Decision on marriage – sayings of the wise about marriage

Decision on marriageMarriage is the most important law of life and the most beautiful relationship between people, and it is the right and appropriate framework for the relationship between a man and a woman, and in that relationship, affection and charity are needed for it to take place. the right path and be marked with success, so the opinions of philosophers differed in the marriage system, as they said many rules about marriage, so through this article we will get to know some of the Manhals.

Decision on marriage short

A proper marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman based on love and mutual respect. The husband and wife must apply religious teachings to preserve the family from disintegration or ruin. There are some rules about marriage, such as:


  • Marriage is a successful project if it is based on mutual trust.
  • The foundations of a healthy marriage are love and compassion.
  • Marriage is not a relationship based on love alone, how many lovers have not continued their relationship.
  • Understanding is the cornerstone of successful marriages.
  • For the marriage system to survive, we need to find a life partner, not just a husband.

Decision on marriage

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Sayings about marriage and love

Love is the spark that ignites hearts and makes them be inclined towards each other, and marriage is the official, religious and socially recognized framework that crowns love relationships, and among the most important things that are said about them is:

  • Not all marriages are based on love, nor do all love relationships end in marriage.
  • A husband who loves his wife forgives her small faults in order to acquire her great virtues.
  • Marriage is a home for the heart and frees the body from mistakes.
  • Marriage is nothing but a relationship based on affection and charity before love.

Ruling a good marriage

How beautiful it is for a man to be blessed with a righteous wife, or for a wife to be blessed with a righteous husband, who put God Almighty before their eyes and fear him in their actions and words with each other.


  • May God bless us with a good marriage, it is better for us than the treasures of the world.
  • Marriage is not valid except with two spouses who love each other for God’s sake, who are united in it and nothing separates them.
  • A good marriage is one in which both spouses feel safe with each other.
  • Everyone has a spouse, but few have a life partner.

Decision on marriage

Decision on marriage

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Funny rule about marriage

Some may scoff at marriage after suffering through a failed marriage, and many philosophers have described marriage with funny sayings and wisdom about marriage, including:

  • If the parents’ goal in marrying their son is for him to be sane and balanced, then human daughters are not a mental institution for your poorly educated children.
  • Marriage is when crazy imagination triumphs over intelligent reason.
  • If you lose your passion for life, fall into depression or get married, whichever is closer to you.
  • The difference between death and marriage is that death does not require going to hell.
  • If they tell you that you missed the marriage train, tell them, “Thank God you escaped being run over by it.”
  • Marriage is like a prison: discipline, discipline and reform.

Judgment on failed marriage

Some people may suffer from failed marriages, which makes them hesitate a thousand times before going through this experience again, and if you ask them for their opinion on marriage, they will give you their judgment on the failed marriage.

  • A successful girl is complete with herself, her knowledge and morals and she doesn’t need to wait for someone to complete her life.
  • Don’t just marry a charming woman but choose the same faith and morals, she will never make you anxious.
  • If a man loses consciousness, he gets married, and if he gets angry, he gets divorced, but if he marries again, then he has lost his mind.
  • When getting married, you need to study well, and after marriage you need to be a little lenient so that life can go on.
  • If you truly appreciate the meaning of marriage, it will elevate you and your ideals.

Decision on marriage

Decision on marriage

Proverbs and judgment about marriage

  • It is possible for a man to disturb the tranquility of married life, but he is not able to bring that tranquility. This is a woman’s prerogative.
  • When a man intends to get married, it may be the last decision he is allowed to make. It was Christome
  • One of the undesirable things is for a quiet, serious woman to marry a bright, cheerful man. And there is no harm in marrying a silent, serious man with a cheerful and cheerful woman.
  • I loved my wife before I married her. And I married her because I loved her. I still love her, as I loved her before marriage.
  • I found marriage to be completely different from what I thought or imagined, because it is the best, deepest and most complete relationship between a man and a woman who understand and love each other.
  • A man may consider himself married, before he understands every word that his wife wishes without her speaking.
  • Happy is the man who thinks he is smarter than his wife, because that means he married a really smart woman. .Harrison
  • A woman worries about the future until she finds a husband, and a man doesn’t worry about the future until he finds a wife.

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Talk about halal marriage

  • The best speech on legal marriage. God’s Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, O young people, whoever among you can afford to marry, let him marry, because it lowers his gaze and preserves purity.
  • Before marriage, says Jack, I had six theories about raising children, but after marriage I have six children and no theories for them.
  • Jane Austen says that a woman’s imagination is very fast, so she can go from the stage of admiration to the stage of love, then quickly to the stage of marriage, and all this happens in the blink of an eye.
  • The best thing about halal and a happy marriage is that when a man gets married and that marriage succeeds, it’s like flying to the sky.
  • True love remains and lasts despite problems, and even the bond between husband and wife is strengthened.
  • Islam encouraged the idea of ​​marriage and prohibited forbidden relationships between men and women.
  • In the eyes of the girl, life is limited to crying and shouting. In the eyes of the girl, it is limited to general appearance. As for the woman, life, from her point of view, is limited to marriage.
  • William Shakespeare says that a girl only asks for a husband in life, and if she marries, she asks for everything from her husband.
  • There is a Chinese saying that if your daughter’s marriage succeeds, you will have a son, but if the marriage fails, you will lose a daughter.
  • Fatima Nemat Rashid says that marital happiness is more in the hands of the wife than in the hands of the husband.
  • One of George Sand’s sayings is that a woman’s happiness is lost if she does not try to win her husband as a friend before he becomes a husband.
  • Life in the eyes of a wife is a difficult experience, and these are the words of William Shakespeare.
  • One of Milton Berle’s funny quotes about marriage is that a good wife will forgive you when she is wrong.
  • Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq says that the success of marriage is not limited to marrying the right person, you have to be the right person.


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