3 reasons for hiding a man’s feelings of love.. Learn about silent love by watching

Hiding feelings of love Is it easy for a person and does it show in his behavior and actions? Every woman is looking for an answer to this question, because she likes to show the feelings and love of the person in front of her, and through our article we will reveal to you a lot of sayings and actions that make it easier for every woman to discover the feelings of love from the other side.

Hiding feelings of love

Hiding feelings of love

Hiding feelings of love from wrong behavior that can lead to a person losing a loved one completely and not being able to get her anymore because he is the one who does not clarify his feelings and the extent of the love he has for her in his heart, because he believes in some wrong things which we will clarify in the following points:

  • A person resorts to concealing the feelings of love in order to occupy the heart of the person in front of him and make him confused and imagine.
  • By hiding his feelings of love, a man believes that he is protecting his pride and self-respect.
  • A man pretends in front of his beloved that he is an ordinary person for him and that he does not care about all the things in his life, but this is the complete opposite of his behavior and actions and this is considered a mistake.

Love in silence is a mistake towards oneself

None of us can deny that the feelings of love control him, and they are the main factor that controls all actions, words and actions of a person always, and no one can ignore the feelings of love and passion, but this type of love is called fatal love, which is the reason for the destruction of its owner because it tortures And he hurts himself all the time, so love happiness is in his statement.

He doesn’t like in silence

A man should reveal all his feelings and love for her, and there is no shame in love as long as it is clean and pure and the intention is good. If a man loves a girl, he must tell her all his feelings and love for her. From between his hand and himself to blame in the moment when blaming is useless.

The most famous types of silent love

  • Impossible love: This love is considered to be one of the types called love torments, in which two lovers are in love with each other but cannot express their feelings to their family and friends due to the material and social differences between the two families.
  • one sided love This is one of the worst and most dangerous types of love because in this case a man insists on being with someone who doesn’t feel anything for him.

There are other types of silent love, and this type is more present in married life. A man can be very loving towards his wife, but despite this he does not reveal his feelings and intense love to her because he believes that when he declares his love and passion that fills her his heart towards her, it lowers his value and status and makes him a weak person in front of her.

Hiding a man’s love

There are many men who hide their feelings and don’t want to reveal and declare them, no matter how much their love is, but this is considered one of the big mistakes that many men do and come back regretting a lot at the time of regretting, it doesn’t do them any good, but there are some signs that indicate the concealment of love when And we will deal with it in the following points:

  • A man tries to change his character and way of thinking for the sake of the girl he likes.
  • A man’s love is manifested in all his actions and way of speaking which is different from all the people around them.

Concealment of love in women

There are many reasons why a woman hides her feelings of love and affection for the person in front of her. When she is not sure of a man’s feelings, she can hide her love so that she is not exposed to rejection, which causes her great humiliation and to preserve her pride and dignity in front of him.

And a woman hides all her feelings and love in order to preserve her modesty and her value in front of her loved ones, and she feels that she should not start declaring all her feelings.

Silent loving glances

  • Confusion of the eyes when the beloved sees the beloved.
  • Pupils dilate when a man looks at a girl he likes and has a lot of love in her heart.
  • A man looks and thinks about all the features of the girl he is connected with during their conversation.
  • A man follows the steps of his beloved all the time.
  • A man wants to be with his beloved all the time and give her a lot of help without asking.

Mutual love quietly

When both parties fall in love, each of them is afraid to reveal their feelings to the other in order not to miss him and lose that love, which was the reason to change his life for the better, and each of them begins to observe the other party from afar.

A woman is shy by nature and is not able to express all her feelings and love for a man before he tells her, but there are many signs that show her love without speaking or revealing anything, which is reflected in the (redness of her face – her a feeling of confusion and intense blackout when seeing a loved one or talking to him_ and others……)

The pain of silent love

It is considered one of the most difficult pains in love, and it is most often when the other party does not know that there is a person who has a lot of feelings, loves him very much, but also suffers for him. a man must either reveal all his feelings or break this love between him and himself.

One sided silent love

One-sided love is feeling a lot of love and affection towards a person who has nothing, and there are many signs that indicate one-sided silent love, which we will explain:

  • Not caring about you and ignoring your feelings all the time.
  • He keeps avoiding you.
  • He rejects you and pushes you away from him and any attempt to get closer to him.

A man’s silence is a sign of love

Of course, a man’s silence is a proof of love, but a man is silent for many reasons, which are presented in the following points:

  • Financial readiness for marriage: A man’s silence may be due to financial readiness before expressing his feelings to the other party to make this engagement official.
  • Fear of losing your loved one as a friend: Sometimes a man is afraid and hesitates to express his feelings towards the one he loves, so as not to lose her as his friend.

Silence in love, what does it mean?

Silence in love means that the love-struck party is weak and unable to face the one he loves, but he must be honest with the other party about all his feelings and the love he has in his heart for him. he had no feelings for him, so he has to get rid of that love so as not to hurt himself and his feelings very much.

How do you deal with a lover who ignores you?

Being ignored is one of the hardest things a person can feel, but there are methods a person should follow:

  • Mutual ignorance So the other party feels their failure because they are waiting for you to respond to that ignoring.
  • Hide Vulnerability: He should show that he is sad and depressed because of this neglect, but he should look normal.
  • Disconnect: After a person makes many different attempts with the one he loves and ignores him, and does not go back to his behavior, then he has to break free from that relationship.

Ignorance in silent love

Many people wonder about ignoring in silent love, because it is one of the most common reasons for breaking up a relationship before it starts, because love is not declared and ignored, and that is enough to end any emotional relationship.

Body language silent love

  • Finger movement: It is one of the strongest signs of love, and it indicates the confusion and trembling of a person when he meets the one he loves.
  • Walking method: When a man cannot express his love, when he sees the one he loves, the way he walks is completely different.
  • Way of sitting: When a man approaches his beloved, it is a strong proof of his love, but he cannot reveal his feelings in front of her.

Signs of longing for a silent man

  • When a man can’t take his eyes off you.
  • When he stops talking to you and looks into your eyes.
  • He misses you a lot when you weren’t there for him.
  • He wants to constantly communicate with you and tell you about the details of his day.

Signs of silent love when a mysterious man

  • Work to be happy all the time.
  • He feels dark and shy when he meets you.
  • He tries to provoke you with some words, jokes and laughter.

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