Link to apply for the second high school exam 1444

Second Secondary Aptitude Test Registration Link 1444, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Measurement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enabled students to register for the Aptitude Test, which is one of the most important links that students know to secondary school, and the General Aptitude Test is one of the most important tests that students must pass at the secondary school level, which is provided by the assessment and education administration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and helps us to know, and for the years 1444 AH and many other important questions related to it.

Aptitude tests for secondary level 1444

The skills test, which is aimed at all high school students from the second grade to the third grade of high school, is considered a measure of the cognitive abilities of the students, according to the provisions of the Higher Education Council – which council is responsible for developing questions A series of questions that will measure and evaluate the academic skills and abilities of students. The test is divided into two parts (Linguist section and Mathematics section) to test each student’s skills.

Registration Information for Qiyas Skill Tests 1444

The paper test application data is different from the computer data, because the paper test is conducted throughout the year, while the paper test is with specific numbers published by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation through the Qiyas website, and you can find out the registration dates for secondary aptitude tests for the year 1444 AH by following the following steps

  • Go to the rating body’s website.
  • from the menu bar; Click on Products and Services.
  • Select “Measurement” from the menu on the right.
  • Clicking on college entrance exams, including selecting a general aptitude test.
  • Or you can directly access the general ability options.
  • Click on the exam schedule.
  • See the table shown in the table.

Link to register for the second high school exam 1444

High School Students can apply for High School Qualifications for 1444H by following the simple online steps below

  • Log in to the “Vias” website.
  • Enter your marital status number.
  • Enter the password.
  • Ask the site to verify the action.
  • Press the login icon.
  • Select which tests are available for registration.
  • through the general ability test code; Click on Register.
  • Press Print.
  • You will be redirected to the help page.
  • According to instructions.
  • Click {Next.
  • Select the appropriate center to register for the exam.
  • Click {Next.
  • Choose the correct date.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the appointment booking.
  • Complete the payment to confirm your trial booking.

How to apply for last year 1443

Secondary school students must create a new account on the website of the Education and Assessment Authority “Qiyas”, in order to register for the aptitude test and benefit from all the electronic services offered by the site. The measurement steps are as follows

  • Enter the measurement location.
  • Select “Register Now”.
  • Enter the necessary information and
    • Marital status number or residence number.
    • Date of birth.
    • The full name of the new account holder.
    • nationality.
    • Place of residence.
    • administrative.
  • The required personal data has been filled.
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Press Continue.
  • Specify academic qualification.
  • Record the data of the study.
  • Create and confirm a new password.
  • Choose a secret question and write the answer.
  • Writing visual code.
  • Send a request.

Gym Aptitude Test Fees

Fees for second-year high school aptitude tests vary from a paper-based test to a computerized test. The following table shows the prices of the aptitude test for the second year of high school for the year 1444 Hijri.

test type Participation fees
paper early registration 100 Saudi Riyals
paper late registration 150 Saudi Riyals
Computer __________________ 150 Saudi Riyals

Method of payment of Qiyas 1444 skill test fee

General Aptitude Test Fees can be paid through ATM as follows

  • Go to the ATM.
  • Insert the bank card in its place.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click to pay.
  • Write the number (008).
  • Press Confirm.
  • Enter the subscriber’s account number in Qiyas, then press Confirm.
  • Follow the instructions to pay the fee.

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Results of the second fitness test in the gym

Namely, there are no successes or failures on the aptitude test for the second year of high school, with the results of the computer test appearing within fourteen (14) days, while the results of the paper test take thirty (30) days. Below are the details of the second grade math aptitude test results

Student page result
5% of the best students 81% – 100%
10% of the best students 78% – 81%
20% of the best students 73% – 78%
30% of the best students 70% – 73%
Average student scores 65% – 70%
Less than 30 students less than 65%

Number of opportunities to apply for measurement tests

A student can apply for the Qiyas test (5) times in a period of 3 years at different times, and can choose between paper tests and computerized tests, knowing that the maximum number of times to apply for the computerized Arabic language test is only three (3) or for the English language exam, the student can register it 4 times, and it should be noted that changes or deletion of exams can be made before (72) hours for all paper exams and (48) hours for all computer exams.

Methods of communication with the measurement department

You can communicate with the measurement center through a number of channels, which include:

  • The index is 920033555.
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Headquarters – Riyadh – Al-Nakhil West District, King Khalid Bin Abdulaziz Road, PO Box 68566 – Riyadh, Postal Code 11537.
  • Electronic contact form “Y”.

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Link to register for the second high school exam 1444

It is possible to enter the 1444 AH Abilities High School registration link directly and follow all the registration steps above to book a test appointment, whether it is a paper test via testing centers around the Kingdom or a computerized test via testing sites.

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