Colors of the homeland | The page “Missing children” contributes to the return of the absent to their families. Volunteering is the password

There are numerous stories that the pioneers of social networks share from time to time through their personal pages and tell stories about the return of missing persons to their families after long years of absence stretching back to several decades, which highlights the great benefit of technological development and the effective role played by “social media” platforms. media” in serving the community in the light of the increasing number of users who are daily around the world.

And researching the stories about the return of the missing families to Egypt, it became clear that most of them started with a message of grief from the parents to the management of the page “Missing Children” by its founder Rami Al-Jabali. , via the social network “Facebook” until it ends at the meeting place of loved ones with the missing, and everyone is beside themselves with joy.

The role of “social media” in community service

Regarding the role of “social media” in serving society in general, Rami Al-Jabali said, during his interview with “Al-Watan”, that despite the shortcomings of social media platforms, due to the terrible technological development and the increasing number of its users, it is now playing a large and effective role in serving society. And directing it, such as launching campaigns to collect donations or initiatives to provide material assistance to the needy, in addition to its role in correcting some prominent mistakes in the street by pointing them out in an orderly and decent way until they are resolved and corrected.

One of the effective roles “Social Media” has played in recent years is returning many of the missing to their families, according to “Al-Jabali,” who explained that he and his wife launched the “Missing Children” social networking site 8 years ago, with with the aim of positively exploiting the power of “Social Media” by searching for the absent and connecting them with their loved ones, adding that over time people’s trust in the page has increased, and thus the number of its followers, and after he managed it only with his wife, now with them this task shared by another 7 people, along with 7 thousand volunteers who lend a helping hand to families whose hearts are broken by the loss of their loved ones.

Action plan for returning missing people to their families

“The problem starts with an alert message that the family sends to the message page.” said Al-Jabali, adding that after that telephone contact is established with the informant, and the truth of his speech is confirmed, and that the matter is without any family disputes. As the rules of operation of the site administration prevent interference in such matters, then all available data and information about the absent person, including what describes the appearance and facial features, are taken, so that their validity and integrity can be tested at the hands of volunteers on the site.

“I have people who are responsible for reviewing the dates and their security, as well as making sure that we can expect the absentee to be as old as he is now, to determine our search department. Also, the Copywriter team is responsible for producing quality information as we could publish them in a post on the page,” says the founder of the “Missing Children” page. And this despite the interaction of a large number of followers with the page’s posts. and their participation in the research, the role of the holder does not end there, but extends to visits to homes for the elderly and reviewing the papers and records of prisoners; It is possible that the absent person is placed in one of these homes: “Sometimes we send volunteers in the form of donors to go to nursing homes and take turns in them.”

Other social services provided by the site

Although the site is called “Missing children”, its social role was not limited to returning the missing to their families, but also extended to highlighting some negative aspects of society and the street, drawing attention to them in order to correct them and calling people to they leave and distance themselves, while correcting errors on the Some care homes page, such as abuse of prisoners and the like, by highlighting them: “When a child or an adult person is missing and we meet them in a nursing home, before handing them over to their family, we ask him whether he behaved well in the home or not, and if he complained about something, let’s go, discuss this complaint with the management of the home and correct the mistake as much as possible.”

Many touching stories were shared by the site’s management with their followers, relaying their success in reuniting their families with their families after years of absence, the most notable being the story of an Egyptian mother, “Rida,” who met her Jordanian son, “Wissam ” at Cairo airport after 43 years of deprivation, during which she believed her son He had died as an infant, her Jordanian husband told her at the time, before they separated and her return to Egypt drew the tails of disappointment and heartbreak on the late son of her womb, and the same happened with the son whose father learned that his mother had died, so he lived for many years contented with being his mother’s orphan, until God in his mercy wanted something else and she’s gone. The aunt of a young man from Tunisia tells him that his mother is Egyptian and that she is still alive, so the son begins, from the moment he hears those words, the journey of searching for his mother, using the page “Missing children” and its followers, until God don’t connect.

The unknown soldier in the success of the “Missing Children” page.

“Society is the unknown soldier in any success that the site achieves,” states “Al-Jabali”, explaining that if there was no faith and trust in the site, the number of its followers and interactions would not increase, and thus its strength and bringing about change. , which indicates that one of the most important reasons for gaining people’s trust and followers is that all those in charge of the site work as volunteers and do not receive any money for their service.

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