knight of girls’ dreams in his private life, because his emotional experiences were numerous, and the number of marriages reached 6.

However, misfortune always awaits him in relationships that used to end in divorce, and on the occasion of his birthday, which he celebrates today, we look back together at Hussein Fahmy’s marriages that began in a European country and ended in family courts.

Naila Mahmoud is the first wife of Hussein Fahmy and is the first girl for whom his heart grew, and then he traveled to the United States of America to study film direction there, and their lives lasted for several years and Mahmoud and Naira gave birth to her, and this marriage is considered the least of the marriages that have been highlighted, because of her calmness, whether it is about engagement or separation.

The second wife is the star Mervat Amin, and the mother of his daughter, Menna, and their relationship began after they formed a distinguished and successful artistic duo on film screens, and together they presented a number of works of art, including “The Enemy Brothers” and ” Barefoot on a bridge of gold.” Hussein Fahmy married Mervat.Amin in 1974 and their marriage lasted almost 12 years, and this marriage is considered the longest marriage of Hussein Fahmy. They are currently friends and talk on the phone, according to Mervat Amin.

His third wife, Nina, did not spend much time with him, because she is the daughter of one of the former ambassadors, and she did not appear much in the media with him, and in terms of calmness, she was similar to his first marriage, whether in engagement or separation.

The fourth wife, Hala Fathi, is one of the great computer experts, and Hussein Fahmy announced his association with her when he was the president of the International Film Festival in Cairo, but this marriage did not last long, and Hussein Fahmy did not talk about her much, and he is content to say that this relationship is not consummated because of his own affairs, Marriage and divorce are division and division.

The fifth wife, the artist, Liqa Suwaidan, who started her emotional relationship with the star Hussein Fahmy in the play “Welcome to You”, which Hussein Fahmy performed in 2008, they joined and appeared at many meetings, but quickly separated and entered numerous problems and crises that reached the arena of family courts, and each of them spoke about the other side in the media, revealing the crises they faced during the 5 years of marriage.

Hussein Fahmy confirmed at the time that he regretted that he decided to hang out with her, especially since the age difference affected their relationship.

The last wife of Hussein Fahmy is Rana Al-Qusaibi, with whom Hussein Fahmy recently had a relationship for 3 years, after which the Saudi businesswoman decided to start a divorce case against Hussein Fahmy in the family court, and she defeated him in the courts, and in the lawsuit confirmed that she does not want to live with him and that all attempts at reconciliation have not borne fruit.

Hussein Fahmy also did not talk about the causes of khul` in any media, while she revealed that he terrorized her and asked the workers in the house to conspire with him to scare her and make her believe that there are ghosts in the house, and he believed she was blind, and revealed that he asked her to leave the house at night, and that he did not spend on the house and took advantage of her possession of money to blackmail her financially.

The artist Hussein Fahmy was linked 6 times, of which only two times from the artistic community, and his marriages were not known despite their number, which is a consequence of the lack of attention to them, especially because the wives were not known.

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