5 ways to deal with a cruel man in love… and why does a man get angry with the one he loves?

A cruel man in love There are many cruel men in love who deliberately behave cruelly towards women and believe that this is the right behavior, but they do not feel their actions and this can be the reason for destroying his relationship with his life partner, and through this article we will learn about all the negatives and positive sides that revolve around this topic.

A cruel man in love

A cruel man in love

There are many men who insist on treating very loving and affectionate girls very harshly so that they do not show their weakness in front of them because of their love and desire to always be near them, and believe that this diminishes their masculinity in front of them. them and they deliberately treat them in a strict way all the time.

Some men suffer from the idea of ​​engagement, marriage and obligations that abound in their lives after entering into an emotional relationship, so a man treats his beloved very harshly, despite the great love he has in his heart for her. her, which may be the reason for his final exit from her life due to fear and inability to bear stress and responsibility.

There are some other men who are rude to women and all the time they say a lot of stupid words to them which means that their presence is not very important in their lives and that is the reason of their low standard and that they feel all the time that they are not able to provide a decent life for their partner.

So, a man deliberately acts rude when he feels that the girl in front of him has a position and a strong personality, despite the beginning of the relationship, he admired this strength, but after that he gradually began to feel that he was giving up his gradually masculinity, so he tried to return it with extreme cruelty towards her , which was the reason for the permanent break in their relationship…

Reasons for male cruelty in love

  • One of the reasons for a man’s cruelty in love is his feeling that a woman can use that love as a clear and explicit threat to him, so he is harsh towards his beloved because he constantly feels that love increases his weakness and believes that it reduces his prestige in front of her.
  • A man constantly tries to show his cruelty towards a woman in order to reduce her arrogance in front of him, because he feels that the more he loves her, the more her arrogance grows.
  • A man is also harsh towards a woman when he feels that his girlfriend underestimates his feelings and disrespects him in front of many people around him.
  • When a woman lies to her life partner, it is a major factor in causing his extreme cruelty towards her, because lying makes a man have many bad thoughts that make him feel insecure and lack a good balance in his life.
  • There are a large number of women, when they feel a man’s love for them, they try to control them, and when a person feels that love for a loved one will be the reason for weakening his personality in front of her, and she tries to take advantage of his feelings, so his attitude towards her immediately changes and he is very harsh towards her.

Why does a man provoke the woman he loves?

Because he wants to see a smile on the face of his beloved, and sometimes he likes to see him upset, so he laughs at those facial features, and sometimes a man provokes the woman he loves to tell him how much she loves and is devoted to him, and he does not provoke her as would make her sad, but on the contrary, to see in her eyes an indication of his love.

There is another type of men who also want to provoke the ones they love so that their family can see the signs of fierce anger and then reconcile with them, and this is called the spices of love that make the relationship taste different.

The answer to this question is also that there are times when a man provokes a girl he is hooking up with to keep thinking about him and occupy her mind permanently and continuously.

Why are women attracted to tough men?

  • Power and authority: A man is characterized by a hoarse voice that causes a woman to feel a strong chill when she hears his voice, which makes her want to be in his arms, to feel calm.
  • rough print: Women like to be with a strong and reliable man with whom she feels stable and is not afraid of unwanted things that could negatively affect her and her psyche.
  • full manhood: With this type of man, many girls feel comfortable and calm because he does not need to manipulate her feelings, on the contrary, he enters into a relationship with a girl in order to complete his life with her, and he does not need to wear false masks.
  • elusive A mysterious man occupies the woman’s mind and makes her think a lot about him, and his pride and mystery arouse her curiosity to get to him.
  • Irresistible charm: Women admire and are attracted to an elegant, neat man who attracts attention around him when he is present and who always expresses what is inside with signs.

Why does a man get angry with the one he loves?

Anger is one of the negative emotions that has numerous bad consequences that can harm the other party. Anger is also sometimes associated with aggression. We will mention the most important reasons for a man’s anger:

  • Ignoring his opinion: Every love relationship between a man and a woman is based on participation, so if a person sees that the girl he is in a relationship with makes all the decisions in his life without looking back at him or his participation in any decision related to his life, then this makes him sad and upset and he goes through a state of extreme anger.
  • Excessive interference: Men do not like excessive control and interference in all the details of their lives, and this makes them run away from such relationships.
  • Excessive interest in girls: Every man wants to attract the attention of a loved one, and sometimes he is jealous because of her excessive interest in his female friends, which is why he suffers from a state of anger and the appearance of arguments and conflicts between them.
  • extreme jealousy The feeling of jealousy is a natural thing for all women, but sometimes it is excessive and unjustified in many situations, so it is the reason for a man’s anger towards a loved one.

A woman’s reaction to a man’s cruelty

Sometimes the woman’s response is such that she turns away from all the details of his life that were of great importance to her and leaves him to manage all his affairs by himself, without helping him or standing by him, even in the smallest. things.

A man’s cruelty also makes a woman not feel comfortable and encouraged with him and makes her think a lot and want to end her relationship with him in order to live her life without negative energy affecting her life, be it personal or practical.

How do women cope with the cruelty of men in love?

If a man’s cruelty to a woman in love is without reason or justification, then she must reconsider that relationship because she will live her life with him in a state of great misery because he uses her love for himself as a means of pressure on her and greatly controls her life and must keep his dignity and pride, and not to account for your love.

Traits of a tough man

  • He does not enjoy the kindness and tenderness that brings him closer to his beloved.
  • All the time, he deals with great cruelty towards others and a difficult attitude towards those closest to him.
  • All the time he uses violence and severity in all his affairs.
  • She wants to obey his orders and obey him all the time.
  • He doesn’t make the girl he’s dating feel comfortable and calm because of his cruelty towards her all the time.

Why does a man pretend he doesn’t care?

A man pretends to be interested in the case that he is a weak and shy personality and is unable to handle and express all his feelings, affection and love that he has for the person in front of him, so he keeps his feelings inside him all the time and shows disinterest all the time for the people around him because he cannot deal with them.

Why does a man act cold?

When a person does not have complete self-confidence, he behaves coldly because he cannot reveal what is inside him, and this is the reason why a person takes on a completely different personality than his own.

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