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Tuesday, December 13, 2022 07:22

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The pulse of the World Cup

December 13, 2022 at 7:00 a.m

The pulse of the World Cup

Zidane manipulates the legends of Brazil

The 2006 World Cup in Germany will go down in history for French legend Zinedine Zidane, not only because it was the last football competition he played in before his retirement or his famous header of Italian defender Materazzi in the final, but also because of the extraordinary level he displayed “Zizou” in the quarter-finals of the World Championship. In front of Brazil, when “Samba” gave an unforgettable lesson in football, where Zizou played that clash as if it were a match between neighborhoods, and not in front of a team full of football legends like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Carlos, Kaka, Robinho, and the list goes on. is long, Zidane concluded his legendary match by assisting Henry, who scored the winning goal for France. Football experts described what Zidane did in that match as the greatest individual performance in the history of the World Cup.


Al Dahra teaches Amrabat how to win the World Cup

The heart of the Moroccan national team met with the Brazilian football legend “Ronaldo” on the sidelines of a short rest that the Lions from Atlas used well before leaving for preparations for the semi-finals of the World Cup against France. One of Amrabat’s friends made an interesting comment on it in the Venom language titled “Come Amrabat, I’ll teach you how to win the World Cup”, indicating that Ronaldo gave Amrabat advice before the World Cup semi-finals and showed him the easiest way to lead Morocco to the World Cup crown , is a comment that really impressed the midfielder, and this is also proven by the fact that he posted it again on his official Instagram profile.

Walker and Stones bring the cat from Al Wakrah

In the last edition of the “World Cup Pulse” page, we published a funny news about the new friendship of the English duo Kyle Walker and John Stones on the first day in Qatar, more precisely in the hotel “Souq Al Janoub” in Al Wakrah, and it is about a stray cat, and it seems that the friendly relationship between the two stars of the English national team and the cat was very strong, to the extent that they could not separate her and decided to take her with them to England, and the English media widely circulated the news about the return of the Manchester City defender, accompanied by a cat from Katara, who commented that the stars of the English national team did not return to the World Cup from the World Cup. Qatar, But they didn’t return to England empty-handed either, instead they decided to name the cat “Dave”, and according to the “Guardian” newspaper, the cat was transferred to a veterinary clinic in London for tests and quarantine. pre-extraction period.


Al-Nusairi’s father bursts into tears at Al-Thumam

Striker Youssef Al-Nusairi’s historic goal against Portugal, a record high, and took the Moroccan team to the semi-finals of the World Cup, had a very influential impact on the father of “Al-Nusairi”, who could not control himself from the force of the blow and wept bitterly in the stands of the “Al-Thumama” stadium, where he filmed himself crying after his son scored a goal, which confirms the very high pressure that everyone at Al-Thumama was under. The Nusairi family felt it, especially after the harsh criticism their son was exposed to by fans, either before the World Cup or after the first two matches against Croatia and Belgium, before he returned. Youssef is strong and scored two goals on the way to the adults against Canada and Portugal, and led the Lions to the real miracle of the World Cup by reaching the semi-finals.

Hakimi’s doppelgänger makes an event at McDonald’s

The World Cup in Qatar was exceptional, not only for the brilliance of the organization of the tournament and its brilliant success, i.e. the high technical level, unprecedented excitement and thunderous surprises, but also for the appearance of a very large number of people who resembled the players to a degree that is completely unimaginable, after appearance of a person who looks like a Brazilian star. Neymar da Silva” to such an extent that even the organizers of the World Cup and the fans were tricked into believing that he was the real Neymar, and everywhere he visited he caused real commotion. He directly benefited from the greatness of the Moroccan national team and became very famous among the fans of the World Cup championship, so that all customers call him “Hakimi” and take photos and videos with him to remember, who created a wonderful atmosphere of the World Championship in the restaurant, who was dressed in a pure Moroccan suit.


The game between Morocco and France divided the Dembele family

The historic clash in the semi-finals of the World Cup, which will bring together Morocco and France, will have a very special flavor in the family of the star of the French national team and the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​”Osmana”. Dembele”, who will be divided into two groups, since he has been married to a Moroccan woman for more than a year, and he held his wedding with her in Morocco, in the manner of both Moroccan and Islamic customs, considering that, without a doubt, Dembele’s wife will support with full force the national team of his country, Morocco, and this time he will face his husband who will be forced to anger his wife in order to achieve his dream and lead France to crown the World Cup, and without a doubt the summit between Morocco and France has started too soon at the Dembele home which will be split between the Atlas pro-lions and the French dukes.


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