In the infographic… New benefits for Egyptians living abroad who want to import cars

The country has established a set of benefits, facilities and legislation that allow its citizens abroad to import cars free of taxes and duties, thereby achieving many advantages represented by the existence of flexible and clear procedures for Egyptians abroad in this regard, and increasing the source of foreign exchange for the Egyptian state and remittances workers abroad, in order to, in addition to reviving the car market in Egypt and compensating for the lack of supply, especially with the decline in global production, in addition to opening new investment horizons.

In this regard, the Media Center of the Council of Ministers released a report that included infographics highlighting the new benefits the government has provided to Egyptians living abroad who wish to import cars, in response to their comments.

The report stated that the decision envisages allowing Egyptians living abroad to import one private passenger car for personal use, exempt from taxes and duties, in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in Law no. 161 from 2022.

The report states that the amendments to the decision provide for the abolition of the condition of depositing the amount for payment at least three months before the transfer, with the presentation of only the bank statement for the account from which the amount was transferred, with the cancellation of the request for certification of residence by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the bank statement and a Car Information certificate provided by an Egyptian resident abroad.

As for the conditions necessary for the import of a passenger car, the report emphasized the necessity of a valid legal stay abroad, and that the import of a car from the first owner is not tied to a specific year of production, and that whatever of production be 2019 or later if the import was made by someone who is not the first owner of the car and that he submits The student must have a bank account statement for 6 months before the date of transfer, together with the publication of special and atypical equipment and settings that the car has.

As for the cars whose importation is prohibited, they include, according to the report, cars with specifications that are not allowed to circulate in the country, such as right-hand drive cars and cars with prohibited equipment and settings that cannot be separated from a car without damages or damages.

The report talked about the steps of importing a car, which are reflected in the implementation of the initial registration procedures via the application and the first registration of the car, with the payment of the due cash amount, which is transferred from abroad to the bank account. Ministry of Finance at the National Bank of Egypt number (173100167) and is returned at the local exchange after 5 years.

The report reviewed the registration steps on the app, as they involve an Egyptian abroad opening an electronic account on the Egyptians Abroad Cars app with a unique identification number (ID) by entering their personal information (quadruple name – date of birth – country of residence – national number – document number about stay in the country). Foreigner and his type – means of communication – information about his bank account abroad).

The next step involves uploading the documents to the application in preparation for the initial car registration, which is a colored copy of the national identity card, Egyptian passport or Egyptian birth certificate, a valid legal residence document issued by the country in which he has the right to reside, a valid foreign passport and an extract from the bank or confirmation from the bank with the date the account was opened, marriage certificate or birth certificate if the student is a family member.

The report shows the first steps for car registration, where, after opening an electronic account, the basic information about the car is filled in, including the type of car (new or used), date of the first traffic license (first owner or not), country of origin, year of manufacture, liter volume and the country of the port of shipment, to what extent the car contains special, exceptional or atypical equipment and to what extent the conditions for the application of one of the international trade agreements are fulfilled or not.

Also, according to the report, after filling in the required information, the application automatically determines the cash amount of the car debt according to the car category in the tables (high-medium-normal) within each brand, while the cash amount of the debt is estimated in each case separately for cars that are not included in the tables. This is according to the inquiry submitted by the applicant to the Customs Administration, provided that this inquiry is answered within three working days from the date when the applicant completed the data and documents necessary to complete the assessment, while the Customs Administration is obliged to update the tables by adding cars for which monetary amounts are determined through specified queries.

This comes while the next step, after determining the cash amount due, involves the applicant electronically expressing acceptance (confirmation and commitment) on the form that all the information is correct and undertakes to deliver the original documents or their official copies to the competent customs after the completion of the vehicle release procedures.

The report showed how to transfer the cash amount due. After registering the car and determining the cash amount, the student is issued an order through the platform to pay the due cash amount to the bank account within four months from the date of implementation of the provisions of this decision. The full amount due.

The report stated that it is necessary to transfer the cash amount from the student’s bank account in his country of residence, with the exception of those who have the right to reside in countries that do not allow foreign nationals to open bank accounts, and if the request is accepted, the student within within seven working days, an approved import permit, issued by the Ministry of Finance, which is valid for one calendar year from the date of issuance, is delivered to his electronic account, during which he has the right to complete the final procedures for registering the car and send it.

In the event that the request is rejected, the student will be notified of this on his electronic account, and the previously transferred cash amount will be returned from the student to the same bank account from which it was transferred in the same foreign currency without deduction. all amounts except transfer fees, within five working days of the date of rejection.

The report also touched on the procedures for final registration and completion of customs clearance procedures, which entail that the applicant who has received an import authorization is transferred to the electronic system prepared for the pre-booking of shipments in order to enter the shipment information and complete all the necessary information to complete the customs clearance procedure and release vehicles.

The procedures also include that in the case of imports from the first owner of a car whose year of manufacture is before 2019, a certificate of passage in the country of residence must be submitted with information about the car and the date of purchase or Final registration procedures end with the issuance of a certificate of initial customs release to the student, and then with the final release of the car from the port of arrival.

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