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Saudi club Ettifaq Many domestic football fans and fans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are looking for Saudi club Al-Ittifaq Its seat is in the city of Dammam in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Many ask about Saudi club Ettifaq And all the details about the players, coaches, the president of the Al-Ettifaq club, the goalkeeper, the date of establishment, the club logo, the club title and all the information related to the Al-Ettifaq club, as we offer you from the news agency Sawa the answer to all questions about Saudi club Al-Ittifaq .

he is Social, cultural and sports club It was founded in 1945 until the end of the fifties of our era. He competed in the Eastern Province Championship. Its headquarters are in Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. He won the Saudi League Championship twice, the King’s Cup twice, the Crown Prince Cup once, and won the Gulf Club Cup Championship 4 times, won the Arab Club Championship 3 times and the Saudi Federation Cup three times.

Saudi Al-Ittifaq club players

One of the most outstanding players who went through the golden generation Saudi club Al-Ittifaq , Saleh Khalifa, Isa Khalifa, Jamal Muhammad, Abu Haidar, Faisal Al-Badin, Salman Hamdan, Jamil Al-Ajaj, Fouad Al-Maqhawi, Abdullah Saleh, Zaki Al-Saleh, Adel Al-Saleh, Salman Nimchan, Mubarak Al-Dosari , Sami Jassim, Omar Bakhshwin, Hamad Al-Dubaikhi, Marwan Al-Shiha, Saadoun Hammoud, Abdul Halim Omar and Samir Hilal.

One of the most prominent coaches who led this national team is the national team coach Khalil Al-Zayani.

In 2014, it fell Agreement club For the First League league, after losing to Al-Ahly Club 2-1 in the last minutes of the match, and with the relegation of Al-Ettifaq Club, all clubs Dammam, Al-Khobar and Dhahran became out of the Light League.

On August 27, 2015, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Dosari left the presidency of the club after a 38-year presidency, and he was called the Golden President. During his reign, Al-Ittifaq won 11 of the 13 league titles for Al-Ittifaq throughout history.

In 2016, Al-Ettifaq officially returned to competition in the Saudi Professional League, after defeating Al-Tai Club 2-1.

The official club anthem of the agreement

You are greeted with welcome *** O creator of names

You have echoes of history *** between the lines of praise

O knight of fatness

In the east, in Dammam *** you are greedy

They sing and sing for us everywhere

Knowledge of flags *** Like a brave knight

In the square of Al-Haija *** O knight of Dahne

I welcome the Saudi agreement

Soccer club tournaments agreement club

tournament season
1 Crown Prince Cup 1965 AD
2 King’s Cup 1968 AD
3 Premier League 1983 AD – no loss
4 Gulf Clubs Championship League and Champions Cup 1983 AD
5 Arab Club Championship in 1984
6 King’s Cup 1985 AD
7 Gulf Clubs Championship League and Champions Cup 1986 AD
8 Premier League 1987 AD – one loss
9 Arab Club Championship 1990 AD
10 Saudi Federation Cup in 1991
11 Saudi Federation Cup 2003 AD
12 Saudi Federation Cup 2004 AD
13 Gulf Clubs Championship League and Champions Cup 2007 AD
14 Gulf Clubs Championship League and Champions Cup 2008 AD

Saudi Al-Ittifaq club players

Players who are not registered with Saudi Al-Ittifaq club

Players on loan at Al-Ettifaq club

Executive management of the agreement club

Note the achievements of the Saudi club Al-Ittifaq

Premier League:

Champion (2): 1983, 1987

Heir to the Throne Cup:

Champion (1): 1965

Runners-up (4): 1963, 2001, 2008, 2012

King’s Cup:

Champion (2): 1968, 1985

Runners-up (4): 1965, 1966, 1983, 1988

Prince Faisal bin Fahd Cup:

Champion (3): 1991, 2003, 2004

Runners-up (4): 1987, 1995, 1996, 2005

Arab Champions League:

Champion (2): 1984, 1988

Gulf Champions League:

Champion (3): 1983, 1988, 2006

Summer (1): 2007

International Championship in Tabuk:

Champion (1): 2017

We explained it to you at the end of the article Followers of Sawa Agency, Al-Ittifaq Saudi Club and all details about Al-Ittifaq Club, from the date of establishment, achievements of the club, its players, managers and titles.

Source: Sawa Agency

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