Documents… financial and technical violations in the millions in the engineering and construction works of the Eastern Tobacco Company

The surveillance report, a copy of which was obtained by Al-Naba, revealed new cases of corruption within the Eastern Tobacco Company, linked to financial and technical irregularities that spoiled the engineering works awarded to a number of contractors that are currently being carried out.

The report states at the beginning that the work of the civil engineering sector in the Eastern Tobacco Company for the fiscal year was marked by serious financial irregularities that require the determination of responsibility, indicating that the value of the engineering works awarded in the period from 1.7.2021. to 31/1/2022, In progress and not completed, amounting to around £8 million.

The report adds that the inspection found that the major delay in handing over the construction site to the contractors was about 9 months for some of them, and an example of this is the process of inspecting the main corridors of the eastern factory preparations, and it was also discovered that the contractors were late with the execution of some other works for periods that some reached about 7 months for works related to the hall. Covered and assigned contractor, “United Egyptian”, for the installation of automatic fire extinguishers, in addition to other works in the covered hall and garage of the sports club.

The report pointed out that the company did not take any action against all these contractors by collecting any fines from them, which amounted to about £322 thousand, including tax, in violation of the eighth clause of the assignment orders issued to them, and without assigning the works to other contractors as per to the same clause of the assignment order, unlike this. Failure of the company to collect any final insurance for all these orders before the commencement of the works in accordance with the fifth point of the assignment. orders, in order to ensure work and assembly on time and compliance with technical specifications.

The report confirmed that this failure on the part of the Eastern Tobacco Company affected the delay in the maintenance work that had to be done for the various locations of the company and was a waste of the company’s right not to compensate for the delay in the completion of that work. works, which requires determining responsibility and carrying out the necessary investigation in relation to the above, as well as speeding up the taking of necessary measures against the contractors for the execution of the works.

On the other hand, the report states that the Eastern Tobacco Company has awarded the work of treating the subsidence of floors and frame entrances on the north side, in the “fully manufactured west building in the 6th of October Industrial Complex” to the contractor “Al-Faris Company” at a cost of 785 thousand pounds, and in this connection it was established that the company assigned the works to the contractor, without obliging him to do so. By submitting the certificate of guarantee for the works, except that the final insurance was not obtained, within the specified period, and it was obtained after the works had begun, rejecting the contractor’s obligation when paying the value of the first statement for the works after the passage of more than two months, and following the work it was determined that there was a break in parts of the interlock measuring (3.4 meters). In 40 cm) at the end of the west wall of the “completed building ” one of the places for which the works were assigned, specified in the order for the execution of the works. , and data transmission wires (low voltage wires) come out badly.

In another context, the monitoring report showed that the process of implementing the modification of the east and west “ramps” in the fully built west warehouse in the industrial complex on October 6, with an estimated value of 280 thousand pounds, was awarded to the contractor “Egypt Modern Building”, and in this regard, it was discovered that the company assigned the works to the contractor without obliging him to deliver a certificate of guarantee for the works, and the company did not obtain the final insurance within the specified period, and it is sufficient to obtain the guarantee insurance for the business as a deduction from the contractor’s obligation when paying the value of the final and only payment for the works after more than 3 months have passed.

The inspection report also touched on the deficiencies in the treatment of partitions and toilets above the basement ceiling as “finished storage” at the Marlboro factory in the industrial complex on October 6, which was awarded an estimated value of about 507,500 thousand pounds to the contractor, “New Modern Construction Company.”

The monitoring report states that among the engineering works that were marred by defects within the Eastern Tobacco Company and that require a determination of responsibility is the process of refurbishing 7 toilets in rooms on the outer walls for external security personnel at the October Industrial Complex, as the value of these works was £340,000 , and assignment order no. In the sum of £270,987.5, including tax, to the contractor, “Light Star Contracting.” It was established that the company did not receive the final insurance within the specified period. period from the contractor, and was satisfied with obtaining business guarantee insurance in the value of 14,225.3 pounds as a deduction from the contractor’s obligations when paying the value of the final and only payment for the works on 14/02/2022 after the passage of about 5 months, which requires the determination of liability for non-performance final insurance from the contractor that the work will be completed within the time limit set in accordance with the regulations, as well as failure to take action in this regard.

For its part, Al-Nabaa confirms that it does not offend anyone, and does not want to create enmity with the mentioned company, but at the same time the paper fulfills its important role in monitoring events in all sectors at the level of the Republic. , in the implementation of the role of the newspaper and its journalists in revealing the facts, that newspaper expects any response from the mentioned company, given that the right to reply is guaranteed by law.

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