Video: Saudi Al-Batin Club.. History of the club and the most important championships and achievements

Saudi club Al-Batin: It was founded in 1399 AH 1979 in the city of Hafar Al-Batin in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi First League.

under that From Hafar Al-Batin is a city in the Eastern Province, in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaHe currently plays in the Premier League Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the first division for professionals, and it is mentioned that the club includes a prominent number of players in various positions, and the players wear the blue and black colors of the team, as well as the Stadium of the team in which it plays home games is “the club stadium Al-Batin Al-Riyadh”. The capacity of the stadium is about 6,000 spectators.

The history of the Saudi club Al-Batin

It wasn’t a date Saudi club Al-Batin Full of great achievements and multiple championship titles, besides representing a very honorable and wonderful level for several years. At the end of the 2007-2008 season, the club managed to climb from the third to the second division for the first time in its history, which is a great achievement for the club, and in 2011, on March 25 to be exact, the club reached the Saudi League for the first time Premier League, until 2016, the year in which the club reached the Saudi Premier League for the first time since its establishment, but in 2019, the club went down again, but rose again in 2020. For the Premier League, after they were on top of the Saudi first league, and it is mentioned that they played all their matches on their home ground at Al-Batin Club Stadium.

Club Saudi Al-Batin was founded in the world in 1979 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It originates from Hafar Al-Batin. He is considered the founder of the club, and his flag is Abdullah Al-Mas’ar. The current president of the club is Mr. Nasser Al-Huwaidi, who is also the president of the board of directors.

Achievements of the Saudi club Al-Batin

The Saudi club Al-Batin competes with many strong clubs and teams in every sports season, and therefore has not won a large number of championship titles. The following are its most notable successes and championships:

  • Saudi First League
    • Champion: Once in 2019-20
    • Runner-up: Once in 2015-16
  • Saudi League Second Division
    • Runners-up: once in 2010–11
  • Saudi Third League
    • Runners-up: Once in 2007–08

Tournaments in which Saudi Al-Batin Club participated

The Saudi Al-Batin team has participated in many important tournaments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because the Al-Batin team plays among the Premier Division teams in Saudi Arabia, and the tournaments in which the Saudi Al-Batin Club participated were:

Second division league

The third league

League of Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Professional League

Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques cup

Saudi Super Cup

Who are the professional players of Saudi Al-Batin club?

He found many prominent players in the Saudi club Al-Batin, including Hani Al-Nahed, goalkeeper, Youssef Al-Shammari, Omar Al-Awd, and professionals Mauri Antonio, Renato Chavez, Abdulaziz Damdum, Dhaif Allah Al-Qarni, striker Fabio Ebro , Youssef Al-Jabali and Muhammad Al-Qarni.

The presidency of the club has had many presidents since its establishment, namely:

Abdullah Al-Mas’ar (founder of the club)

Mohammed Saleh Al-Kharboush

Sulejman the Turk

Star of Al-Laghim

Saleh Al-Aqeel

Saleh Al-Assaf

Turki Al-Mutairi

But Al-Mutairi

Nasser Al-Huwaidi (current president of the club)

After the Saudi sheikh issued a fatwa on changing the name of the “Al-Batin” football club, the club’s president replied that “we will change if the competent authorities ask us to”, noting that this is the name of the club since its establishment 40 years ago.

And the website “Huffington Post Arabic” quoted the president of the “Al-Batin” club, Nasser Al-Huwaidi, who said: “We respect and appreciate the sheikh who is the source of the fatwa, but this club has existed for 40 years, and it bears that name since its inception.”

Club manager Al-Batin added: “The club is a sports entity affiliated with the General Authority for Sports, and the decision to change the name is in their hands, because the clubs are state-owned.”

The new logo of Saudi club Al-Batin

The Saudi club Al-Batin revealed the new logo through its official account on the social network Twitter, and it is the same slogan that adorns the jerseys of the players of the sports teams in the new season, and the club commented on the new logo, saying:

The Al-Batin Club logo is presented as a window through which one can discover what distinguishes Hafar Al-Batin Governorate, the capital of spring, therefore the focus was on the most important elements that express nature, the most famous of which are Wadi Al-Batin and Felij, which became park for residents and visitors.

Ranking of Saudi Al-Batin Club 2022

The arrangement of Saudi Al-Batin club for the season 2022-2023 is the sixteenth and the last in the Saudi League, which is a very bad number for the Saudi team. Seven clubs, and he now has one point in his possession, and is in last place.

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Here’s who we met as followers of “Sawa News Agency”. Saudi team Al-BatinWe got acquainted with the most outstanding successes of the Saudi Al-Batin club, in addition to shedding light directly on the team’s ranking in the Saudi league and the state of weakness that the current season is going through, and we also got to know the new Al-Batin logo.

Source: Sawa Agency

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