Flashback 2022- Scandals and crimes .. Miley Cyrus is disgusted by her father, Shakira, Amber Hurd, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in court, and Ryan Grantham kills his mother

It’s been a tough year, and like all people, celebrities have had their happy and sad moments, so most of them were at the top of the search engines, because of their personal life, not because of work, so it was a year full of retirement, crimes, courts, diseases and many adversities that famous people went through.

And in this article, we will share with you the most important events, developments and changes that happened in the personal lives of celebrities in 2022.

The year 2022 began with unexpected news, the hero of the series “Home Alone” Macaulay Culkin announced his engagement to actress Branda Song, who is best known for her role as London in the Disney series “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and other works.
The legendary Sylvester Stallone announced his divorce from his wife Jennifer Flavin after 25 years of marriage, and even replaced her tattoo with the image of his new heart, which was one of the reasons for their separation, because Flavin did not meet him at home, but after a few weeks, the two lovers returned to each other, tearing up the divorce papers.

Artist Billy Ray Cyrus, the father of the international star Miley Cyrus, ended the 27-year love story with his mother Hatrich Cyrus, although they published the news of divorce several times, but enough was enough this year, and the end of Billy and Trish was not happy, because we notice tension in the family, and recently Miley’s father announced his engagement to a girl 27 years his junior who he met on the set of “Hannah Montana”, which angered his daughter, and Miley cut off the conversation with him and said she was disgusted.
Among the news that was at the top of the search engines this year, the relationship of the model Gigi Hadid and the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and their pictures during the romantic dates that brought them together, and although Gigi does not fit the specifications of DiCaprio’s dream girl, many sources have confirmed his true love for her.
After a long wait, artist Nick Jonas and his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, welcomed their first child, via a surrogate mother, while his brother, artist, Joe Jonas and his wife, actress Sophie Turner, welcomed their second child.
Superstar Rihanna welcomed her first child before returning to the music scene with the song “Lift Me Up” for the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

Speaking of new works, singer Taylor Swift has decided to re-record her albums so that she owns the ownership rights to them, meaning the original recordings. She made the decision to re-record her albums after her previous record company sold her songs, which left her with no control over how the songs were used, but this problem did not stand in her way, as her album “Midnight” was later released. sold more. of 3 million copies in less than three days, and won the most MTV and AMA awards.
Swift wasn’t the only artist to be forced to re-record her songs, as artist Lizzo changed the lyrics to her song “Grrrls” because some felt it was offensive to the disabled community.

The actor Gary Oldman announced his retirement after a long successful career, the international actor Jean-Claude Van Damfs will appear again, which will be his last work before he disappears completely, and the player Gerard Becky decided to retire from football after divorcing his wife, star Shakira, and star Justin Bieber’s wife, model Hailey Bieber, retired from the Couture Show.
Most of the retirements related to the hosts of the program, after 19 years of work, Ellen DeGeneres decided to stop hosting “The Ellen Show”, and on the seventh anniversary of “The Daily Show”, Trevor Noah announced his retirement, and this happened with Blake Shelton, who after 12 years decided to stop arbitration on “The Voice”, and the decisions were personal, while other celebrities had to withdraw, including the health problems of the actor Bruce Willis and the artist Megan Thea Stallone.
As for the star, Celine Dion Fpsip, she was forced to cancel her world tour due to health problems, and later it became clear that she would have to stay away from the artistic community for a certain period of time, so she is a star. Mendez will also follow in her footsteps, and he who canceled his world tour due to mental problems, he was quickly accompanied by the artist Justin Bieber, even while they went to church together.
BTS announced a hiatus until 2025 in order to provide its members with mandatory social service, while actor Henry Cavill announced his departure from his famous role in the series “The Witcher”, replacing him with divorced star Miley Cyrus, actor Liam Hemsworth, which angered public, and this news came after he announced that he would once again don the mantle of Superman.
Speaking of the Hemsworth family, Liam’s brother, actor Chris Hemsworth, who is best known for his role as “Thor,” announced his retirement after discovering that he has a predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. Actor Matthew Perry published a book for the first time and told what he went through while he was addicted to drugs, and for the international artist Demi Lovato, after facing death in 2018 she decided not to stop using drugs, she pointed out that everything is under control, documenting the matter in her documentary album “Dance with the Devil” in 2021, she finally decided to stay away from drugs, and that was a new beginning for her, and her former close friend, the artist Selena Gomez, went through a similar experience, because she died, not because of drugs, but because of her disease “Lupus” known as “. Bipolar”, and although her friend, actress Franca Raisa, donated her kidney in 2017, it was not an easy road for her, and Gomez spoke transparently about her experience for the first time in the recently published documentary “My Mind and Me”, but the matter caused controversy. Widespread because Franca’s name was not mentioned in it, and from the shocking statements that interrupted the film, Selena revealed that she is infertile because of the medication she is taking.

Not all celebrities were victims of 2022, but some of them were criminals. This year was known for crimes and courts. We begin with the trial of artist R. Kelly, who was indicted on nine different counts and sentenced to 30 years in prison. As for actor Ezra Miller, 26 years old, his year has been full of mayhem, he’s been accused of theft, sexual harassment and many other crimes, and those accusations haven’t stopped him from continuing to commit more.
Disney actor Adam Hicks is facing a five-year prison sentence for a series of armed robberies. As for the crime that scared everyone, it was the crime of actor Ryan Grantham, who killed his mother and went to blow up his old school, but decided to turn himself in. .As for the star, The Kid Creole, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison. For the murder of a homeless man in New York.

Not all trials were limited to murders and crimes, but there are cases that lasted for months and caused confusion, and on top of that there is the case of actor Alec Baldwin, which has been ongoing since 2021, but he was acquitted, and he in turn filed a lawsuit against the staff responsible for this incident.
Among other cases, the artist Ricky Martin has been accused of having sex with his nephew and molesting her. As for the star, Shakira, she has suffered problems with the Spanish government trying to imprison her for 8 years, for tax evasion, although Shakira has confirmed that paid what she owed.
Actor Brad Pitt has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie over their joint alcohol company.
The court of actor Johnny Deboth, his ex-wife, actress Amber Hurd, is the talk of the season. After months of lawsuits from both sides, Depp won most of them, and returned to life after Hurd defamed him, accusing him of abusing him , only to find out later that he is the victim.

Many cases have caused controversies outside the courts and have been at the top of search engines and headlines for a long time, including actor Will Smith’s slap to comedian Chris Rock, after the latter mocked the latter’s wife at the Oscars, while rapper West and artist Britney Spears never tired of empty statements for fueling controversy. He was verbally attacked by Jews, he created pro-white t-shirts, he was kicked out of Twitter and Adidas, and his wife, reality star Kim Kardashian, broke up with him, while Spears was verbally attacked by her father and children, published numerous posts on her Instagram page that caused controversy for no reason, and her account on this social network was banned.

Among the positive events that caused controversy are the rumors that hit the star Selena Gomez, the wife of the artist Justin Bieber, the supermodel Hailey Bieber, because the rumors said that the two were in a fight, and that Hailey stole Bieber from Selena, which prompted their break up. silence, so they defended themselves, and put an end to these rumors by publishing a picture of them together.
This was a recap of the year 2022 where there was not much good news, and hopefully next year there will be more positive news on the list.

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