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Beirut – If you feel that your husband is neglecting you, then you need to act wisely, and not to argue and accuse more, and the conflict in this case will not give a satisfactory result.

Family relations counselor and marital relations specialist Olga Francis explains that women have many burdens and responsibilities, and the first of these obligations is to preserve their married life and ensure its positive renewal, so how can we do that?

A change for the better

In order for a woman to start positively rebuilding her married life, she must put her hand on her flaws and shortcomings so that she can correct and heal them, which is a very important and necessary step for a healthy start.

There are women who don’t give their husbands a chance to show interest because of their constant preoccupation with work, whether inside or outside the home (Getty Images)

Below are the most important tips for a woman on how to regain her husband’s interest and restore married life. There are many ideas for restoring a marriage relationship, and they are among the most beautiful tips for a woman:

Means to fight boredom

A woman must fight against boredom in every way, and unite with her husband in the fight against boredom out of love and concern for her married life.

One of the most important tips for a wife is to always try to break the boredom in the matrimonial home, such as changing the hairstyle, as well as decorating the home.

In order to free herself from the control of habits and routine, the wife should strive to restore vitality to the marital relationship by suggesting that they travel somewhere, prepare a different dinner together at home or surprise her husband with a gift.

One of the fun things that break the routine is reminiscing by watching photo albums or videos of beautiful moments, and the wife can also suggest to the husband to visit the romantic places they went to at the beginning of their marriage.

Honesty with the husband

A wife must be honest with her husband if there is any deficiency on his part in any aspect of married life, and she must inform him of her desire to positively restore their married life, so that he plays a role in making their married life a success.

She also has to choose the right time to get his attention and express her feelings, aspirations, thoughts and fears.

A wife should ensure that her communication with her husband is clear and smooth in order to reduce misunderstandings and strengthen trust, respect and honesty between them and to increase their satisfaction.” Advice from marriage expert Frances.

It is better for a woman to make communication with her husband an opportunity to express positive feelings in order to reduce disagreements and reduce negative feelings (Getty Images)

Taking care of her husband

There are women who do not pay attention to their husband’s interest, so they do not reciprocate his interest, and this leads to a lack of interest in him.

There are women who do not give their husbands the opportunity to show love and care, either because of their constant preoccupation with work, whether inside or outside the home, or because of selfishness that makes them not pay attention to their husband’s needs and demands and monopolize decisions in the marital relationship without paying attention attention to what the husband wants.

Among the mistakes a woman makes is not showing respect to her husband and his family, and this is one of the mistakes that prevent a husband from taking care of his wife, says specialist Francis.

Taking care of yourself

A woman’s neglect of herself and her appearance is one of the most important reasons for her husband’s lack of interest. One of the most important tips for a woman to get her husband interested again is to take care of her looks and appearance to attract her husband again after a long marriage.

A wife should take care of her body with a healthy diet and exercise, and take care of her clothes and appearance, even at home. She should also pay attention to the beauty and health of her skin and hair. These are all details that help a woman regain her husband’s interest and admiration.

Let go of control

A man naturally hates a woman who is authoritarian and controlling in most matters of life, especially those related to him, so you must give up your control and tyranny, and avoid being attached to your opinion, and do not make any decision without referring to it, according to the tips marriage specialist Francis.

A man naturally hates a woman who commands and controls most things in life
A visit to the romantic places that the couple went to at the beginning of their marriage contributes to the restoration of intimacy (Pixels).

Testimonies from the field

But what do wives actually say about self-care? And what do the husbands say? Here are the certificates received by Al Jazeera Net:

I want it to be bubbly

“I want her to always be bright and beautiful and to be interested in herself because of me,” says Jad Tohme, who tried to draw his wife’s attention to the fact that she is not beautiful without worrying about her appearance, because he believes that attention is very important to him and to her, so how can she return the way she was interested With her beauty and elegance?

“This neglect bothers me and it seems to me that she no longer loves me as before,” says Tohme. He resents his wife’s neglect of her appearance at home. She sees how she neglects herself under the pretext of her constant preoccupation with the children and meeting their needs.

And he believes that he must achieve a balance between responsibility towards children and the home and attention to his external appearance, and then the result will be good. He spares nothing for her, he brings her everything she asks of him, and there are no financial problems, because life is almost easy, he tells Al Jazeera Net.

He also sincerely tried to tell her several times that she should take care of her elegance and beauty because she is still young and beautiful and must find enough time for both of them, and that she will also relax mentally and this will have a positive effect on their relationship, but unfortunately her words make her more nervous and she doesn’t like his speech, claims one person. His saying.

