A heroic performance for Morocco… and small details deprived him of the “World Cup final”

Sportsmen and technical analysts described the game of the Moroccan national team against the star-studded French national team as heroic and honorable for Arab football, despite the two-goal defeat the day before yesterday in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Cup “Qatar 2022”, so the Arab dream of realizing the dream match was stopped in the final of the World Cup. They said: “The Moroccan national team played a great game, showed a strong game, fought hard and was the best in many periods.” This is the first defeat for Morocco since the beginning of their career at the current World Cup, which was shown in minute detail, including individual mistakes that cost Morocco an early goal, and the great physical stress that manifested itself in a large number of players, due to the great effort they put into previous matches, and then significant injuries that caused In forced changes in the way of playing, especially after the departure of Nayef Akrad and Sayes due to injuries, along with the psychological pressure the players faced when they had to beat France and reach the final, except for the absence of the final after a dangerous chance with the scissors of Jawad Al-Yamiq, as well as a missed opportunity. Thank God, in addition, they met the defending champion in which they have the best players, especially the quartet: Mbappe, Griezmann, Dembele and Jiro.

They told “Emirates Today”: “Morocco had the initiative in the game for a long time and could have turned the tide had he taken the opportunities he had despite the defeat, and what he achieved is a source of pride for Morocco and all Arabs and Africans.”

Tomorrow, the Moroccan national team will renew their meeting with Croatia in the fight for third place at the World Cup after playing a negative tie in the first round, while France will compete with Argentina the day after tomorrow for the title of world champion.

A strong match for the world champion

The former coach of the United Arab Emirates national team, and the current Hatta team, Dr. Abdullah Mesfer, believes that “the very arrival of Morocco in the semi-finals of the World Cup is a success for Moroccan football, and the national team lost honorably after that. He played a high game against France. ” He added: “Football is a game of mistakes. The Moroccan national team led the game for a long time and could have changed the result, they could have scored at any moment, but the French national team with their experience, as well as their substitutes who made the difference, turned it around in the end France.” ».

He also said: “Injuries among the players, as well as fatigue, great mental pressure, and an early French goal, were one of the reasons for the defeat. Unfortunately, the two goals of the French national team were the result of two mistakes.”

Mesfer pointed out that in general the Moroccan game was honorable, and the difference was in the play of the players and their ability to keep up with the French national team. If there had been mandatory changes due to injuries, the situation would have been different.

A historic achievement

Dibba Club Musharraf First Team Board Member, Juma Al Abdouli, described the Moroccan national team’s performance against star-studded France as Musharraf, noting that “Morocco failed to score from the opportunities they were given, but reaching this stage of the World Cup itself championship is considered a historic achievement.” He continued: “I have noticed during the matches played by Morocco that there are no significant differences between him and most of the teams he has faced, since most of his players are professionals in the European leagues, with the exception of a very few professionals in the Moroccan league. and Gulf League.” He stressed that during the match there were no cases of fear or apprehension on the part of the players of the Moroccan national team against France. Al-Abdouli emphasized that he hopes that the Moroccan national team will win the third place at the World Cup.

Circumstances of injuries

Former Al-Nasr football team director and technical analyst, Khaled Obaid, praised the level at which Morocco showed up against a strong and organized team such as world champions France, which includes some of the best players in the world. He pointed out that the match was not easy for the Moroccan national team, but despite that it was a strong game for the French national team. He continued: “The state of injuries suffered by the Moroccan national team, forced coach Walid Rekraki to make forced changes to his squad during the game, especially the player Roman Sayes, who suffered from an injury since the warm-up period for the Moroccan national team before the start of the game, apart from the early goal which came at a difficult moment, caused confusion and tension among the players, especially since the Moroccan national team is used to not conceding goals in this tournament, and has always won matches against its competitors and ended the match in its favor, especially in the second half.

He pointed out that there was a lot of pressure on the players of the Moroccan national team, due to the huge support of its fans, both Moroccans, Arabs and others who heartily cheered him on in the stands, and there was a great desire to continue. his great career and reached the final of the World Championship. He said: “Even though he conceded an early goal, he didn’t back down, he took the initiative and attacked and had a few chances, but his problem was in the finish.”

7 reasons

1- The strength of the French national team full of stars, led by Kylian Mbappe, Griezmann and Jira.

2- Great psychological pressure faced by the Moroccan players by reaching the final of the World Cup.

3- The absence of the last touch, after the missed chances scored by Onahi and Al-Yamiq, and thank God.

4- The impact of injuries and the departure of influential players such as defensive captain Roman Sayes.

5- Individual mistakes that caused confusion in the defense.

6- Early goal in the fifth minute.

7- Physical stress for players.

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