It caused a crisis in Britain and killed 9 children. Will the “staphylococcal” infection spread to other countries of the world?

Staphylococcus bacteria has reappeared, and the health situation in Britain, due to the lack of penicillin and antibiotics used to control the spread of the bacteria that has killed at least 9 children so far, has fueled fears of its wild spread in other countries.

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Staphylococcus bacteria spread more among children, they are found all over the world since ancient times, and their presence or infection is not limited only to certain countries, but they are present at all times, but the danger of them lies in the neglect of treatment, which can lead to blood poisoning, therefore, you must see a doctor immediately when you experience symptoms of infection.

The first symptom of staphylococcal bacteria is a high temperature, and it is transmitted by traditional methods of infection, which are constantly warned against, and in order to avoid blood poisoning that can lead to death, it is necessary to get the medicine in a timely manner.

Staph bacteria are found all over the world

dr. Hani Al-Nazer, professor of dermatology and former head of the National Research Center, says that staphylococcal bacteria are a type of bacteria that are known and found all over the world, and are not limited to certain countries and are present at all times. They infect people with more than one diseases because they have different types, not one type.

The decorator is Hani Al-Nazer

And he believes: Staphylococcus causes a problem and infection on the skin, especially if there is a scratch on the skin or there is contact with the surface on which the staphylococcus bacteria is located, as a result of its transfer from another person, and it penetrates the skin and creates abscesses or causes purulent inflammation, and occurs in the form of abscesses, ulcers or purulent inflammation;

Traditional methods of infection cause the transmission of staphylococci

According to Dr. Hana Al-Nazer, staph infection occurs as a result of mixing with others or using personal tools, which causes infection and inflammation of the respiratory system, lungs or trachea.

The transmission of staphylococcal bacteria occurs through direct contact and the use of other people’s personal items such as clothes, etc., and the infection can be transmitted from an infected person by eating and drinking using the same dishes and utensils with an infected person.

Al-Nazir confirms that staphylococci are also transmitted by sleeping on the bed of an infected person or the infection is transmitted by coughing and coughing, and it can appear in the form of inflammation and redness of the skin, followed by the formation of ulcers or abscesses that cause suppuration, and are recognized by all known traditional methods infections that constantly warn about it.

Fever is the first symptom of staph bacteria

Al-Nazir confirms that staphylococcus is a group of many microbes, not just one microbe, numbering 40 species.

He continued: Staphylococcus bacteria cause internal infections in the digestive system and intestines, and can also affect the sinuses in the form of severe inflammation and tumors, always accompanied by a high temperature, which is the first sign of a staphylococcal infection, then objective pains appear. , and then other symptoms appear.

When does staphylococcus become a threat to humans?

In a related context, Dr. Hani Al-Nazer said that staphylococci, when examined, we find that they are like clusters of balls and are dangerous microbes, in case it is not treated in time, because delay in treatment causes blood poisoning, and it can also lead to death. And this in case the medicine is not obtained on time, but most cases are treated on time.

The observer points out that staphylococcus in England is spread among children as a result of their direct contact with each other, in play at school or club and in the street, and because they are close to each other, and with the child’s wound during play. , it is enough to transfer the contamination to the wound because children are the most and most easily infected with bacteria.cluster.

Prevention of the causative agent of staphylococcus is the best treatment

And Al-Nazer continues: The prevention of staphylococcal microbes is carried out by following general hygiene rules, starting with washing hands with soap and water, upon returning directly to the house, washing hands with soap and water, and eating less food, with the need to wear a mask, especially during large crowds.

In addition, it was discovered that the muzzle is not only a protection against Corona, but also a protection against all infectious diseases that can be transmitted through the respiratory system, because the muzzle protects us from it.

He added: It is also necessary to distance yourself, and one of the most dangerous things that harm children are kisses addressed to children, as well as meeting and greeting with hugs, which are vile habits that must be stopped because of their danger and cause the transmission of infection, and take into account the lack direct contact.

“Keeping in mind that other people’s accessories such as clothes and make-up accessories are not used, and that men’s shaving accessories are not used because they directly transmit the infection, and these are preventive measures that must be implemented in order to prevent this type of infection microbes.”

When does staphylococcus become dangerous and how is it detected?

dr. Hani Al-Nazer, professor of dermatology, believes that the danger lies in neglecting the treatment of staphylococcal bacteria, which lead to blood poisoning, so one must go to the doctor immediately at the beginning, even if it is simple, even if he was previously infected with it, and do not underestimate any symptoms. Because even the presence of traces of scratches on the skin can lead to poisoning by bacteria that cause blood poisoning.

And he continues: The problem is that a patient in Egypt copes with any disease in three ways, namely that individuals treat themselves, take medicinal herbs, the second way is for the patient to consult with the neighbors and the third way is to ask the pharmacy, and the last the thing is to go to the doctor, and these methods are considered one of the reasons for the spread of the disease. There are many cases in Egypt, and because of this, the patient’s condition comes to the doctor late.

Treat staphylococcal bacteria by paying attention to temperature

And the observer adds: We must know that when a microbe attacks the body, here the body begins to produce its own antibodies, in order for the microbe to wage this war, it causes an increase in temperature, and what is thought is that high body temperature reflects the organism’s resistance to the microbe, and that is the first a sign of infection, so we must immediately go to the doctor to make analyzes and examinations to reveal the matter, bearing in mind that any disease will spread if the general hygiene that must be maintained is not followed.

Reasons for increased talk about staph bacteria

According to Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad, an allergist and immunologist, staphylococcal bacteria are not a new species, and they infect children and infants in the respiratory and pulmonary tracts or sore throats.

And when asked why there is talk of staphylococcal bacteria nowadays, he answers that the reason for this is the excessive use of antibiotics and their long-term use, which causes the growth of the generation. bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, including staphylococcal bacteria.

Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad

He points out that staphylococcal bacteria can be present in hospitals and homes for the elderly as a result of the frequent use of antibiotics, and can attack patients undergoing treatment and infect them with some kind of pneumonia.

Problems with staphylococcus

In this regard, Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad said that the problem of staphylococcal bacteria has many types of antibiotics, just as the flu vaccination has nothing to do with the treatment of staphylococci, and does not protect against it at all, because influenza is a completely different virus and has its vaccine and is therefore not suitable for treatment. Staphylococcus bacteria.

Staphylococcus aureus does not cause a weakened immune system, it attacks a person with a weakened immune system

Allergy and immunology consultant, Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad, confirms that staphylococcal bacteria attack the human body in case of weak immunity, and cause some kind of superficial and deep abscesses, and cause lung irritation in children and people with weak immunity, and cause a kind of inflammation lungs.

He adds: It does not lead to a weakening of immunity, but it works and attacks a person with weak immunity, and the action is manifested in inflammation of the skin or lungs.

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