Children’s creations in 2022

Children’s creativity is one of the topics for which interest has increased in recent years, both at home and at school, and it also has its own special space in halls, entertainment centers and clubs. This is because of the direct relationship between creativity and the development of societies, and what a beautiful and wonderful creative child is in our Arab world, and especially in the year 2022; Where competitions were held for him in fun seasons and libraries. Dr. Ikram Abdel Salam, kindergarten teacher, talks about the value of creativity and how to develop it in a child.

Childhood is a creative project

Childhood is a creative project
  • Educators and psychologists confirm that creativity is established already in early childhood, and every child is a creative project, and by nature possesses all the elements of creativity and all its tools, and therefore the emphasis on the importance of education.
  • Creativity is any unusual work and any thinking outside the box, therefore creativity can be defined as human activity, purposeful and directed, through which the child tries to discover something new.
  • Creativity can be inventing something new, solving a difficult problem, or writing a poem or novel. Creativity is not intelligence or academic excellence, but the ability to walk in a different way and come up with new ideas.
  • Parents must direct the child to practice what he likes in the right place, teach him how to think, how to behave and how to fearlessly express what is inside him, away from the template ready for thinking.

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Ways to develop creativity in a child

A child has the ability to innovate and create
  • Parents should never doubt for a moment that creativity exists in one child and not in another, because every child has the ability to innovate and think.
  • Creativity can appear in one aspect or area of ​​a child, and we as educators must discover it. Singing, writing, acting, drawing and sports.
  • The responsibility for the development of children’s creative abilities does not lie on one side, but on everyone, starting with parents, through kindergartens, and up to school.
  • Productive creative behavior is not simply the result of individual effort or innate genetic predisposition, but rather the culmination of the efforts of many factors and circumstances at home and at school.
  • We must be aware that creativity is a mental skill, and it is possible to improve and develop it through training and encouraging the child.
  • If we want to take care of the creative side of our children; Serious attention should be paid to school activities, curricula and teaching methods.

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Competitions for creative children

Competitions for creative children
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina opened the 13th cycle of the exhibition “Workshops for children’s and youth creativity” in 2022, in the Exhibition Hall of the Congress Center.
  • Today, all public and private sectors in Arab countries want to hold art competitions for young creators, amidst nature and beauty.
  • Every child who enjoys curiosity, imagination and self-confidence can apply, each according to his creativity, in: writing stories, singing, acting… and maybe even cooking.
  • The exhibition includes the results of art workshops organized by art schools throughout the year, whether for ordinary people or people with special abilities, namely art, theater and music workshops.
  • The course includes art works from 2020 to 2022, and along with the exhibition, workshops for children from institutions and associations will be organized.

Various activities inspired by nature and life in the jungle

Creativity inspired by nature
  • In Jeddah Season 2022, the opportunity was indispensable for participation and creativity, which attracted the fingers of creative children to show their artistic creations. They do this by confidently and calmly, in the middle of nature, showing their distinctive talents in drawing.
  • Children up to the age of seven also embodied art in its different dimensions, with the admiration of many visitors to the garden, and some were accompanied by a mother who talked about how to teach her children to draw and take them to exhibitions; to acquire a skill.
  • While some children expressed satisfaction with this experience, drawing directly in front of the audience, and thanked their parents for their constant support and continuous encouragement. attend such events.

How to raise a creative child?

Every child has a special imagination and creativity
  • Creativity in children is innate. Children have a fertile imagination and a natural ability to innovate. If you want your child to always be creative; You should encourage him and encourage his creativity and innovation.
  • The main goal of education is to raise individuals capable of new things, not to repeat what old generations did, to raise individuals characterized by creativity, innovation and discovery, and to create different individuals with their own outlook.

Encourage your child to write a story

All you need is cardboard, pencils and paints; For your child to be creative and to write an interesting and beautiful story. Create a story reading club for your children and discuss their writing creations with them. To encourage them to write more.

Stimulate your child’s curiosity

Curiosity has a great influence on creativity in children If you want to raise a creative child; Do not complain about his numerous questions, answer them and prolong them, and stimulate his curiosity; Instructing him to ask, search and investigate.

Recycle and use old things

Recycling and reusing old things is the best spark to light the flame of creativity in children. Empty breakfast cereal boxes, shoe boxes and plastic water bottles… these are all tools that will allow your child to make new and innovative things.

Encourage the child to sing

Make music and singing the main part of your day. Encourage your child to sing, compose songs and compose melodies. Music, singing and dancing are among the most stimulating incentives for creativity and innovation in children.

Raise your child’s confidence

Praise your child a lot, hug, kiss and praise him a lot, praise his achievements and motivate him to achieve more Confident child today; He is always a creative child. Children’s self-confidence is important, and it comes from parental encouragement.

Be an example

Your child imitates you. Always encourage her

Do the activities you love; Your children will imitate you and you will find inspiration. Draw, paint, sing, do the sport you love, read and write stories, share what you write and read with your children; Inspire your children and encourage their creativity.

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