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German football club Wolfsburg decided today, Tuesday (December 13, 2022), to punish its players by escorting ticket collectors on the train all day, for disrespecting train staff during the team’s trip to a Bundesliga match last October.

The Wolfsburg players did not wear the mandatory masks during the trip to Bayer Leverkusen, and they mocked the conductor who asked them to wear masks, and these videos were recorded by a journalist from the TV channel “WDR” who happened to be on the train.

The management of the Wolfsburg club criticized the “unprofessional and inappropriate behavior” of its players during the mentioned situation.

Wolfsburg sporting director Jörg Schmatke told the Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper today, Tuesday, that the club is studying many ideas. He pointed out that the solution that has been reached at this moment is “all-day monitoring of train ticket conductors”.

Some players are said to have apologized for such behavior, but it was not enough.

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