The most important and useful applications for children… on the occasion of International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day is celebrated worldwide on November 20, as authorities around the world organize awareness campaigns aimed above all at improving the lives of children.

World Children’s Day

The International Children’s Day was first proclaimed in 1954, and it is a global occasion that aims to highlight the need to improve the life of children by discussing issues related to them, which threaten the access of children around the world to a decent life, therefore raising awareness of the need interconnecting the world in the interest of children.

UNICEF announced on its official website that the celebration of World Children’s Day in 2022 will be called “Inclusion for every child”, emphasizing the importance of respecting children’s rights in all fields.

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, Goodhousekeeping has compiled a list of the best and most useful apps for children, which combine education and entertainment, and are loved and favored by both parents and children.

Top educational apps for kids:

Khan Academy: This academy is the gold standard for educational apps, given that it’s free and because of the wide range of courses it offers to students of all ages and the tests it offers to measure students’ level of understanding.

The Academy’s videos also cover a range of levels for most subjects such as maths, science, engineering, arts and humanities, including history, social studies, economics and exam preparation.

The academy is very popular with students, parents and teachers because its videos use photos, maps and other illustrations.

For young learners, Khan Academy Kids, aimed at children under five, is a mobile app that covers math, logic and social-emotional learning through books, games, songs and videos.

Busy Shapes: This app is suitable for young children aged 3 to 7 years as they like to move the shapes with their hands and place them in certain places. It teaches them to be aware of where things are without even realizing it, encourages problem solving skills and is available in 8 languages.

This app is also aligned with the Montessori method of self-learning and hands-on learning, so it’s perfect for young children who are just starting to interact with technology. The app is designed to develop young children’s logic and thinking skills by learning how objects connect to each other and how they can manipulate them.

– Epic: This site is considered one of the best apps for children’s reading, as it is an e-book library that contains more than 35,000 children’s books. The site includes a “Read to Me” feature that caters to young children who are just learning to read. It’s also a great app when kids want to spend screen time and is suitable for families with kids of all ages.

ABCmouse ( This app is best for preschoolers. If your child does not go to preschool, the application is a great alternative for preparing for elementary school. Parents can track their child’s progress through this app. .

The app has more than 10,000 activities available to play. There are games about traditional subjects such as math, science and language, as well as art activities, songs and puzzles. It can be used on a PC or laptop, and the app gives users a 30-day free trial and then costs $13 per month.

Prodigy: This app is useful for elementary school kids and is one of the most popular math games on the market, mainly because it’s set up as a fantasy-inspired video game and covers math topics for kids in grades 1-8.

The app is designed more to test children’s knowledge than to introduce them to mathematical topics for the first time, as children earn points by answering questions correctly and fighting monsters as they move through different fantasy worlds.

Google Arts and Culture: This app allows students to explore art, history, geography, and cultures from around the world by allowing them to virtually tour museums, learn about international food, and more at their fingertips.

The app is free and contains a wealth of information about museum collections, artists, theatre, performing arts, historical figures and events. The site is an invaluable resource for teenagers assigned research projects, as it can provide detailed information beyond the written word including photos and videos.

Stop, Breathe and Think: This app helps children practice mindfulness every day by recognizing and understanding their emotions and learning how to manage them. It also promotes social-emotional learning.

The app starts by having children take a breath and then asks them how they feel, physically and mentally. Based on these results, the application suggests a group of guided meditations that last less than 10 minutes.

This version also uses emojis to allow children to express how they feel in the moment and gives them “assignments” for guided meditation.

– Quizlet: It is an application suitable for teenagers, because it teaches them the skill of independent study, which is an important skill for high school students, and Quizlet is one of the most effective applications on the market for repeating the material that the student will be tested on Teachers and students can create study groups or flashcards to learn about many topics, from the periodic table to vocabulary and more.

The app contains over 500 million archived study groups already created by users, so new students can search within these groups to see whether or not a study group has already been created to suit their needs, bearing in mind that these are not verified collections , so users should be aware that they may contain errors.

About World Children’s Day

The date of World Children’s Day was declared on November 20, 1954, and the importance of that date is not limited to International Children’s Day, on this day in 1959, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. On November 20, 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted, and since 1990, World Children’s Day has been celebrated as the anniversary of the date when the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Declaration on the Rights of the Child and the Convention related to it, and when the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted of a child, a number of important points are related, the most important of which is the protection of children from mental or physical abuse, exploitation or abuse, and avoiding neglect of them.

It is worth pointing out that International Children’s Day is a day when the whole world investigates various children’s problems and fully deals with them, with the necessary individual participation in supporting the child’s life and taking care of him in terms of health and education.

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