Successful completion of the Sharjah Show Jumping Festival in Kalba

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Equestrian Salem Ahmed Al Suwaidi, riding his horse “Diamond Way” from the Sharjah Equestrian Club, took the lead in the highest courses in show jumping as part of the first Sharjah Equestrian Festival at Kalba Corniche Park beach, which witnessed show jumping for the first time. activities held on the coast of the country, and took place in an atmosphere perfect for the successful conclusion of the festival.

The competitions formed the seventh week of the Emirates Longines Showjumping League, overseen by the Emirates Equestrian Federation and under the auspices of Longines, the league’s sponsor, which the Emirates witnessed throughout the season.

The competitions were attended by a large number of officials, led by Sheikh Haitham bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Deputy Head of the Office of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah in Kalba. The winners were crowned by Sultan Muhammad Khalifa Al Yahyai, ​​General Manager from the Sharjah Equestrian Club, Sami Al Dahami, Head of the Seventh Regional groups in the International Equestrian Federation, and Patrick Aoun, regional director of the International Equestrian Federation.Longines.

Knight Salem Ahmed Al-Suwaidi, with his horse “Diamond Way” from the Sharjah Equestrian Club, outclassed the competition for the open victory round and won the largest part of his prize of 60,000 dirhams out of the competition’s total prizes of 200,000 dirhams., which is different from the distinction round in which the performers climb without a mistake in the main round, and 8 riders are chosen who have the best results in moving to the winning round, which was completed without a mistake by two knights from Sharjah Equestrian. Club, first Salem Ahmed Al Suwaidi who completed the victory lap in a time of 40.12 seconds, second place was won by second jockey Karina Hovland with the horse Everest with a time of 42.50 seconds, and third place for the Knights of Sharjah was crowned by Shadi Gharib with the horse “Cabernet de March”, and he finished the winning round in a time of 39.12 seconds with 4 penalty points.

Fun run

The competition of the festival, which is held for the first time in the Emirates after more than 20 years, has also added a fun track, the idea of ​​which is based on dividing the field into two parts and designing two identical tracks of 120 cm. Two knights enter together, and the owner of a clean round without a mistake in the fastest time goes to the next league, and two qualified knights competed. In each round, leaving the defeated, 32 horsemen and horsewomen competed, and as a result, the rider Ali Al- Kumaiti won the first place with the horse “Sugar Baby” of the Ajman Equestrian Club, and the second place was won by the knight Abdullah Hamad Al-Karbi with the horse “Air Ocrine” of the Sharjah Equestrian Club. The third place was won by the jockey Amna Muhammad Ahli with the horse “James” in DB Equestrian Club “Forousia”.

With the specifications of one round on the hurdles of 140 cm, the last round was held on the second day during which 30 riders competed, and the most outstanding results were the exit of 5 riders to the round without a mistake, the first of which was Muhammad Shafi Al-Rumaithi with the horse “Karmba” from the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club with a time of 61.94 seconds, followed by Ali Khalfan Al-Jahuri with “Forever” H” from Al Wathba Stables, with a time of 64.51 seconds, and Knight Muhammad Ahmed Al Owais came in third with “Concit ” from Al Safinat Stables, the time is 67.91 seconds.

one round

In the one-round competition at 130 cm hurdles, 38 male and female riders competed, and 16 male and female riders finished the round without a fault, and the positions from first to seventh were for the Sharjah Equestrian Club, except for the second place, which was won by Knight Hazza Hamad Al Dhaheri with the horse “Eloy” from the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, recording 56.05 Second, the knights advanced on the podium, the knight Fahd Al Harmoudi with “Cascule” and completed the lap in a time of 55.96 seconds, and the third place was won by the knight Salem Ahmed Al Suwaidi with “Staffel” with a time of 56.39 seconds.

As for the first open competition, with the specifications of two speed tests over 100 cm hurdles, 50 riders participated in it, and 11 male and female riders completed two stages without a fault. With the advantage of time, two knights from the Sharjah Equestrian Club, namely, knight Saleh Mufrej Al-Karbi won the first place with the song “Super Trooper” and Mabkhout Awaida Al-Karbi with the song “Guersina” won the second place, and Hamza Al-Mahamid with the song “Jasmin” from the Equestrian Club “Forousia” won the third place.

In the second open competition of two stages, especially on the 110 cm hurdles, 32 male and female drivers took part, and 9 drivers completed the two stages successfully. The Sharjah club riders kept the first two places. To win the third place, knight Saeed Ahmed Al-Shumaili with “Domingo” from the support units.

The third half

The third round open for participation was held in one round on barriers 120 cm high, during which 47 drivers and drivers competed, and the 10th Sharjah Club passed without a mistake on the podium, where the knight Laith Gharib with the horse “Alete de Ponts”, and knight Sultan Al Nuaimi with “HK Youth” with the third place award.

In the competition of the first final day, with specifications of two stages, open performance on 130 cm hurdles, 36 drivers and drivers took part, and 8 drivers completed two stages without mistakes, the first of which was Osama Al-Zubaibi with “Flash Gordon 30” from Al-Fursan International Sports Resort, and he finished the second stage in a time of 18.52 seconds. So the drivers of Sharjah Club started with the center from the second to the fifth place, and the second place was won by Salem Ahmed Al Suwaidi with “Staffail” and a time of 19.35 seconds, and the third was Hadi Nizam with the mare “First Lady” and the time of the second stage was 21.33 seconds.


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