Tohme adds: “I am convinced that a man who wants his wife to preserve her beautiful, young image must share responsibilities with her, whether in raising children or managing household chores, and not skimp on her conjugal leave, even 6 hours, which she spends alone with her friends, in order to renew and repair her energy.” Her psyche will, of course, be reflected in her outward appearance, and I hope that my wife will change her mind and listen to my words for our benefit.”

Fashionista Anastasia Saadeh says that a man who does not compliment his wife's appearance and frustrates her, so that he does not show his admiration by changing her appearance or hair color, etc., is the first reason for her neglect of herself - ( Jazeera Net ).
Anastasia Saadeh: A man who does not show admiration for the change in appearance, hair color, etc. of his wife is the first reason for her neglect of herself (Al-Jazeera)

A man’s neglect of his wife

“Fashionista” Anastasia Saadeh claims that frustrated men are the first to stand on the dock regarding a woman’s lack of concern for her appearance. beautiful, no matter how beautiful she is.

Happiness adds: “A frustrated husband is usually a man who observes carefully before marriage, and the reason for his sudden change is that he feels possessive of his wife as soon as he marries her, and I advise this type of men to take care of their wives.”

Saadeh points out that the working woman’s interest in herself continues, even in the presence of a frustrated husband, and the secret is that her interest in her own appearance and following fashion are among the unspoken conditions for her continued work, and she also understands the need to be elegant among her colleagues, but that frustrated man has a stronger influence on her. A housewife who derives her beauty from his compliments.

I’m tired of this silence.

As for Natalie Azar, she says: “My husband is silent in all circumstances, and when he leaves the house, the silence complex disappears from him. I do not know the reason for his silence at home, and whenever I try to entice him to talk and laugh, I find that he behaves dryly and rudely in front of me and the children.”

She adds, “In the beginning of our married life, my husband was funny and loving, and even when he quarrels with me, he comes back to please me in a loving way. But now things have changed, because problems, worries and changed responsibilities grew, and his response (we grew up laughing and joking). The children want to see him cheerfully close to them, but silence is still a difficult guest between us and never leaves us. I got tired of this silence and tried to restore our marriage relationship in various ways, but I didn’t succeed with him, I got tired and bored, and I distanced myself from him by visiting friends, neighbors and family, and I became suspicious of the presence of another woman in his life, and I lost the sense of security with him.

And he continues his speech to Al-Jazeera Net, “One day came and I told him quite frankly that I am not comfortable in our relationship together, and if he has another woman in his life, let him tell me, and if he has a problem with me , let him also tell me because this way there is no continuation of the marriage relationship. I quietly asked him to think carefully about it, I am ready to listen to him without arguments and tension and I found his reaction surprising and that he did not expect this calmness and rationality from me , and felt guilty for his lukewarm attitude towards me, and asked me to rekindle our relationship and revive the atmosphere of love and intimacy between us.

Psychologist Dr. Angela Sammak believes that an elegant young woman with a striking appearance at home suddenly turns into an ordinary woman with disheveled hair, who wears herself inconsistently as she is, and neglects her grace and appearance.
Psychologist Dr. Angela Sammak: It is not possible to generalize the phenomenon of women neglecting their appearance after marriage (Al-Jazeera)

Neglect after marriage

Psychologist Dr. Angela Sammak says that the phenomenon of neglecting a woman’s appearance after marriage cannot be generalized, because many married women, especially those who work outside the home, despite their marital and family obligations, try very hard to take care of their appearance.

However, it is common for a married woman to neglect her appearance in general if she decides to stay at home and devote herself to the home and children. This woman’s priorities are to devote herself to her home, husband and children, so that attention to external appearance becomes a secondary matter, especially since leaving houses rare and occasional.

Indeed, we notice how some women experience a radical transformation after marriage. An elegant young woman with a striking appearance suddenly turns into a woman with “flowing” hair at home who dresses according to the agreement without any coordination and neglects her grace and appearance.

Sammak also talks about the psychological factor and its influence on the external appearance of a woman. A woman suffering from depression, pressure or constant tension tends to ignore her external appearance. This is proof that she is not comfortable in life or that she is forced to compromise her own needs in order to satisfy other needs.

Between the husband’s attention and neglect

A married woman’s psychological satisfaction, and subsequently her outward appearance, is also related to her husband and the amount of support he provides her. Indeed, some husbands want to support their wives and provide them with all possible help so that women feel comfortable and remain able to take care of their external appearance, says specialist Dr. Sammak.

The more a man takes care of his wife, the more the woman takes care of herself. Nice words, gratitude, love and romance are motives that make women take care of themselves. Indeed, feelings of love give them freshness and shine.
There is another type of men who neglect their wives and throw all the family chores and duties on them without giving them any help. Thus, a woman feels exhausted during the day and has no desire to take care of herself and her appearance.

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