Colorful murals of endangered animals and awareness of their struggle for survival.

An incredibly proactive artist, ardent environmentalist and unwavering supporter of nature in his art, work and ideas, Louis Masai’s work touches on the bitter questions of environmental threats and questions the relationship between humans, wildlife and the planet’s biodiversity.

• Art to highlight climate change and species equality

Lewis mural. Masai – Photo from his official Instagram page

Louis Masai is a British visual artist who dedicates his art in the form of murals, paintings and installations around the world as a way of revealing climate change and the importance of equality between species. They also become awareness campaigns, addressing local and international communities, highlighting the collapse of biodiversity, to give voice to the voiceless.
The vision of the Maasai is a world where nature is not only respected, but also thrives. Together with his supporters, he wants to see a planet that nurtures animal species of all kinds. His mission is to raise awareness about the degradation of nature and try to connect man with nature through art. Where he believes that we can and should fight extinction together.

• If we don’t preserve the objects, only toys and souvenirs will remain

Lewis mural. Masai – Photo from his official Instagram page

From public walls to canvas, he creates patchwork and spotted animals with true passion and unwavering respect for animals in the wild. As a painter, sculptor and muralist, Maasai uses his work as a way to highlight the sixth mass extinction, climate change and species equality. His current work deals with endangered species, created in the form of decorative stuffed toys, highlighting the need for man to pay more attention to what is happening in nature and to recognize that it is unprotected. Only toys and souvenirs.
What is notable in Masai’s murals is the weaver bee that weaves pieces of fabric from the body of the animal he is drawing. Masai presented a film called “The Art of Bees” in which he is dedicated to endangered local species and the urgent need to deal with climate change and the environment, as he believes that bees are especially necessary for the survival of ecosystems and species. Bees call everyone to unite, to put nature first, and the real “art of bees” is to unite humanity to restore the planet.

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• The reason for the failure to identify the disappearing species ..!

Lewis mural. Masai – Photo from his official Instagram page

Louis Masai tells nextstreetgallery-com: “My subjects are focused on animals, but always try to find a human reference to harmonize an element that may not have been apparent before.”
For example, through my program Afrofabrication, I linked textile patterns with animals in an attempt to comment on the human desire to cover up, or use flashy colors, to attract a mate. Last of its Kind also documents endangered birds with references to musicians.Extinct. The idea of ​​this series was to ask why people often do not recognize species that are disappearing and at the same time mourn the death of a number of species.”
(The All Fruits Ripe podcast was started by Louis Masai, recorded in South London with Adam Helow of Unit 137. The podcast consists of open discussions and research on environmental issues with experts in their field. The aim of the podcast is to discover methods used by many people. Inspired individuals themselves they pick ripe fruits.)

• Passion for animals since childhood

Lewis mural. Masai – Photo from his official Instagram page

About his passion for the animal world, Masai explains in an interview with huffpost-com: “I had an affinity for the animal kingdom. When I was about ten years old, I toured the WWF to raise money for tigers. During my childhood, I had posters of tigers and lions on my walls and I would collect the weekly nerdy animal science posters
He explains: “When I look at animals, I feel a passion and love that I can’t really explain. I’d rather talk to my dog ​​and cat than my neighbor. I talk to my neighbor too, but I have a sixth sense with animals and I feel like I understand this meaning.”

• Louis Masai

Mural by Louis Masai in Auckland. Photo courtesy of huffpost-com

Painter, sculptor and muralist living in London. He uses his art in the form of murals, paintings and installations to highlight future mass extinctions, climate change and species equality. Lewis has worked with URBAN NATION on a number of projects from URBAN NATION @ Lollapalooza to his artistic contribution “The Monster Project”.
According to Louis Masai’s official website,, Masai studied at the prestigious Falmouth School of Art, where he works to combine textural patterns in the form of patchwork and animal prints to create contrasting reactions, broad comments on the human demand for life that can harm environment, he deliberately uses the color Glamorous, which can attract the eye, alert the mind and arouse the consciousness, although it always raises many questions about a concept that may not be clear at first. .

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From Louis’ official Instagram page

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