Torture of children from the nursery… Violence rooted in a society haunted by fear! | Articles and studies

(What do we say when we need the toilet, for example…). We hear this phrase in the video, along with the screaming and crying of the child from hitting his weak and tender body.

This is not a scene in a radio series or a dramatic film, from works of art that deal with violence against children to force them to do things that violate their innocence and childhood, such as stealing and begging, or to punish them for committing a spontaneous mistake, or for their stepmothers to take revenge on them due to the absence of their mother, separation from their father, or death. This is a painful reality that happened a few days ago in a kindergarten (kindergarten) in the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

It was the headmistress of the kindergarten who held the executioner’s whips at the child torture parties, and appeared in another video hitting the child and repeating the French phrase he mispronounced: “Se il vous plaît”, then slapped him and told him: “Please you!” What virtue will a child learn here who opens his quiet eyes to a life that begins with beatings and intimidation.

Education in fear

The psychological and social problem or complex is that from this moment on, the child grows up on the fear that grows in him by passing from one age to another, making him a deformed, wobbly, deformed person who is afraid of everything around him. coincidence that one of the slogans of the January Revolution was: “Raise your head above”.

A person who is scared like this kills the value of will in himself from a young age, the will to say and do what he wants while he is calm and safe, where safety is desirable and psychological defeat inhabits him, so he does not act freely.

The crime took place in a posh kindergarten in Alexandria where children from well-to-do families go. The monthly installment amounts to 3,150 pounds without meals, and with meals the installment reaches 4,000 pounds, and these are fees that only those with high incomes can pay. The crime is shocking to the feelings, and it is not easy or fleeting, because the most important manifestation is the social crisis, which is the basis for the scourge of fear that has been thrown into the land of pure, green childhood, as well as self-imposition.

oppression and tyranny

It is a tangible reality in all countries of fear and political, security and military repression, societies of tyranny, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, dictatorship and tyranny. A man is generally born crying for reasons related to getting out of an embrace into a new embrace, but in the lands of darkness he has a habit of crying, either visibly or muffled. He is self-confident and full of his energy and talents.

From this we can understand that tyranny is characterized by malice and motley like a chameleon and that it resists all ideas and movements of change and reform. Because the end of emancipation from his family.

Why is this violent behavior coming from a woman?

That woman who fosters children so that their minds and little fingertips can begin the journey of learning and understanding life. She is one of the women who are filled with the same general scourge in a society that is sometimes oppressed by force and its own will. With her violent actions, she gives vent to what is hidden within her in her victims of pure children. And we do not justify her heinous act, but we try to try to understand this violent behavior of a woman, and women are a source of tenderness, kindness, conscience, tenderness and beautiful weakness, so how can we become a merciless executioner who falls with his whip on bodies in which the bone is still not fully formed?

It deserves trial, of course, but it is also a case for comprehensive research to understand the nature of personality that deviates from normal instinct despite apparent sophistication and belonging to social segments that differ in education, culture and money.

Many surprising and strange crimes in society need to be studied from its various aspects in order to understand the general pattern of society and its behaviors, actions, ideas, cultural and intellectual inventory, daily transactions and incidents from childhood to falling into the well of crime. , in addition, we will know and learn a lot useful in explaining and breaking new phenomena and their relationship with the reality of politics, freedom, economy, living and the pattern of cultural, artistic and religious messages addressed to society, and whether we are walking on the right path or is it a path of thorns and of fire arising from carelessness or premeditation and forethought?

Freedom… a panacea

Children from a year to a few months to four years old are thrown by their parents into the nursery, and this is not an age for education, but a stage for play, fun and the warmth of the mother’s breast, but families are busy with practical life and collecting money or wanting to give their children an early education , and preoccupation with money can cause children to get lost, and education is not for the infant or toddler. It is exaggeration, affectation, exaggeration and pathological The result is, like the Alexandrian crèche, that children were exposed to atrocities that appeared to them in panic during sleep.

Grown parents are haunted by the fear that followed them from childhood for their children of an unknown future, and the tormentors were discovered by the teacher after she was fired from her job, and if she hadn’t been dealt with, the video wouldn’t have been leaked to her parents, and she was raised on fear and cowardice.

All of us, or most of us, grew and grew up under the whips of fear, from home, school, mosque, street, work, power, present, future and everything around us. That’s why we lost security, and we lost ourselves, and there is no cure apart from the restoration of the taken away freedom, in which a healthy person is built, and in it is the cure for all psychological, social, political, cultural, intellectual and mental illnesses.

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