Barrel children

A pioneer of the pioneers of infertility treatment in Europe, and the most famous of them, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cairo in 1976, came to London and obtained a degree of membership of the British Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (MRCOG) in 1985, and then obtained a fellowship degree ( FRCOG) in the same college. This Egyptian doctor works as a consultant in gynecology and obstetrics and has been at the head of the largest and most famous infertility center in the United Kingdom for more than thirty years, according to the reports of the British Royal Commission on Fertility and Fertility, which publishes all the results in an annual book that contains all the information about fertility centers in Britain. This book is distributed free of charge to all patients, doctors, fertility researchers and others who wish to obtain it.

I met him in 1993 and since then we have become friends, and since the establishment of the center until today, in addition to other duties, I have been working there as the head of the anesthesiology department.

Earlier he and I talked together about IVF, now about children in detail, we talked about freezing embryos and freezing sperm, now we talked about freezing an unfertilized egg, we talked about embryology, now we talk about the science of cloning, we talked about knowing the sex of the fetus, now we are talking about knowing the diseases of the fetus, we were talking about the research of genetic diseases of the fetus, now we are talking about the research of the stem cell (mother’s cell), and with his intelligence, perseverance and diligence, he contributed to the introduction of many new techniques into the science of fertilization, and were covered by all domestic and international media. His achievements in the past long years, except for Egypt, although he is an Egyptian doctor who has Egyptian nationality and no other nationality. My friend is a shy man, and although he is very easy-going, he tries to hide his wit all the time.

Ever since we became friends, we sit together on beautiful evenings, laugh at everything and anything, and when we don’t find anything to laugh at, we laugh at ourselves. One evening I invited a friend to come to my place for dinner, where there was a group of friends, and among them was the late Souad Hosni. After dinner, the evening began with a one-act play written, acted and directed by Souad and myself. The play was about barrel babies and the dirt theory. Of course, Souad and I were thinking about test tube babies and cloning theory. Character when you are sitting with a group of people. It was a very beautiful and very comical show that kept everyone laughing until the end of the evening.

Sometime after this evening, my doctor friend was subjected to a severe smear campaign on the famous Panorama program broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in agreement with the British Royal Commission on Fertility. He is slow to send the papers requested of him. But the real reason was another of the great fertility doctors than the Egyptian doctor, because the center he runs is the number one and highest performing treatment center in the whole of Britain for the past years to date, and no other fertility center in Britain can beat him. .in order.

As soon as the Federation of Egyptians in Europe, which I supervised, became aware of the matter, its board of directors met three times within one week to take the necessary decisions against the parties who want to harm the reputation of the Egyptian doctor. The union then contacted the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through then-Egyptian Ambassador Jihad Madi and Consul General Mahmoud Abu Donia. The union also filed a petition in the Brussels Criminal Court against the British Broadcasting Corporation and the British Fertility Authority for breach of professional ethics for defamation and undermining patient trust in senior doctor. The union also sent a complaint to the British Medical Association against some doctors who questioned a doctor like them in the British and international media without the permission of the union. The court ruled in favor of the Egyptian doctor, and he got all his moral and material rights from them, and high officials in both bodies they became victims of this matter, but before the verdict was pronounced something unusual happened that had never happened to any doctor in Britain before, and in an unprecedented phenomenon, dozens of patients of the Egyptian doctor Siddiqui with their young children organized a demonstration in his support outside his medical center, raising flags and balloons in the street in the cold winter of London in sympathy with him against the smear campaign to which he was unfairly subjected. Among these protestors, I found a British woman standing with her husband, carrying her little child, about six or seven months old, hanging on his chest a banner with some words. Outside with the protesters, she and her baby have to wait inside the building. And I sent her a cup of coffee, and I took her little one and went into the room of my friend, an Egyptian doctor, and asked him to read what was written on the sign hanging on the little boy’s chest, which was written in English, of course (Oh, Dr. .Muhammad Al-Taranisi, please don’t be sad, wait a little until I grow up, then I will take your right from them.) I looked at Muhammad Al-Taranisi and found that his eyes were full of tears, and he looked at Muhammad and found my eyes too. Without saying a word, I took the little boy to his mother, opened the door of the center, got into the car and left.

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