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Gaza – Al-Quds Sports Correspondent and Ahmed Al-Mashharawi – The Supreme Council for Youth and Sports paid tribute to two Palestinian fair-weather football stars who graced Palestinian stadiums during the eighties. The International Committee for Football Legacy in the VIP hall in Lusail The stadium where the final match of the World Cup will be played, and the Palestinian football stars from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, who won the bronze title at the Arab Championship in Jordan in the 1990s, were also honored. The delegation arrived in Doha at the invitation of Abdel Salam Haniyeh, Assistant Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, in recognition of their history full of Palestinian stadiums representing Palestinian national teams.

Meeting with the delegation

And he met Dr. Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of Hamas, before honoring the sports delegation, where he emphasized that it is necessary to honor these athletes by participating in the World Cup, because of their rich history in Palestinian stadiums, expressing his pride and wishing them the pleasure of watching the World Cup matches in his final matches, highlighting the support and encouragement of the entire Palestinian people to the Moroccan national team for its great historical achievement.

Haniyeh said that during his career, Morocco recorded three great meanings of its presence at the World Cup, namely: bowing at every match, raising the Palestinian flag and honoring parents by the players), noting that all the previous scenes are from the values ​​of Islam and masculinity, and will have a clear impact on the future generation.

Haniyeh thanked the State of Qatar for hosting the Palestinians, providing all facilities and support, and providing accommodation, wishing them success and progress. For his part, Faris Abu Shawish, a member of the sports delegation, thanked Dr. Haniyeh for the invitation and the honor shown to the delegation, stressing that it was nothing strange for a Palestinian sports leader, and that he never spared his support. Abu Shawish also greeted his son Abdul Salam, who played a big role in the arrival of old athletes in Doha, and the presence of the largest media delegation at the level of all the countries present at the World Championship. Abu Shawish praised the great potential of the State of Qatar to be the best organization of the World Cup in history, highlighting the support of everyone for the Moroccan national team, from the masses of the ocean to the Gulf.

Yassin is one of the first sports fans

On the other hand, Abd al-Salam Haniyeh, assistant secretary of the Supreme Council, reminded Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as one of the leaders of the Palestinian people, and said that Yassin was one of the first supporters of sports activities and engaged in gymnastics, which was the cause of his disability .Championships in all regions, in addition to his role in founding the Association of Sports Clubs, founding the Club of the Islamic Complex and the Club of the Islamic Society “Al-Sadaqa” and giving importance to sports as an incubator. for the youth, referring to the role of the leaders of martyr Ismail Abu Shanab and martyr Khalil Al-Quqa in supporting sports activities, and he welcomed. Ismail Haniyeh for the support and sponsorship of his sports career.

Delegation meeting with Afifi in Cairo

Before arriving in Doha, Egypt, Cairo, the delegation met with Major General Ahmed Al-Afifi, the first president of the Palestine Football Association since the return of Palestine to FIFA in 1998, and he expressed his happiness to meet the Palestinian football stars with whom he had a good relationship, fond memories and achievements of Palestinian football, and wished the delegation success in its mission. For their part, the stars of the delegation confirmed their gratitude to Major General Al-Afifi and his reception with them, and they all exchanged conversations about the attitudes that brought them together in many participations and tournaments with the Palestinian national team. It is important to note that Abd al-Salam Haniyeh, Assistant Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, announced that a group of old stars of the Palestinian national team will travel to the State of Qatar to attend the 2022 World Cup.

The third championship of Palestine

The Palestinian Equestrian Association announced that it has made all preparations and preparations for the launch of the third Palestinian Championship for Egyptian Arabian horses, which are registered with the Specific Origin International Association of ECAHO, which will be held as part of the Grand National Festival on December 16 and 17. in Yasser Arafat’s city of Jericho.

Palestinian achievements in physical strength

In addition, Palestinian players in Lebanon won 9 different medals as a result of Palestine in the Asian Championship for Physical Strength in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where the Palestinian champion Mustafa Abu Nasser from the Nahr Al-Bared Camp of the Palestinian Diaspora in Lebanon managed to win gold of the Asian Open Weight Championship in the sport of physical strength.” “Dead Lift” organized by the International Federation of Physical Strength IPF. The Gaza Strip Stars also won 7 other medals. Adly Al-Assar won four medals for the “Vetrans” category, two gold, one silver and one bronze. Champion Atta Wadi won a silver medal in lifting: “squat” 205 kg, bench press 140 kg, and dead lift 225 kg. International champion Youssef Shahwan won bronze in the bench press with 152.5 kilograms at the championship, and international champion Abdul-Jabbar Skaik won silver in the bench press with 157.5 kilograms, and bronze in the “deadlift” with 270 kilograms in the championship. It is important to note that the national team consists of Adly Al-Assar, Atta Wadi, Youssef Shahwan, Abdul-Jabbar Skaik and Mustafa Abu Nasser, and the acceptance of the international referee Hamdi Al-Madhoun as a referee for the tournament.

Tribute to the Boy Scout leader and karate star

On the other hand, the head of the Gaza Sports Club, Dr. Khaled Al-Wadiya and members of the Board of Directors, praise and thanks to scout leader Mona Hatem Abu Shaaban, a member of the Palestinian Scout Association and the Brigadier Scout Group for choosing the champion among the Messengers of Peace among the twelve winners worldwide. Al-Wadiya also expressed his gratitude to the club’s karate star, Muhammad Al-Qudwi who won a bronze medal for Palestine at the West Asian Championships in the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. He also thanked the club’s karate team, the coaching staff and the management of the karate academy he runs. Palestinian champion Imad Hammad. Academy player Al-Ameed Al-Qudwa participated in representing the club and Palestine at the West Asian Kumite Championships.

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