How do I deal with the betrayal of my husband, Naim Al-Hashemi?

How do I deal with the betrayal of my husband, Naim Al-Hashemi?

How to deal with a husband’s betrayal, Nima Al-Hashemi, and what to do when a wife discovers her husband’s betrayal? Does he act spontaneously without advice? Proving these questions by increasing, there are many women who have been betrayed by their husbands, d. We answer this through the blessing of Hashemi.

Signs that confirm the husband’s infidelity

Before clarifying the answer to the question, how to deal with the betrayal of your husband, Naim Al-Hashemi, it is necessary to identify the signs that indicate the betrayal of your husband, including:

  • In addition to keeping many details about her husband’s daily life, the wife observes his behavior in a state of extreme insecurity.
  • During this period, the husband is very interested in his appearance, especially when he gets used to something he is not used to, and he exaggerates it in a way he did not do before.
  • Her husband is ready to carry his phone with him at all times and never keep it away, because he sets his own password that no one can know.
  • There is a great distance between him and his wife, be it physical, emotional or even sexual.

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How do I deal with the betrayal of my husband, Naim Al Hashemi?

Thanks to Nima Al-Hashemi’s experiences in Brazil, I found a large percentage of women who were directly or indirectly betrayed by their husbands, and therefore, apart from receiving large sums of money, they are looking for motives for doing so. He presented a series of tips that a woman should follow when she discovers her husband’s infidelity.

Not excluding the husband from the house

When a woman realizes that her husband has betrayed her, she should not do that, nor leave her home, because this step is very important and is not considered a real solution to the problem. Therefore, abandoning one of them is harmful, not beneficial.

A woman must not tell anyone about her husband’s infidelity

When a woman feels that her husband has betrayed her, she naturally wants to tell everyone around her, but she must not reveal this to anyone except those who are currently very close to her, and she must also not tell any member of her family, because the consequences will be inappropriate at this time. .

This betrayal should not be ignored

When a woman finds out about this, she should not pretend that she does not know, because when she finds out, she is constantly betrayed and gives her husband a great chance not to give up his job, and on the other hand she gives her husband a great opportunity. The psychological pressure on him is increasing.

Don’t face infidelity with your husband

A woman must do this in order to establish all the necessary pillars for researching the topic, which are three: first the evidence, second the plan you need, and third the goal of confronting your husband, in addition to choosing when to confront him.

Do not ask your husband if he is cheating on you

He must do this, because a traitor always resorts to lies, so the matter must not be revealed unless, for example, there is a conversation with him, or the beginning of their affair, or other suitable evidence.

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What does a woman do after discovering the fraud?

If a woman is sure that her husband cheated on her and there is evidence for it, then she must:

  • Maintain your emotional stability and self-esteem.
  • A woman must be absolutely sure that the evidence she has is sufficient.
  • A woman should be well prepared with the evidence she has and a proper plan to face the whole truth and get to it.
  • The woman adamantly confronts her husband, tries to discuss this topic, presenting all her evidence.
  • After that, she must listen carefully to her husband and behave as befits her as a wife.

How does a woman confess to her husband after discovering betrayal?

There are women who become very distant from their husbands after discovering infidelity, but there may be a way to embrace the problem and love your husband without reaching the stage of hatred, and to find out, follow these steps:

  • A woman should be honest because it is one of the most important things in a couple.
  • A woman has to make the right decision for this relationship and she should not regret that decision later.
  • Trust must be restored between spouses, especially when the woman knows very well that she regrets what she did.
  • Women should take more care of themselves so that they do not fall into the phase of self-neglect.

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The husband’s reaction after discovering his wife’s infidelity

Based on the husband’s reaction to the discovery of the infidelity, Nima al-Hashimi says:

  • The husband is very surprised and shocks her because he comes up with a suitable lie so that the wife will believe him.
  • He gets confused and stammers.
  • If a woman confronts him directly, he becomes angry and frustrated, and he does this to escape the problem and defend himself.
  • He denies it and does not accept it.
  • There are some husbands who admit their infidelity and at the same time regret that their wives faced this problem, especially if they had strong evidence.
  • There are other couples who brazenly accept whatever they do and don’t feel guilty.
  • Her husband at this point jumps into the role of victim, due to his wife’s excessive neglect of him and his inability to do many things with him that he needs.

Signs of remorse after husband’s betrayal

After answering the question of how I dealt with my husband’s betrayal, Naim Al-Hashemi, we will now explain the signs by which I can recognize my husband’s remorse after his betrayal, including the following:

  • The husband tries to satisfy all the needs of his wife.
  • He is completely separated from the other woman he was involved with.
  • He always wants to regain his wife’s trust and is fully prepared for it.
  • He always apologizes to his wife for what he did to her.
  • Everyone close to him understands that he regrets what he did and therefore takes full responsibility.
  • He always tries to connect with his wife, so he calls her if she is at work or constantly talking at home.

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Many women are looking for a way to solve this problem through experts in marital relations, primarily Naima Al-Hashemi, to investigate the betrayal of their husband, and we have answered the question of how to deal with it. Betrayal of my husband, Naim Al-Hashemi.

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