Marital infidelity and quiet emotional divorce

The student wrote: Amna Atef Khader Ahmed: The family is an important social institution, and it is the basis for the continuity of man in the life of a group, and it is the basis for all institutions of society, and the stability of the family is based on the appropriate choice of marriage based on affection and charity .

The Most High said (And among His proofs is that He created for you spouses among yourselves, that you may find peace in them, and that He placed love and mercy between you. In this, indeed, are proofs for people who think.)

The marriage bond represents the strongest bond among social bonds and one of the greatest blessings with which man is blessed, because it unites two bodies and two souls into one body and soul, and is the first building block in society, if it is strong and solid, it leads to the goodness of society and vice versa, and if it is weak, it leads to the existence of several family problems. Knowing marital problems and their causes helps in finding appropriate solutions. What are family problems and how to deal with them? In this article, I present to you the results of a qualitative research using a semi-standardized interview on a sample of five wives in the province of Salfit, who were selected at random. From the village and their age between (38-50) years, where their answer was monitored and analyzed and the family stability scale was applied, and the first question in the research focused on most family problems. In this article.

Since marriage is a participative life dominated by love, compassion, sympathy and respect, since it is mainly based on a particularly emotional harmony, which effectively contributes to achieving their psychological compatibility and satisfaction in life, but this relationship can be exposed to some disorders that disrupt family life and lead to his instability, especially marital infidelity. And a silent emotional divorce.

Emotional divorce is defined as (a lack of love and mercy in a marital relationship, so that one does not feel the presence of the other, which leads to the destruction of the marital relationship and destroys the building of the family and thus affects the structure of society.

So, family problems, especially marital infidelity, emotional divorce and interference in the family are among the most important tools that destroy this structure. These family problems have spread to a great extent in our present age, and the main reason is the distance from the Islamic faith. , suspicions, technological progress, confusion of roles and lack of cooperation in assuming responsibility, so spouses and children are in one house and under the same roof and cramped rooms, but unfortunately there are great distances between them in feelings and emotional coldness in family relationships, so that each a family member lives in a different world from the other because of the internet, which individuals have negatively exploited, which has led to the destruction of family relationships among family members. especially when parents get involved and their lives become exposed to others, and family life turns into an unbearable hell.

Divorce is a dangerous phenomenon that threatens society, but the most dangerous is emotional divorce and marital infidelity, because it is considered a deadly virus that affects the building of a family, and the family feigns happiness in front of others, especially parents, to protect them from the words of people and the future of children, but unfortunately marital infidelity is on one or both sides. The foundation in their lives is due to the belief that everyone takes revenge on the other through betrayal, but in the end, it is a loss for all family members, especially the children, because they are the victims at the end of the road, which negatively affects their present and future life.

In second place are psychological problems, represented by neglect, verbal and physical violence and nervousness, and in third place are economic problems, represented by non-cooperation in bearing economic burdens and obligations and the absence of the husband from home. Women’s problem-solving mechanisms focused on neglect, patience, and leaving the home for the sake of the children. The interviews showed that decision-making within the family rests largely on the husband and the husband’s family.

Regarding the qualities that women want to have, love, lack of doubt, betrayal, emotional divorce, cooperation and responsibility, the instability scale was used on the research sample, and it turned out that 80% of the sample did not have family stability, and 20% had family stability. These problems revolved around the intervention Parents, marital infidelity, emotional divorce, doubt and desire for divorce, because one of the most important foundations for building a good society is building a good family that includes good people so that children grow up in a healthy environment devoid of marital infidelity and quiet emotional divorce .

One of the therapeutic methods for marital infidelity and silent emotional divorce is family and marriage therapy, so that everyone together solves a certain dilemma that the family is exposed to, because support, support and interdependence are the basis of the success of family therapy. Married life is more stable and compatible, and the focus is more on the preventive side than on the curative side because (an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of treatment).

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